This is what happens when you take a break….


Yesterday, after posting, I popped over to Julia’s to see what was up with WOYWW. Imagine my surprise to see that we are perparing for the ATC swap to mark the 13th anniversary!! blimey. Later in the day dear Helen (h) commented on my blog words to that effect so I was double warned and really felt I had to figure it out. I missed very few anniversaries, probably only just after my SINAM diagnosis (YAY! Finally an acronym that seems to be slightly universal – Statin-Induced Necrotizing Autoimmune Myositis takes a long time to type LOL!)

Cue panic. I had to come up with an idea, then decide on a design, then make the things and I had a very limited amount of time to do so – as I mentioned this week is a bit full. I dragged out a bunch of stuff and found the quote – the PERFECT quote – and got to it.

The little stamps at the right? Man I love those guys so much. They are quite tiny but super useful. I bought two sets from Tiger ages ago, pre-Pandemic, and I wish I had bought more (I think they were maybe £3?) as, typically, WOYWW has three W’s and each set only has one of each consonant. Bah!

I went thru a number of possible designs, tested out a few different stamp sets for the bit above

but in the end I finally managed to settle on a design I quite like. I wish I had time to make enough for every WOYWW person but I probably don’t. I’m hoping for 8 with basically the same design and I might be able to squeak out a couple more that will be unique. Maybe. Anyway, we’ll see.

With any luck I will manage to settle back in to a weekday blogging routine but I am finding it difficult to focus my mind on crafting. We are still working to get back into a routine but it will be short-lived. Darling Daughter ends her time in education at the end of the summer term and it is going to be a challenge. I have a follow-up with Rheumatology in June as well and might be getting another round of IVIG – or something else, who knows? My meds are changing (a little concerned about that) and everything seems like it will be in flux for a bit. Anyway, WOYWW tomorrow and the big 13! I wonder if there will be a crop any year soon? Wouldn’t THAT be lovely?


3 thoughts on “This is what happens when you take a break….

  1. Oh forgot!! Happy WOYWW (LYN) #21-glad to swap… (I thought I was on another post! )


  2. Oh no, you’ve got me on google coz I had not heard of SINAM so had to look it up, because of Covid I’ve not seen a doctor in years to double check the pills I have aren’t making me more bonkers than they should or affecting my bones, that lead me to Tai-Chi…which of course I had to have a go at! Then, hubby sez, ‘wot you doin” and I told him, then he said… ‘So we have a choice, stop taking Statins and die of a heart attack or take them and hope we don’t get SINAM…. just go and do your WOYWW post so we can get down the dump.’ Men! they kinda put things into perspective! So…. that’s what I’m going to do for now!


  3. Glad you saw the comment and also had visited Julia’s too. Annie and Jo have mooted the idea of a crop in September so stay in touch!! Will be round to visit tomorrow again!


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