WOYWW – out of practice!


LOL! I am SO out of practice doing WOYWW that last week I totally forgot to add the link back in my post.  THIS week I was so consumed with cleaning and reorganizing my space to move all the beads and things I had front and centre for making knitting stitch markers and shifting my art journaling supplies to a more usable location and FINALLY (after only 4 years!) trying to get the rest of my stuff under control that it kinda slipped my mind that I should pre-prepare a post for today.  Shocking.  I almost skipped it totally, but what kind of track record would that be, a run of ONE?

So I have not one, not two, but THREE desks on show, none of them in good shape.  My knitting friend who was here yesterday for a quite cold, socially distanced knitting session out in the garden, asked me what the heck WOYWW was.  I explained.  Now, if she sees this, she will realize the full horror of my craft room. Words are inadequate to describe it. (waves to Kirsty….)

Desk ONE:

Not as bad as it could be – my desk where my monitors sit.  Usable, just about.  You can see my 2nd hand Cricut, a first gen one that still has 1.1 firmware so I can still use SCAL on it.  Yes, yes, I could probably buy a new Silhouette and be the better off for it, but frankly, I have this one and it works well enough. Mostly I cut the occasional paper stencil or mask. To be completely honest, the Cricut is actually on desk 4, but right now you can’t actually see that.  Maybe one day….

Desk 2:

Holy crap.  This one is what I might call my primary desk.  At the moment it is littered with stencils (bought ones and my own) and things like the texture plates I made AGES ago from textured wallpaper stuck to cardboard.  I am in the process of sorting them out and organizing them into usable storage, like binders, etc. It’ll take me the rest of the week, I’m sure, to accomplish that! Much of my art supplies have moved there, but they are just out of frame.

Desk 3:

This is the one in front of the window.  My plan is to have it ready for Gelli plate printing and deli-paper stamping and Copic colouring.  The lighting is crap at the moment but the little unit on the window ledge is full of texture tools and foam stamps, etc.

With any luck at all, next week will reveal a much more organized and tidy space.  I can dream, right?

Apologies in advance for visiting without commenting to any who have their Blogger blog set to disallow ANONYMOUS comments (or ones where you can comment with a name and, if desired, a URL) – I could comment if I wanted to create a Blogger account and log in to it, but frankly, Google gets enough of my personal data that one more cross-reference point for them is just a step too far.  Feel free to click away if reciprocal comments is your requirement.  Trust that I enjoyed seeing your desk even if I wasn’t able to say so!

Have a lovely Wednesday! Off to examine desks much more organized and full of actual creativity than MINE….

19 thoughts on “WOYWW – out of practice!

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and OHMY… your desk is indeed the opposite of mine *lol*… and you even have four! I trust you will clean them all and show tidy desks next week (*hehe*) Or better… leave them as they are and go do something FUN! Whatever you do, have a great weekend & stay safe. Love from Holland. Marit #1

  2. That made me laugh…a run of one! Not you at all for sure. So so nice to see your desks again, and no, you can’t shock me. I know once you’re on it, it will be vigorous and even arduous, but you’ll sort it and feel better for it! I sense the imminent relocation of the unit that stands in front of the window sill, that will cause more light to fill your Geli desk, but then where do you put it. Oh my, I hate these teabag jobs! We’ve been able to visit my Mum in her care home garden once a fortnight for half an hour over the last couple months, but the change in the weather means that’s not an option for the residents now…I’m guessing that however much you enjoy the company, the cold will win out for garden visits. Shame. It’s no wonder Kirsty wanted to know about WOYWW, after all we talk about it as wow wee and it takes some explaining!!

