More PearlEx/Perfect Pearls on the Gel plate


I decided to have a go with adding the mica powders to the gel plate thru a stencil. Obvious next step, I think, and a much more reliable way to use it. People (me included, once upon a time) struggle with image transfer. It is all about finding the right magazine and the right paint, and getting the pressure right and the layer of paint right… For me, the laser printer was a game changer. But just daubing the mica powder thru a stencil then rolling on paint and pulling a print? That is nearly fool-proof. I mean, yeah, sure, you need to have a fairly thin layer but there is wiggle room.

and this was a blue mica powder with Payne’s Grey to pull the print.

The I used the Duo yellow/green and a Dina Wakely stencil and a sap green paint to pull the print. Wow. And hopefully you can see the paint layer is thin (ie you can see the stencil image thru the paint, which is an opaque one.

And you can get a decent second pull. The first one was a pearly Perfect Pearls thru a mandala stencil, transparent red for the first pull

and then a thin layer of a purple (opaque) paint for a second-gen pull. Fainter but still shimmery.

So, as is my way, I tend to get so swept up in the experimentation aspect, my mind leaping from possible technique to the next idea, I totally forget to actually make something out of the samples. Believe me, it was actually a couple of days of pulling tons of sample before I made those ATCs the other day. I still have a few really nice other samples that I will make into ATCs as well, and then maybe I will have exhausted the ideas and be ready to finish my card-box project! Who knows….

2 thoughts on “More PearlEx/Perfect Pearls on the Gel plate

  1. I’ve been reading your gelli printing posts. Thanks for all the great ideas

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