Another cut&fold with photo


I am continuing to experiment with the cut&fold method and using my lined templates. I am still struggling with the proportions a little.  For example, I designed this one:


but after creating it, the proportion of the fingers isn’t quite right, although the circle did end up as a circle, which is what I was more worried about. I like it, I just wish the pointer fingers were a bit more elongated!


They should be MUCH longer than the thumbs, not just a bit.  Funny, I was afraid they would end up TOO long. I should learn to trust my instincts more LOL!

I am still waiting for a reply from the Bookami people regarding the Mac version but I may have to go ahead and order it anyway.  I am quite interested to see how it works compared to the lined template version.

Oh and just in case the finger length is OK to your eye (maybe you have stubby fingers ….) then you can download the lined template here. I may still go back and stretch that pointer a bit more, and if I do I’ll add that version here.

I think I prefer the books with photos added, like this and the heart and the photo strip one to the ones that just have flowers added.  I have a couple of ideas for finishing off this one, just wonder it is it worth doing….


9 thoughts on “Another cut&fold with photo

  1. HI There just before Xmas I saw you had a link to a pre-lined template we could add a design to to generate our own book folding design. However I cannot seem to locate it…

  2. Can all book fold patterns be used for cut and fold !

    • Mostly, yes. At least the lined templates that I do can. There’s than using the lines to define the folding points, you cut at those points. The advantage to cut and fold is you can do multiple cuts and folds on a single page, where there would be alternating folds.

  3. These do look great, and you know you should trust your instincts as they are usually correct, just look at all the great items in various mediums you have made.

  4. BADS? Hum. did we talk about that? I have pretty much decided I’ll buy Bookami anyway, so probably no need. And the “testing” I suggested was just to see the PATTERN, not to suggest you fold it! Lordy, that would be pushing it LOL!

    How hard is it to find that Incra ruler?? and the price! I wish we had a trip back to the States planned …


  5. I found your excellent blog yesterday. I have Bookami on my Mac. It is very good and easy to use. You still need something like Gimp or Pixelmator to create the image though. Inspired by you, I’m just trying using templates again, as a change from measure, mark and fold. It will be interesting to see which is more accurate or quicker too. If you have any Qs, please ask… and if I know I’ll be pleased to answer, if I can.


    • Cheers for that, although my REAL questions was about the lack of a CD of the Mac version. I wanted info on whether or not the Mac version would become available on CD and if, when it did, I could pay the difference between the download and the CD to get a copy, rather than having to buy it all over again 🙂

      The one thing about the software that interests me is that it automatically stretches the design in the correct proportions so when folded (or cut&folded) it avoids the issues I experienced today. Maybe I should email you an image of the finger frame and see how the Bookami version compares vs the lined template version I did. Now that would be interesting….


      • I downloaded the Mac version and registered it. If I change to another Mac, I’ll simply de-register this one, and re-register. No charge. With a CD, I’m not sure about updates. There is a free Bookami update promised soon. If changing to Windows though, yes, you would have to buy it again. With Bookami, you can tweak things, like optimising the number of pages to the pattern, and altering individual measurements within the programme. I’ve just done a “Peace” template for a Readers Digest book and could put it through Bookami and BADS for you.

        M. 🙂

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