Faux Baker’s Twine you can make!


I was looking to add a bit of the popular Baker’s Twine to something but only had a small amount of red & white that I got, I think, in a ScrapaGoGo kit at some point.  Not the right colour.  I’ve looked in the past for Baker’s Twine in the UK but find it either has food starch added to it (if cotton) or is some kind of rayon.  I know in the US you can get massive reels of this for under $10 (although who needs 1000s of metres of one colour??) and I’m not really keen on buying 100 metres at a premium, so, cheap cow that I am, I decided to see if there was a way to get the look, totally customizable on the fly, as needed.  I had a quick Google but the one I did find involved twisting your own two-colours of embroidery floss together.  Yes, it looks exactly like the original stuff, but frankly, life’s too short.  So this is what I did.

What I like is you can use ANY colour of permanent ink to make it, especially if you can find a chisel tip marker (Copics and Promarkers work, although as expensive as the markers are, it’s a bit of a false savings – Sharpies are cheaper and as colourful and I just saw pastel coloured Sharpie chisel tips in Hobby Craft!) and you can vary the look by making your lines quite thick and close together or thinner (bullet point tip) and farther apart.  OK, so not perfect, but they look close enough and you can make a couple of metres pretty quickly.

Both DH and DS have had rotten colds – typically I’ve held off catching it till they are both on the mend, so a day wrapped up with hot tea on the sofa may be the order of the day for me.  I’ll charge up the iPad and try to meander thru a few more WOYWW posts if I can, but I’m not expecting I’ll feel up to much.

67 thoughts on “Faux Baker’s Twine you can make!

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  2. Awesome! I’ve been wondering how to get my hands on some bakers twine without buying a whole bunch. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi there! I’ve got this linked to my twine post today, your tutorial is fabulous – thank you!

  4. Brilliant idea!!! I have linked to you in the tutorial section of my blog. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. Lovely idea! And seems so quick… the video is super super cute too! 🙂 Thank you!!

  6. That is a very innovative idea. Very clever, simple and so clearly presented. Thank you! Can’t wait to give it a go. I’ve always wondered how and why anyone would want 1500 metre of one colour of bakers twine, and thought I was missing out on something. Really appreicate the time you’ve taken to do the video.

  7. Yes indeed this is BRILLIANT!!! Just did green and red on same set up for my Christmas cards–I did blue when first saw this–it turned out ok but using the chisel tip worked out sooooo much easier and yes I did use my copics but hey I had them in the colors I wanted. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!! Laurie

  8. THIS IS BRILLIANT!!! I tend to skimp when using BT because I don’t want to run out… Now my cards will look like mummies! LOL

    THANKS for sharing!

  9. Thank you, can’t wait to try this!!!

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  11. May I add my many thank yous to the rest–am off to make some blue–love this easy and even more thrifty idea –so kind of you to share.

  12. Thank you , thank you, thank you for making this video and sharing. I wanted bakers twine and can’t afford it right now. Wow, this is a money and time saver.

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  14. I don’t know if you realize this …but you are a GENIUS!!!! This is as my niece would say “wicked cool!” Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial. I will be trying this for sure. Now to check out your blog a bit more. Hope your having a good day. :0)

  15. This is GENIUS! I made some although I used my sons crayolas it turned out great & it only cost me $1.97 for loads of different colored bakers twine in the amount I want!
    I posted a link to your tutorial here:

  16. Brilliant – thanks for sharing!!

  17. Awesome, thanks for a terrific share! CM2

  18. Hello Maryanne,

    thank you so much for this brilliant idea and the video tutorial. I tried it myself right away and love love love it.
    I hope it is ok that I mentioned you and this tutorial on my blog. Of course I linked to you.

    Hugs, Tina

  19. Excellent tutorial. Thanks for posting, I’ll definitely be using it!

  20. how clever! love it.

  21. You are sooooo smart!

  22. I just found a whole box of crochet thread from a project years ago. Thanks for the idea what to do with it. Love it when I save stuff and find a different use for it.

  23. Just like baker’s twine. This is ingenious! I wonder if it would work wrapped around a toilet paper roll?

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  25. Brilliant idea! have come over from Shazsilverwolf’s blog thanks for sharing great idea! Shaz in Oz.x

  26. This is just a brilliant idea & video! Love bakers twine and never even thought to make my own!
    Thank you, thank you.

  27. You are good!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

  28. That’s just brilliant! I know I’ll be using that in the future. Thanks so much for sharing! I Stumbled it for you. 😀

  29. How clever! Thanks for taking the time to share this great tip! Can’t wait to do it!

  30. Wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog.

    Nancy Ward

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  32. wow! that is just too cool. I’ve been wanting baker’s twine but may just make some myself instead!

