Two years of Calendars – 2017 and 2018


I get a fair few comments (and emails) where people ask for the NEXT year of a calendar.  They either like to make an 18 month one or a full 2 year one at once. I thought that as I had a week where I couldn’t actually do much painting myself, with three lots of workers in the house (three painter/decorators, two carpet-layers and a plumber) I would stay centrally located and available to answer questions and make tea.  It was all I could do to keep the “tea, white, 2 sugars, coffee, black, one sweetener, white with 3, builder’s tea please…” straight and remember which cup belonged to which! But between kettle boiling and deciding on various little details, I had spare blocks of 10-20 minutes where I worked on these:



Here is the 2017 version

Here is the 2018 version

I would be interested in knowing if you prefer the month colours to be exactly the same from year to year, and the same font (these are) or if your prefer different colours and different fonts from year to year.  LMK

I am also working on a circle calendar, a small one, that can be punched out or cut with a die – it would work well as an addition to a larger decorated sheet.  Too colourful for an addition-calendar? Prefer it in B&W&Grey? Let me know.



The new house update: there is light at the end of the tunnel!  Most of the rooms have been refreshed with a lick pf paint   (some professionally done, some done by me, some done by a marginally competent handyman) new carpets are down in some rooms, some have been cleaned, one removed  (bathroom. Did you even have to take a moment to wonder which one??) and work continues on the damp and smelly utility room.  At first I thought I would be twiddling my thumbs for much of the six-week overlap between old house and new, or be able to move between the two a bit.  HA.  I barely have time to take a breath and I haven’t been back to the other house since taking up residence here.  I am up at 5:30 and fall in to bed late at night.  All day is pretty much go go go.  And I actually worry that some things might not be done before the furniture gets here!

On another note, happy and sad in equal measures, DS has taken a job in California.  It remains to be seen if it is a short-term contract or a longer term thing.  In my day, telling your parents you got a job at some big, letter-combo corp like IBM or AT&T or the NYT was a big deal.  Nowadays, as it’s E-sports, it is Twitch and Super Evil MegaCorp (ok, so that one is SEMC so sort of qualifies.) How times have changed.   It adds a sort of poignancy to this screen grab from one of his past broadcasts – and with the added irony of  the Brexit vote.


He hasn’t even made it to the airport yet and I miss him hugely already. Off to have a good cry now…..and to take a moment to appreciate just how hard it was on our parents when WE moved across the pond.

6 thoughts on “Two years of Calendars – 2017 and 2018

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  2. You make beautiful work. Blessings to you! I’ve shared these on Pinterest


  3. I love your calendars.. have sent so many friends to this site… each year i use it to make my calendar for the coming year…. its awesome!!! hugz from Cape Town, South Africa 🙂


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  5. black and white would be great!!!


  6. Would definitely like the circular calendar in black/white. Your calendars are so creative, thank you so much for sharing with those who are not as creative.


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