WOYWW 676 – Thirteen YEARS!


Well, well, well. Thirteen YEARS of fun and friendship, virtual and IRL. WOW. The desks change every week, people pop in and pop out as their lives allow, and yet, we all still seem to feel the tug of our community each Wednesday for years to come.

My desk had a bit of ATC stuff on it (of course) for the swap:

and some yarn my MIL brought over to make shoelaces out out. That green is pretty in-your-face, but I am liking it a lot. Funny, I would have always said green is not my favourite (well, I make an exception for celery green and sometimes lime) but I have warmed to it over the years.

I want to share the quote I used on my ATCs, because it perfectly sums up the weekly event that is What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday:

...a rare combination of creativity, inspiration & motivation…a perfect blend that ha[s] the capacity to affect people’s lives positively.

I also have a question. I came to this quite late this year (like Monday LOL!) so didn’t get to make as many ATCs as I would have liked. If you visit, and you want to consider trading a printed version of the ATCs (so I would scan and print out my front then mount it on a regular ATC back in exchange for the same from you) let me know. I think I have 7 to trade + my official trade based on list placement, but I would love to increase the number and would be happy to accept a printed version if you would.

Sadly, the only day I could squeeze in a meet-up with my best knitting mate was today, so I will have a flurry of visits and comments early, then hop on the treadmill, then meet up with her and finally return to complete the list mid-afternoon. I might even consider signing in to Goggle (! I know – cue shock-horror from all who know my aversion to THAT) just to comment for one week on ALL the blogs, although I might break out in a cold sweat and not actually manage it, you never know… 😀

Happiest of Happy WOYWW’s and here’s to the next 13 years LOL!

29 thoughts on “WOYWW 676 – Thirteen YEARS!

  1. Ah! , See! I knew I was in the wrong post! so…. I’ll just say, Nice love them, and have a great weekend! Happy Late WOYWW 13th Anniversary! Have a great weekend.
    ((Lyn)) #21

  2. Ah! , See! I knew I was in the wrong post! so…. I;ll just say, Nice love them, and have a great weekend! Happy Late WOYWW 13th Anniversary! Have a great weekend.
    ((Lyn)) #21

  3. I love that green!
    Happy 13th WOYWW Anniversary!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Susan #20
    If you want to swap an ATC with me here in Australia please email me at
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

  4. So lovely to see your busy desk! I haven’t met a green I didn’t like…unless it’s kale on my plate! Hugs, Chrisx

  5. Love the bright green yarn – that will make some crazy shoe laces.
    Happy 13th Anniversary,
    Diana xx #18

  6. Good to see you, hope you’ve had a marvellous time with your fam, it’s been so long. Hope too that you’re not completely wiped out by it all! So glad to know that you feel positivity and kinship from WOYWW, blogging in general I think, you have a very diverse international reader base! How come your desk hasn’t become a dumping ground while your family have been over..? No fair!

  7. Hi Maryanne- well I have been AWOL so long, just the cork coming out of the bottle – all those dleayed trips and events suddenly got organised – I’ve actually found it quite stressful, and hate to link to WOYWW and then not have time to get round. Would love to swap with you in any shape or form, I’ve earmarked an atc for you anyhow – my collection would not be complete without one from you!! Happy anniversary, love n hugs, Cindy #12

  8. Happy 13th anniversary hope your day goes well. Take care and stay safe,

  9. I’m hoping to comment on all blogs today [I’m using the laptop cos I struggle on my Ipad] Happy Anniversary to you. It’s a wonderful community we belong to and it’s so lovely to have made so many friends thanks to our WOYWW link ups.
    Annie x #8

  10. Added glossy accents to my atc’s this morning so drying now but afterwards I will scan it for you.
    Those green laces are fab! Ican imagine them brightening up an otherwise drab or plain pair of trainers/plimsolls etc.

    hugs, Neet 7 xx

  11. I have a couple of spares so am up to swap ATCs…I think I have your address from last year! Happy 13th WOYWW Anniversary. Take care of yourself. With Love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#11)

  12. Goood morning Mary Anne 💕❤🥰 Happpppy 13th to you 💕❤🥰🌈 Loooove seeing your desk ( hiding my head in shame at the state of mine 🤦‍♀️😁😊) looove your quote,I adore words 🥰 Thank yoooou for your lovely words on mine 🤗❤💕 and yes I have one left and would looooove to swap,thank you. Here’s my email wishing you a beautiful day ahead. Love and hugs Tracy #10 xxxxx

  13. Hi Mary Anne, Happy WOYWW Anniversary. That’s a great quote, I wish I had thought more about quotes before we left home, but I was too busy thinking about what to pack 🙂

  14. Happy lace anniversary Mary Anne. Enjoy your knitting session!
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 23

  15. Hi Mary Anne, Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you’re going to have a very busy day. Hope it’s a happy one. Sending woyww hugs, Angela x19 (15 maybe)

  16. Happy 13th! Thanks for all the fabulousness over the years, I’ve really enjoyed marvelling at your creativity! Yarn shoelaces for example! Do you knit, crochet or knot them? I’m intrigued – love the colour though, a gorgeous in-your-face green.
    Glad you liked your ATC, i enjoyed making them!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xx

    • I use a hand-cranked knitting mill :). If I manage the crop I will bring it and you can crank out a pair for yourself 😀

  17. Happy Anniversary WOYWW. I would love to swap a ‘printed’ ATC with you (you know I love my digital craft!). You have definitely been busy (scrolled back to catch up on your family life). I have been creating books for a new niche to me on Amazon KDP – and about to start on my first puzzle book. There is also lots of pauses and staring into space, as I try to remember what I am doing. Ali x #8

    • Would love to swap. I should have your address someplace but it is not in my list of WOYWW people so if you can send it that would be fab. I am having trouble with SENDING emails at the moment but am awiting a reply to one of them sent to Helen to see if the problem has been sorted….If so I’ll email you .

  18. I did leave a comment earlier asking for your address to send your atc to – came back because I think I presumed I’d be getting one back but of course if you don’t have enough to swap that’s fine – I am not doing well this morning. Helen xx

  19. Don’t worry about commenting if you prefer not signing into Google Mary Anne – I know you visit. Have a great meeyt up with your friend. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

    • LOL! Yep, already been and saw your cards. I still might, It is hard to break the habit of…13 years. But Happy WOYWW nonetheless

  20. hey PIF partner! please let me have your address to send your atc to! Gld you got some made,your atcs are always amazomg and it is good to see you back! Helen #4 (will be 3 when Julia deletes my wrong entry ha ha) oh you need to know where to send your address – doing well today! helenlindfeld at hotmail dot co dot uk Happy WOYWW birthday!!

  21. Looks like you are my PIF. I found your e-mail and will contact you as soon as I publish this. I will mail it today.

    • Fab. I keep forgetting that you are one of the Google-sign in to comment (still on the fence about doing that LOL!) so I wondered if I could contact you somehow. But now I will just await your email. Must get back to the AJJ as well. Missed THAT over the last month for sure. Cheers

  22. Good heavens above! I hope this is scheduled and you’re not still up….
    I also have a few ATCs to swap, I was going to create just the one as I am super busy, but I mean…. 13 years! One is not enough!!
    I am up for a swap but not a printed one, sorry.
    Have a good WOYWW Anniversary.

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