WOYWW 689 – messy, clean, then back again


My poor desk goes thru the stages almost every day or two at most. It was pretty bad yesterday morning, as I was working on my mica+gel plate fun, then I tidied up to drag out some little collages I was going to play with

After that, I had to have a proper tidy up so I could spread out the collage bits and have room to work on a few at a time – well, that was the plan anyway!

My window desk is also pretty neat. Not sorted out my glue gun yet – I am pretty sure The Hubster has the weird triangle-of-dots screwdriver that is needed to take the damn thing apart but he is away and it was too hot to just let it heat up to see if it will clear the glue by having it melt and run out.

I picked up a couple of things last week on our trip to Salisbury. Not even sure what the wooden box thing is meant to be for, but it works better for helping keep my most-used tools handy. And the spice-holder Lazy Susan was moved from the kitchen when it got replaced by a newer one. That lets me better organize my fat coloured markers.

50p well spent! There we go. Another week, another WOYWW desk hop! I did well last week, probably 90% of the desks visited in the morning and I have now caught up with the rest, commenting where I can. It felt like an accomplishment LOL! Let’s see if I can keep the trend going.

9 thoughts on “WOYWW 689 – messy, clean, then back again

  1. Love a lazy Susan for accessibility, but found mine was taking up too much room on my desk. Not because it was super big, but being round meant I couldn’t push it back enough!! I am at the stage of having to toddy up before I can proceed further, it’s a terrible phase…I don’t think you get as far as I do before you give in….which one of us wins then?!! I think the Grayson Perry exhibit is on for a couple more months, really thought provoking and knuckle close considering they’re just a few large panel tapestries!

  2. I once won a Lazy Susan type caddy at CHA and brought it all the way home. My American friend was hoping I would leave it for her, I didn’t!
    Love your busy desk and I see the glue made stencil is still there – have you used it yet?
    Not long to go for my stint at AJJ – oops, better get on with some more.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  3. Hi Mary Anne, your lazy Susan is a good idea for crafting bits. I wonder if I could interest my husband in making me a small one….hm…
    I hope you manage to sort your glue gun out ok.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 10

  4. I’m loving the new storage solutions especially for the grand total of 50p!! What a brilliant way of getting your tools exactly where you want them for easy access – I can’t bear wasting time searching for stuff, it’s one of my big bug bears! Hope you get the glue gun sorted out as well, it’s a pain when things goes wrong.
    Hugs LLJ 4 xx

  5. Well done with all the organising. I have a Lazy Susan that I keep my electric die cutting machine on as I don’t have room for the paper to go in and out so I put it in one end then turn the machine as it comes out through the other Hee! Hee! Kitchen stuff can be very useful for us crafters. Or should that be “we crafters”! Wishing you a very happy and creative woywww, Angela x9x

  6. Great storage solutions. I hope you can sort out your glue gun. Your stencil is a great idea. Happy WOYWW. Angela #5

  7. I’m a desk tidy-er-upper too but my desk is in my bedroom corner and I use the bed to lay stuff out so I just HAVE too…Your storage solutions are cool indeed, especially the 2 tier lazy Susan. Happy WOYWW BJ#6

    • I enjoyed your scrapbook layouts! Just so you know. I DO visit, just hate having to sign in to Google to comment so there are a few people who never know I’ve been 😀 Happy WOYWW!

  8. You’re looking very tidy today! all your desks! the Lazy Susan for your pens is a good idea but I’ve run out of floor space to put one…have a great WOYWW Helen #2

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