Gelli ornaments and another tag embellishment


I am still being inspired by that Interweave class Add to, Undo, & Redo: Stress-free Collage Techniques (although the sale has ended it is still pretty cheap) and this time I had a go at her technique for using scraps.  I again used bits and pieces of Gelli prints, ones that were not great or the leftovers from ones that had been partially used.

The first step was to tear them in little bits



then stick them to a shape – in this case a circle

2tornbitsTurn over the shape when all the bits are dry and trim back to the original shape

3tornbitsI then stitched around the shape – easier than expected – with a couple of different stitch options

4tornbitsI grabbed a couple of images from Project Guttenberg’s entry for Twas the Night before Christmas and made two little ornaments for the kids – our tree is very much in the “handmade” style, with very few ball ornaments.  Even the mass-produced ornaments have a “handmade” look to them. So these will fit right in!



Must stop working in the dark! One minute the light is flooding in thru the window and the next I am straining to see what I am doing.  Apologies for the photo. The final circle will adorn the tag for day three – I am awaiting a supply f tags to arrive in the mail but can always cut one if they don’t come by tomorrow.  I think they turned out quite sweet.  The kids can hang them on Christmas eve and I’ll write the year and some little message on the back.

My desk looks unbelievably messy at the moment.  Must make time tomorrow to clear up a little so I am not working in 4 square inches of space with chaos all around that.  Doh!





8 thoughts on “Gelli ornaments and another tag embellishment

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  2. Love what you did with these little bits!! So very glad you shared this with the party!


  3. Those are really cool!!


  4. Those are fantastically adorable! Our tree is completely covered in handmade stuff too… lots of skulls, I am discovering.. hahaha!


  5. I always have that problem,I clean up, but after another creative session it is like a bomb exploded.


  6. Oh they are beautiful!


  7. These decs are great. I bought the download dvd too and cant get enough of it. Haven’t actually done anything as constructive as you with it yet though!


    • It is good, isn’t it? It’s not just me, right? I actually wrote a review but had to answer the phone in the middle and by the time I got back to it it had logged me out and I lost it all. Too annoying.

      Have fun with it.



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