  3. An amazing number of desks! Enjoy all that craftiness Angela #23

  4. I think your collection of desks are bursting with creativity! Im excited to see them again next week.
    Ellie #30

  5. Holy cow Batman, you have some busy desks, that’s for sure!! But all good fun. I’m with you on keeping older equipment if it still works well, otherwise you just get sucked into the buy buy buy of new stuff all the time. I admit I do buy fabric constantly but that’s because it does get used up, my main bits of kit are old but well used!
    HUgs LLJ 8 xxxx

  6. Usually I have only the one desk but last week I showed desks in an alternative space/place. Wish I had a room big enough to have the desks you have – can imagine i would love to leave mine like yours are with things out. Good to see all the work you are doing – so varied too.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  7. Loving looking at your messy desks!!
    When mine are like that I move into the kitchen…
    Happy Woyww! Susan #14

  8. You make me feel better about my space now! Still no desks it is all still on the floor… sorry my blog is set to not allow anonymous comments I’ll see if I can work out how to change it on the “improved” new blogger….. take care Helen #3

  9. I love a messy desk it’s a sign that lots of crafting is taking place. I can see that you are like me and do different crafts which can be a problem when it comes to keeping things in order. I’m sure that at some time you’ll just have to sort it but for now you just enjoy what you’re doing. Hope your week is a happy one and a lovely creative woyww too, Angela x15x

  10. I love a messy desk and yours didn’t disappoint! I think most of us don’t allow anonymous comments because we don’t want spam. I still get some, but much less than I would otherwise get. You probably don’t realise but you already have a Google account if you use YouTube.

  11. Multiple desks! That’s great. I suppose I do as well, but they are all connected by a continuous, curving work surface. Not that I’m using the studio much at present. You’ve certainly got a lot of lovely creative stuff going on. Thank you for your visit and your kind words! So glad you like my tiny carpets. I’m so enjoying this project. The whole-food plant-based video really sums up why we are doing this, and it’s something people really should know about, because doctors are simply not taught nutrition but only “mopping up” medicine and treating symptoms. I get extremely angry when I witness so much suffering from chronic diseases, and early death (even in my own family) because people simply don’t know that this whole thing can be turned around. What is so appealing about it is that we ourselves control our own destinies, simply by what we put on our forks!! I like to cook in bulk and freeze portions so we have lots of variety. I do a meal plan each Sunday evening, and decide what I need to cook during the week, and immediately afterwards, I do my online grocery order (or if you shop in person, the equivalent would be making a shopping list). I have a stock of regular favourite recipes that I cook again and again, but there is a sufficient number to create plenty of variety. We tend to have soup, or wraps, twice a week for supper, but I have several varieties to choose from so it doesn’t get boring, and a couple of substantial salads for main meals so that my hubby can go out and take his lunch with him. I just make sure we get foods from the four main whole-food plant groups each day. Cooking in bulk not only saves work because you always have a supply of “ready meals” in the freezer, but also in terms of getting stuff out and prepping it, and washing up – it doesn’t take that much longer to do a lot than a little, and planning in advance means that I am not having to cook every day of the week. It took me a while to get into this routine but I find it works really well now. I’ve also got my pantry properly organised, and keep an eye on my stocks, keeping a running shopping list for my whole-foods supplier so I know what to order.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x 12

  12. How nice to have so many desks available to you for so many different things so you can set up zones. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love and God Bless, Caro xxx (#11)

  13. It’s a never ending journey trying to sort our stash isn’t it, I did smile at desk 2 it’s where I am at right now as my main area is being shared at the moment. As long as we enjoy what we are doing that’s what counts although I have to say desk 3 looks very organised. Happy crafting & WoywW and many thanks for your early visit Tracey #5

  14. Hi Mary Anne.Having to chuckle at the desks. How fabulous to have all that space – but oh, how easy it is to fill it all up! Especially when trying to sort it all out…Has to get worse to get better.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  15. Hi again Mary Anne, interesting to see all the desks. I think mine might be amongst the doesn’t allow anonymous comments, it’s a shame but many do it to avoid getting spammed/inapropriate comments. Can you not comment using your WordPress account? I know I can pick between the two on most blogs. Mind you, with the ‘new & improved’ Blogger- ha- maybe thats something they haven’t sorted.Stay safe, have a lovely week, hugs, Shaz #4 X

  16. 4 desks… are a very lucky girl I think👍 Love your work on your blog. It looks like you enjoy lots of different crafts. Enjoy your gelli plate & be sure to share your creativeness.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    • Love my little critter. How does that happen? I’ve just got the Danger, Will Robinson reference😂😂😂😂 Better late than never🙈

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