2017 Banner calendar


LOL!  It’s taken me about two weeks of very sporadic working to get this set done.  I feel bad that I appear to have abandoned my calendar work, and all the followers who check in looking for them.  I have been focused on book folding and my house move. The book folding templates are super simple to create – there is little to no dithering and no real design choices to make. If someone asks for a specific font, it LITERALLY takes 10 seconds longer than typing the word to make a template. If they don’t name a font I pick one pretty much at random, usually opting for a big, plain blocky font like Mondo Cane or Gabo Drive. But the calendars take me some time, and time is precious now.

I’ve tried to cut out a step – rather than just having a sheet of the seven start days (i.e.  a block where the 1st is a Monday, one a Tuesday, one a Weds, etc) I created a year.  That lets me change the font and re-use the set for any future calendars I make, although I am addicted to Bonveno CF as a font for numbers and it has this bouncy quality that means things need re-aligning. It occurred to me that this sheet itself might be useful to others – you can use it for tear offs (approx. 2 x 2 inches) or to add to a plain piece of patterned paper for a “custom” calendar, or added to a larger piece where a calendar is needed.

I made two, one Summer font:


and Bonveno CF


Summer font version

BonvenoCF version

The actual printables set looks like this:


And you can download that set here.

I hope that will hold you over till I find time to do more.  I am working on a 2018 version as well, so if there is a 2017 calendar version I post that you particularly like, and want to see as a 2018 calendar so you can do two years at once, then comment.  No promises, but I’ll try my best.

I have a deadline of the end of the month for all the painting (needs to be done ahead of the carpets being replaced) and mid-July for other work, ahead of all of our stuff arriving.   Today it is MORE painting (done FOUR large rooms upstairs so far, two more bedrooms and three bathrooms still to do upstairs, then two rooms downstairs being professionally done, with the kitchen and 3 others left for me) and today, the back utility room is being redone to hopefully cure some carefully concealed damp. And in my spare time, I have a date with a drill-mounted scrubber to clean the incredibly grubby Victorian entry way tiles, two houses worth.  My knees ache just thinking about it.  That should explain my lack of regular blogging.

8 thoughts on “2017 Banner calendar

  1. I absolutely loved this 2017 calendar and am looking for 2018. Will this be something you will do again? Thanks for making 2017 cheery for me! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for making and sharing these gorgeous calendars, I’m sure like me everyone appreciates your hard work.

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  5. Hey lady, Be very careful with those knees. Your home sounds like it will be marvelous when your done. I see you will have stairs to climb. I don’t envy all your work. Stay strong.

  6. These two calendars are really nice – love the banners. I don’t know how you do anything other than take care of such a big house. Painting it alone would take me a year. WOW I’m impressed and wish you well, nice deep sleep, and tons of energy drinks! The template is a really good idea and appreciate your sharing that also. Thank you so much for all your work for us. Your are truly appreciated.

  7. Love your new calendars. Thank you so much for creating such great calendars. You don’t know how much they are appreciated!!!

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