Just some more Gelli sealing samples

I did a little YouTube slideshow thingie with a few more samples of sealing ink jet prints with the Gelli Plate and acrylic medium.  It’s such a good way to bring printed stuff to mixed media art – or at least I think it is.

I find that a quick blast of the heat gun – or waiting till the ink jet prints are very very dry – helps a bit too.  I think this will depend on what printer you have and the inks it uses.  I can’t test anything other than mine, which is a Canon with compatible inks, so I would ALWAYS advise you to test it first, as I did, with throwaway pieces, to make darn SURE than they aren’t going to smear.  To be fair, over a busy background a little smearing isn’t going to matter a lot, but on white or light backgrounds you could notice it more.

Not sure how well this will show, but this is an image over just plain old white card.  There was virtually no smear at all.

sealedsamplesThis is another – here is the beginning image, just printed and sealed so you can see the ink jet ink outlines looking pretty pristine:


Here it is coloured with Pitt brush pens and affixed to the random Gelli print background with acrylic medium – I did try a print on Deli paper, which I do NOT deem a success, as the ink did smear and sealing it kept the Deli paper from “disappearing” into the background.  It’s a bit better on the lighter area than the darker but not consistent enough for me to endorse it.


Here is just an image left white – again you see no smearing with the medium brushed under and over:


And finally, another image, also with Pitt Pens brushed on then smudged over the print. This one is cut out.


The YT thing doesn’t really have a lot more info in it, except this bit: what is important is that the plate be very clean when you brayer on the medium.  Any residual paint is going to get picked up in the medium.  Look at this – this plate was well cleaned with hand sanitizer. I wiped over it with a baby wipe at the end – it looks clean doesn’t it?


Not one bit of colour on that wipe.  BUT if you add a few drops of Baby Oil and massage that into the plate, guess what?



Yep.  ALL THAT COLOUR pulled off the plate with a clean baby wipe.  Once you massage i the oil and wipe it away a wipe of the plate reveals it is TRULY clean.


Now, I am sure I recall something on the Gelli Arts site saying you can oil the plate with mineral oil.  But I also know that I have been using Baby Oil for months with no problems.  And in fact, as I have mentioned in the past, oiling it actually improves the pulling of prints – they sometimes seem to stick harder to the plate and a quick oil makes them glide off.  No issue with colour change or oily residue that I can see so long as you massage it in well.  But if you doubt it, don’t do it.  I’m happy to risk my plate having some problem down the line but not willing to say unequivocally This is OK to do and risk yours.

I’ll embed the video just in case you land here without having seen any other posts so you don’t have to hunt for it, but you wont miss much if you don’t bother to watch it!


A little more on the Display Stand card

I made another of these cards, refining the process, like I tend to do.


Really happy with this one.  I also made a little YouTube slide show for it.  I added a better way to make the flap for the surrounding card to house the bits if you want to mail it.

I’m going to make this bit a PDF and incorporate it into the original, if I can but today (and tomorrow, and Monday) is all about the room tidy and re-org.  I got 3 additional bookshelves, AND managed to figure out (much to my DH’s dismay, as it requires some shifting of large, heavy pieces of furniture LOL!) where to put them.  It will allow me to group all my stamps in one area of my room, and shift all my magazines and books, and to organize those for ease of finding.  That has to happen quickly as we have a visitor coming n Tuesday and at the moment the whole downstairs is a bit of a tip.   But let me lay out the process for you with photos:

Working with an 8 x 6 card blank, and I am working portrait, but you can switch it up and work Landscape it you want, start with at least an 8 x 12 bit of patterned cardstock.

Mark 3 inches from the bottom and cut it across just to the 8″ mark – it will look like an L:



Stick the left to the front of the card to cover it, with the side extending out past the opening edge. Score and fold the flap, wrapping around just the front of the card, to the inside.


Trim off a bit from the short section, so it is about 1/2 inch from the fold.  I like to round just the top right corner.


Add double-sided tape along the bottom edge of the flap and secure it.  This creates your pocket.

theflap5 theflap6Now you can slip the card bits into the flap!

theflap7Have fun with it!

I’ll sort the PDF and add it here, as well as replace the original – to be honest, I’m not sure how the page breaks will happen so it may end up a bit odd when I insert the additional pages, but I’ll try to annotate it so it makes sense.

Wait for it…..

