altered iPad 2 cover


Since DH is an app developer there really was never any questions that he would get an iPad 2 when it came out.  He managed, somehow, to order two covers.  Being the lovely and supportive DH that he is, he gave one to me to customize for him – he likes the case with stand I made for the original iPad, and I recently made him a case for his new Mac-Air, since the one he had been using was too big, so this completes his set.

It was never in question how I was going to do it – it had to be stamps and Staz-on.  I played around with a few designs yesterday before my girl-flu kicked in and wanted to post this while I still had a bit of coffee in my system.  I’ll be crashing soon, I think.

Just a few warnings:  First, the Staz-on is really sticky when the ink hits the cover.  The grip between the ink-covered stamp and the material of the case was strong enough for the stamp to come off the mount and stick, requiring it to be peeled up.  The clear stamp stamped beautifully, very crisp, but the red-rubber lifted then fell back a bit, smudging.  I used permanent ink remover to wipe it away, with limited success, then a stamp positioner to re-stamp exactly over the image again.  There is a slight hazing of the ink on that panel, but it isn’t hugely noticable.  I masked off each of the raised panels so the ink didn’t touch the grooves as I knew it would never stamp in the depression clearly.

So, DH still has a nice cover, unique to him, and I got to have a play.  Win-Win.

4 thoughts on “altered iPad 2 cover

  1. Looks really nice, but I have a question. I am customizing an ipad cover right now with water based pen ink (in hopes it would dry w/ no smudge) and am wondering if you had to fix your ink with fixative?

    • No, but get thee to a stamp store (or a Michaels in the US, Hobby Craft in the UK) and buy STAZ-ON. If you want to draw, use a Sharpie. Those inks are solvent based and will not smudge or smear once it’s dry. I wouldn’t use any sort of water based pen or ink – of splash of coffee or droplet of rain and you risk the whole thing smearing!

  2. I and Hubby think this is fab. Where can I send mine if an when I get an iPad?!!! Very unlikely unless they make a bounce-proof one!!

  3. Oh I don’t see any hazy ink areas. Love the colour of this cover..and the choice of stamps. Interesting about the grip.

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