Long labels sized for Project life – with an addition


So I am still working to satisfy the request from a UKS member for labels.  I have a couple more designs but somehow I managed to overwrite my working file – DOH!  It may have to wait for more time till I complete them.  Anyway the labels look like this:


The PDF has both the larger (about 3 1/2 inch long) ones and the resized smaller about 2 1/2 inch ones.  That SHOULD make them work on any size PL card!

What’s the addition, you ask?  WELL – the original requestor asked for a mix, some with words, some plain.  I REALLY struggle with those design decisions.  I can’t tell you the number of times I sat staring at a set of printed embellishments and thought Blast!  I wish that perfect-for-my-photo little label or star or circle was in BLUE not PINK! So coming from the other side of things I was left with a choice – do I make them all blank so people can add what they want to what colour they want OR do *I* arbitrarily decide to make THIS one red and THAT one purple and tough luck if you really wanted them the other way round? OR (heaven forbid!) do I make each colour with each word??

Now I know what I usually suggest is that you just either write (or stamp or print) what you like on them and you can surely do that.  But I also considered that some people may not have any idea WHAT they want on there.  And don’t want to think too hard about it.  When I ASK people to give me specifics they often say things like Oh just a nice mix or give two examples and say Words like that... I considered how I might address that.  So I made two sheets – the same set of words/phrases, repeated four times, in four different fonts.  So if you don’t want to think about things too hard just pick the ones you like, rough cut them and stick the label size and colour you like over the words with temp adhesive  then run it thru the printer again – to be honest I don’t see why you couldn’t stick them to the printed sheet and cut thru BOTH sheets, if your printer paper is fairly thin weight so you only have to trim closely ONCE! The advantage is you can position the words left, right, centred, however you want.  They are spaced so you can over print a lot of them at once. And see the one green roundy one?  I cut that in half before printing on it so I got two smaller ones.  Just another option for you!

Here is a little gallery of some of them, shown printed in different positions and on both sizes – click on one to see it slightly bigger:

The fonts are a mix – personally, I think the heavier ones work on either the blank (white) ones OR the grid ones, but the finer fonts stand out less on the grid.

And if you REALLY hate cutting out, leave them as true rectangles – I don’t think they look horrible like that!


The rounded edge ones look cute but I know a lot of people struggle to cut nice rounds.  You can always drag a chisel tip pen around the edge or Distress Ink them if your trimming is less than precise, to hide the white halo.

Why can’t you print the whole word sheet over the large label page?  Well, keep in mind your printer will “grab” the paper slightly differently every time – look at the printed sheet – you can see the first print doesn’t line up perfectly (and of course you are then going to only get one word or phrase on one colour choice!  Kinda defeats the purpose of the word sheet, doesn’t it?  {wink} And you can see even the larger labels work on the 3 x 4 cards or photos.


You can always print JUST the word sheets on plain cardstock too, if you like them and can’t be bothered to create your own text file!

Two sheets – I didn’t combine them into one PDF because you may not love all the fonts so you can grab just the ones you do like.  One slightly grunge, one very plain set here and one fairly funky, one pretty and scripty here.

Hope they prove useful to you.

5 thoughts on “Long labels sized for Project life – with an addition

  1. Thank you so much! I found you via pinterest! I love labels(have an addiction) so thank you for the rainbow ones! CUTE CUTE CUTE!

  2. Maryanne, thank you . As one who always says” why didn’t I think of that” this is areal help. shortly, as in maybe in acouple of day I will send you apicture of the card I made for my sons 40 th birthday. I used your kite “poem” and of course I gave you credit. It was a perfect wording of how being a parent is. Now that he is finally a Dad he understands . Thanks again for all your must be sleepless night to acomplish all you do.

  3. You do great work! I love that you do all the hard work of designing beautiful and fun things for us to use and create to our hearts content. Thank you!

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