Circle Tray Display Card – instructions, improved card with flap, and template all in one PDF

OK, I THINK it works.  It may be a bit odd where I inserted the info, but it is all there.  I also added the template so everything you need is in one place.  Phew.  Now, off to the cleaning…

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The chili cook-off is over and life returns to normal!  DH made a fine showing, but the judges were stymied by the rules as applied t0 his green New Mexico chili.  The guidance said that “reddish-brown is considered to be good” when it comes to colour and his was most assuredly NOT reddish-brown. What GREEN chili would be?  One judge stopped by to say that while his was tasty, delicious even, she just had no idea how to mark it on colour, given the guidelines. He didn’t win, or even place, but that was sort of expected.  And it was personally gratifying for him to hear comments from the public like “Where’s your restaurant?” and “Will you cater my birthday party?”and numerous requests for the recipe.  Where some entrants had 1/2 a pot of chili left after the public was able to buy a spoon and get a taster pot, within 10 minutes his entire gallon + pot was gone!  Some people came back for seconds – and thirds.  Many asked if there would be a public vote, like a taster’s choice award and said if so, his would win.  Personally, I think the stall looked great but then I did make most of the decor LOL! Not DH in the photo, but his mate Mike.

Will this be the end of his chili-cook off attempts?  No, probably not, but he may shift to a more “traditional” chili next time, although it will still be less smoky and sweet than perhaps suits the British palate, based on the winner in this comp.  To him, REAL chili has no tomatoes and no beans (although he will accept black beans on a good day) and the liquid added should be beer.  Beef, beer, onions and spices/chilies should be all.

Now, I have mentioned, many times, how much I admire the work of Kate Crane.  Her use of colour is fabulous and the text in her work always strikes a chord with me.

See what I mean?  Fab, isn’t it?

Anyway, almost a year ago I bought her DVD set at the Newbury stamp show.  I always try to get there to renew Craft Stamper, as I prefer picking the subscription gift to waiting for something to arrive in the mail, that may not be the thing you expected or wanted.  Last year I got the Cosmic Shimmer Chalk sprays.  Big thumbs up for them, except the stupid clogging nozzles – so no different to any other spray ink, no matter what their ads say, no matter how carefully I shake them, every one I have ever tried clogs eventually. I came home, popped DVD 1 in the Mac and….nothing.  The DVD didn’t even appear, the message said “Non-supported DVD detected”  and then the drawer just spit it back out.  When I upgraded my machine last month, the first thing I did was pop the DVD in to see if the newer DVD player might work, but it still considered the DVD to be unsupported.

Now, I really should have gotten back in touch with CS about it, but I kept meaning to try it in the regular DVD or the Mac mini hooked up to the TV,  but frankly that wasn’t where I wanted to watch it, rooms away from my desk, so I kept putting it off. Just last week I DID try it, and it worked, but  I still didn’t want to dash from room to room to try any techniques that might be new to me so having satisfied myself it wasn’t a global problem with the DVD, I popped it out and back in the case. But I had one more idea to try.

We have one very old iBook that seems to play any DVD we throw at it.  We’ve always kept it around for just that reason.  I dragged it out – the battery manager needs fixing, as it charges but loses the charge in like an hour, but I CAN use it if it’s plugged in (and now there is an Apple Store in the mall here the chances of it getting fixed are better than waiting for DH to pop in to London to the store there) so can finally have the DVD playing close to my desk!  Whoopie!   I can see it on the screen NOW and can finally watch it.  Yes, I know the “spinning beach ball of death” can be seen upper left of the screen in the photo, but I assure you by the time I have gotten to this point in typing this post the menu of DVD 1 is on show. Having satisfied myself that the laptop still boots and the DVD works fine, I may still need to wait for the right day to actually sit and soak it all in.  But at least I know I can.  My goal is to watch it before the NEXT Newbury show in July LOL!

So I have too many chili pots and dishes to wash, too much laundry to do, some UKS work to finish up, and much more.  Happy Jubilee weekend to all and hope you get time to craft.

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Quilt – nearly done

Still sewing.  I’ve managed to get the whole of the quilt, save the binding, done.  Yay! It’s a bit of a technique practice, as I’ve done quite a few things I’ve not done before.  And thanks to the Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorials I felt confident giving them all a go.  First, and this is buried in this video about creating a bias binding, I did the string piecing.  The is where you sew continuously, to join sets, without back-stitching or anything, then simply snip them apart.  In theory I can see how this would work, as the joining seams have both ends encased in other seams.  That was what I did when re-piecing the long strips that I had foolishly cut from my original jelly roll when I had a different plan for the fabric. Sorry it’s a little blurry – I had already trimmed the sides before I uploaded the photos so wasn’t aware it was so bad.

