Project Life Washi Cards


I’ve been so busy I didn’t have time to add these.  I’m also keen to test out the pinning of the notice to the top for my UKS members.

So when Tina showed me here little calendars, decorated with Washi tape, it got me thinking.  Who DOESN’T have a box of Washi tape rolls hanging around?  Even I have 20 or so, and I think I was pretty frugal in my buying.  I thought that a set of PL cards that could be easily customized with the washi tape YOU have, so no cards get passed over as being the wrong colour, would he a handy thing to have.

I measured my Washi tape, I think most of it is pretty similar in size, then used that as a guide to block off the edges of the card.  I also wanted the design to be flexible enough you could add the tape to any edge, as fit your layout.


I was also keen to see if I could mimic a hand-drawn card using fonts, so they are all in that sort of style.



I think they turned out cute. Stupidly, I took a photo of the SAME PAGE.  DOH! There are two, for 10 cards total




The tape is easy to add, obviously


but so is a strip of patterned paper


and even a border stamp looks fab – well I think it does!


You can grab the PDF here.  Hopefully this will both give my UKS members something new to play with while the site is down, and make up for all my followers getting an email about someplace that is of no interest to them.

3 thoughts on “Project Life Washi Cards

  1. I couldn’t get into scrapping, but PL might be something I could get into. Am I the only crafter on the planet who hasn’t bought ANY washi tape? I have two rolls of Tim Holtz tape that could be called Washi tape I guess, and they were a gift!

  2. Too cute, love the idea. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks,, these are great!! I will use them on my scrap pages, I have a ton of washi I need to use and this is perfect. I probably should thank you more often, I do use a lot of your things and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for your ability to create and share. Mary

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