  33. Brilliant, I love the idea of bakers twine but really not prepared to pay the price for a metre or two. Thanks for sharing and your video was great.

  34. Hi there, I came across your tutorial in a link from someone else site, I was going to ask if you minded me sharing the link on my blog, but I saw a post above where you said it was OK, so I am going to do that now. This is a totally awesome idea, I love finding ways to mimic expensive stuff cheaply. Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope you are starting to fell better. Shaz xx

  35. I SERIOUSLY can’t thank you enough for this tutorial!!! I’ve been dying to have some baker’s twine, but am unemployed. You are such a GEM for sharing this!

  36. this has totally made my world. I’m totally dumbfounded. Seriously – how easy! Pure genius! I have a pack of 24 colors of Sharpie’s that have been just waiting for this project!!

  37. Wow, just Wow! Thanks for sharing your video. The *mark* of a true crafter is making something useful and enjoying it. I think this is a wonderful idea…I have wanted to try baker’s twine before, but haven’t found any in stores. I’ve seen baker’s twine used in crochet before and definitely want to try that – and this would be a great way to make enough colors to use. Again, a wonderful idea and thanks so much for sharing! Found via frugalcrafters

  38. OMG! FAB idea. I just saw this reposted over at UCreate. I was looking at Baker’s Twine this week but even on sale, it was 8.99 a spool. Granted, yards and yards, but I don’t need that much of one color and I certainly would rather have variety over quantity. FAB idea!! Thank you!!

  39. I love this crafty idea! And the music is wonderful. You are so talented maybe it was you playing the auto harp?
    Thank you for sharing.

  40. How absolutely brilliant. I love the look of bakers twine but just can’t get it for love nor money so this is a perfect solution. Thanks.

  41. Fabulous! Great idea – it’s a big cost savings, and it looks great too. Thanks for sharing!

  42. very very clever! also…it is so refreshing to have music on a video that just lives in the background so nicely. drives me nuts when i click on a blog link and music comes blaring back at me! all i want to do is find the PAUSE button! LOL!
    thanks for sharing! 🙂

  43. Girl! you ROCK!!!! TFS!

  44. Very clever! Thank you for sharing!

    And that video is so cute!! 🙂

    Feel better! 😀

  45. Mercy Me! That is the coolest trick I’ve seen in some time!!! I am such a cheap scrapper, and you have just allowed me to put twine on everything!!! I hope you don’t mind if I tell everyone, and give you credit! Super idea. Hope you and your family are feeling much better by now.

  46. what an amazing idea. love it.

  47. ps-I hope you don’t mind that I blogged about this and added a linkback to you today!

    • I totally do NOT mind if you share. I can see from your blog you are in Maryland – I lived in Northern VA for most of my life until we moved to the UK! 🙂

      Mary Anne

  48. WOW! totally awesome and I may even have some of the crochet stuff laying around down in the studio…pretty cool-loved that you shared in such a way that I could DIM (do it myself) cause sometimes I’m direction challenged!

  49. Hi Maryanne,
    I loved this idea and found you via the frugal crafters blog post. The bakers twine idea really got me going this weekend and you can see how I used your idea and I gave you a shout out of thanks on my blog. If you have a moment go see my crafty bakery boxes on my blog. The addy is
    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  50. Thats so clever! When I saw the ruler in the ingredients list I was imagining you marking out the spaces, how foolish am I?!

  51. Fab idea – wish I’d seen this before I just bought some!!! LOL Oh well, I know now for when I run out!!!!!

  52. Now was this a fabulous idea or WHAT??? You get an A for AMAZINGLY FABULOUS my dear!!!

  53. Sitting here giggling to myself like a maniac…ingenious! I’m so going to try that. All I have on hand is the red and white bakers twine and so many times I’ve wanted a different color. Thank you!

  54. I think you’re brilliant!

  55. this is soooooo very clever, thanks! 🙂

  56. what a good idea. hope you feel better soon.

  57. What a fab idea – may have to try this!!

  58. What a great idea. I keep looking at bakers twine but either don’t really like the colours or thing the quantaties are more than I need so this is the ideal solution. Thanks for sharing. Now where is that crochet cotton I had?
    hope you feel better soon.
    x Tricia

  59. Great find – it works really well – and I like to use bold colours and sometimes the bakers twine seems a bit puny really! Hope a day ‘off’ does the trick – lots of fluid remember…I hate being poorly, such a waste of time!

  60. Brilliant tutorial! Love it – what a great idea :). I am going to try it with some permanent inks – the sort you get in little glass pots – with a firm brush. Hope a day’s rest, and lots of hot tea and happy browsing will help you to feel better. 🙂

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