The, I had a bash at the Quilt as You Go method.  While I did manage it, it wasn’t without struggles, so I can see why I’ve seen MANY people mention this method is best for smaller quilts and table runners.  Mine ended up 40″ wide by 60″ long, so not massive, but not really small either.  I was happy with the seams on the back – they look neater than I expected, knowing my tendency to let my attention wander and to end up with less than straight lines! Hard to see here, I know:

I tried 505 spray basting – love it.  It really held the backing flat so I got a pretty smooth back.  Occasionally one of the rows would have a little extra width between the two lines of sewing but not so bad I felt compelled to pick out and re-do.  And about the backing – I had to smile when I saw the designer and I share a name, and spelling!

So here it is pieced and quilted.  Next comes the binding, and I may give the machine binding from that video a go.

Now I am wondering if I should maybe use this to try out machine quilting.  Yes, it is “quilted”, with the rows that add the strips creating the quilting lines through all three layers, but the video on scribble quilting looks fun (actually that may not be what it’s called but the link is right.)  Never machine quilted before, unless you can call the straight lines around each block of DS’s tee shirt quilt machine quilting!  With the thin rows it seems the perfect chance to do that as the areas are small and clearly defined.  Haven’t decided that yet!

And finally I am in love with the ease of this jelly roll pattern, From 3 Dudes Quilting!  SOOOOO cute, sooooo easy, and I just happen to have another jelly roll.  I also have a layer cake and … Charm pack? of the same fabric. Again, I had a plan that I am now rethinking.

Finally I thought I would share my weird little quilting space.

In the corner of the front hall, I sew on an old computer desk. Now the really odd thing is that I have been using it turned around, so the shelf that would normally hold a monitor is where the machines sits.  It’s not quite needle-at-eye level, but it is much higher up than I suspect most people would be comfortable with.  I’m tall, so hunching over the machine where it would site on a normal table is not comfy for me.

and I recently added the quilting table that came with my machine – that helped a lot with all the fabric! Plus I have a coupe of RUB style boxes piled up and full of fabric right beside me – that provides a nice table-like area for the overspill.

I’ll probably dither for a bit longer over the machine quilting question, maybe try it out on a small sample piece and see if I like the process, then decide.

I may talk DH into upgrading my Mac, as I find I can go to 10.6 and still keep Appleworks…baby steps, baby steps.  I’ll come bang up to date one day, but not today!


Back-to-back book

Ah the power of Julia.  She commented on my WOYWW post to say she would pop back by to see the completed item, so there really was no choice but to finish the book.  Finish is perhaps an overstatement. My plan is for it to be a gift, and to include a variety of photo mats and journaling spots so the recipient can finish it off with photos placed as she prefers.  It’s a long overdue wedding gift, or that is the plan.

These books are dead easy to make.  Mine is from normal 12×12 cardstock, so quite a good size, and includes a bracket detail on the shorter pages.  I just like the way that looks.  I had planned to use som tags as well but in the end I prefer the brackets only, less cluttered.  I rather like how the covers work.  I had thought I might include some sort of closure, but I think I’ll simply tie it with a coordinating ribbon.  I’m not sure if I should title it, or include letters to spell Our Wedding and give her the option of using it for some other purpose if she prefers.  I’m sure I’ll dither about that for a bit longer.

Here is a peek at the inside pages and one sample :

Mariposa papers, which I love, very pretty and feminine.

If you didn’t click the link to My Craft Channel yesterday, do so now.  It’;s just starting out but they are adding stuff all the time.  Worth making a regular visit. Here is the link to the video for this style book. I can see me making a few of these – there is lots of room to customize the look and size of the book in any way you like.  My plan HAD been to use the papers I showed yesterday but found I needed more black cardstock – the papers are very thin so I didn’t think they would make pages of a heavy enough weight for a mini-book.  I’ll go back to those papers, I’m sure, but there needs to be some shopping for black cardstock first!

