I envy prepared people… 2017 and 2018 calendars


{sigh}I am NOT a prepared person – well, maybe when I am cooking but only sometimes.  I like to SAY I’m prepared, to PRETEND I’m prepared, but I so am NOT.

So I was a little surprised at how many people have emailed to commented that they want 2017 and even 2018 (!) calendars.

I did one – it’s the one I got asked for the most.  I have said we are possibly moving.  Buying a house in the UK is very unlike buying a house in the USA.  It feels like it could all go wrong at any second.  But I have to get prepared in case it doesn’t.  I know, in general, readers have gotten used to asking, then getting, and usually pretty quickly – please don’t expect that for a bit.  I’ll do my best, you can always ask, but patience is a virtue, or so they say….

This is the one I call the Pretty Circle CD Calendar.  Those who want to make gifts with more than one year, or update an old gift with a new years worth of circles can do so. To remind you:



Just a slight font variation in the year.

Get the 2017 calendar here

Get the 2018 calendar here

I have only done the Sunday to Saturday versions, as they are the least effort – I may get around to a Monday to Sunday at some point but no time soon. I use Sunday to Saturday so it will always be the one I do first!


8 thoughts on “I envy prepared people… 2017 and 2018 calendars

  1. just a big thank you once again for the calendar templates i have been making them for several years now ,i do the pretty circle one as its my favourite !

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  3. You are so kind and gracious to do all this work for us, and I appreciate all you do! Thank you so much!

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  5. I just found this beautiful website and your work is exquisite! Do you have an instagram or fb page? Also can you resize the above pretty cd calendar to fir on one page? Hope that isn’t too much trouble. Thanks!

    • No FB page or Instagram, sorry, just my blog 🙂 When referring to something you want altered, it is always helpful if you link to the exact thing you are referring to. I’ve done a few “pretty” CD calendars – altering one won’t be a huge problem, but I want to be sure to do the one you actually want !

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  7. Yowwzers that is organised!! Must admit I like to feel organised and give the impression….but it’s like a swan…all calm above but paddling like a crazy woman below the water!!

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