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Kennedy Name Book You Tube

OK, well it was a struggle (finding the old video camera, figuring out how to make something that resembled a tripod, getting the camera angle right, forgetting to change my dodgy Seattle grunge lumberjack shirt LOL!, figuring out how to incorporate the video clip in with the usual slideshow – won’t be trying this again in a hurry!) but I managed to make a video to accompany the PDF of the name book.   Oh and having my mouse die a horrible death all of sudden, I forgot that – cue a hunt through the house for a spare mouse that wouldn’t be missed till I could get out to buy one.

I am so chuffed with this. I love how it turned out, love how the spine works (FINALLY!) and hope someone else makes one too a they are so cute and really not at all hard.

Have a look:

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Cutting felt video

Here is my little YouTube quickie showing the felt cutting.  Not much more than you would have seen in the post, but it’s a holiday and I am feeling a bit lazy.

Still playing around with things, I cut some QuicKutz letters using the same method.  I only have quite tiny letters and mostly they worked pretty well.  Had I any of the bigger letter dies I think they would have been even better.  Funny, more than once I thought I would sell off those old QKs as I almost never use them but in the last few months I have found I DID use then for a couple of things and they were perfect in those cases.  A reminder that I shouldn’t be too quick to get rid of something I think I may not use!  Nothing worse than doing that then finding you want to … reacquire the same item again!

I could get used to this sort of week – a 4 day holiday, followed by two work days, then another 4 day holiday!  Of course it isn’t much of a holiday for us, both working for ourselves and not a company that pays us for holidays off true and proper, but still it does mean a slightly slower pace. Always a bonus.  Shame it got colder again, and windy, but it’ll be way too hot to suit me way to soon.

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Sunday-someplace-else (two-tone bow/knot)

Been a while since I’ve been organized enough to do a SSE but I saw this in my subscriptions on YouTube and had a forehead-slap moment. It looks so cute, is so simple, and very flat – also economical.  And even someone as rubbish at tying a nice bow as I am can manage it.  Have a look!

Have fun – and Happy Easter!


Faux Baker’s Twine you can make!

I was looking to add a bit of the popular Baker’s Twine to something but only had a small amount of red & white that I got, I think, in a ScrapaGoGo kit at some point.  Not the right colour.  I’ve looked in the past for Baker’s Twine in the UK but find it either has food starch added to it (if cotton) or is some kind of rayon.  I know in the US you can get massive reels of this for under $10 (although who needs 1000s of metres of one colour??) and I’m not really keen on buying 100 metres at a premium, so, cheap cow that I am, I decided to see if there was a way to get the look, totally customizable on the fly, as needed.  I had a quick Google but the one I did find involved twisting your own two-colours of embroidery floss together.  Yes, it looks exactly like the original stuff, but frankly, life’s too short.  So this is what I did.

What I like is you can use ANY colour of permanent ink to make it, especially if you can find a chisel tip marker (Copics and Promarkers work, although as expensive as the markers are, it’s a bit of a false savings – Sharpies are cheaper and as colourful and I just saw pastel coloured Sharpie chisel tips in Hobby Craft!) and you can vary the look by making your lines quite thick and close together or thinner (bullet point tip) and farther apart.  OK, so not perfect, but they look close enough and you can make a couple of metres pretty quickly.

Both DH and DS have had rotten colds – typically I’ve held off catching it till they are both on the mend, so a day wrapped up with hot tea on the sofa may be the order of the day for me.  I’ll charge up the iPad and try to meander thru a few more WOYWW posts if I can, but I’m not expecting I’ll feel up to much.

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Two videos – one totally NOT scrapbooking!

I got this video link from my brother, of his DDs soccer (football to  all the UK folk) highlights reel. She plays for her University and is just an amazing player.  So proud of her.

The video is quite long, but if you pop to about 4:17 minutes you will see one game where she set the school record of FIVE goals scored in one game.  Shame it is filmed at such a distance – you can’t see her speed or amazing footwork or her deadly accuracy.

I did finally manage to edit the slide show for my homemade Kennedy books. Not managed the PDF yet – I did a few versions (gave two of them away, including the one that had, I think, the best binding arrangement) and now need to at least make another spine so I can show that.

Sorry about the music – it’s LOUD.  You just have no control over the sound level when you do an audio swap.  I wanted to use the Hank Dogs but that is one that is not just a show-an-ad one, it’s an audio disabled one.  I do love them.

Anyway, I hope you give it a go – they are so cute when you pull out the stack of pages!