Finally, and Art Journal page – woohoo!


Easing back in to it a bit. I went back to my own pull-a-quote challenge, where I pick a trio from my little pots of printed and cut quotes. If you want to print your own and challenge yourself, you can find some here and here.

I pulled only one, from the pot of longer quotes, and it was very appropriate for what is going on in the world, both the ongoing war in Ukraine and in the USA, with the leaked Supreme Court decision. Because, yeah, now is not the time to remain silent.

I have been missing the AJJ challenges, but this month it is BIRDS and this page, with the best will in the world, is never going to be about that. I mean, I could randomly stick a bird on it, but that feels too much like cheating, so I’ll have to make another page with an intentional bird on it LOL!

I had an image, can’t recall exactly where from now, that I liked so I decided to cut it as a stencil. {shudder} That meant going back to my old Mac mini, running the last operating system that works with my ancient Cricut (1st gen) and SCAL.

Yep. The one with the mini-Japanese keyboard and the right-only monitor. I had to have The Hubster remind me how to access that. Such a numpty, and a forgetful one at that. But it worked, thankfully, and as I had unearthed a mostly full pack of laser transparency sheets and my stash of new (sharp) blades, I cut it in a flash

And it stenciled like a dream. I did have to add a few lines to join things up but yeah, I love it and can see using it again. I don’t mind cutting a stencil that I need only once or twice when the resources are cheap. I only pray I NEVER need the Great Cheeto Coloured Git’s stencils again. But I digress…

I always love working in my very small journal from a Roben-Marie tutorial. It is by far one of my most favourite ones. especially when I have been away from journaling for a while and need to ease back in to it gently. The pages themselves are bright and colourful (mostly) so I need only add a focal image and a quote for the barest minimum page to feel that all important sense of accomplishment we all need. And…

There we go. Challenge success. Now, about those birds…

3 thoughts on “Finally, and Art Journal page – woohoo!

  1. I’m sure I was here, I remember ‘shoe laces’ and that’s not the sort of thing I dream about! Hey, maybe I’m on the wrong post. Could be! Love your ATC’s and that silent stamp, stencil… I had silence, there’s always something on in our house. I was late joining in, coz internet kept disappearing and the computer had no address! Poor thing. Homeless! So I’ll wish you here, a happy Late WOYWW 13th Anniversary! I might do all this again in another post. |Have a good weekend.

  2. What a fabulous stencil!! Took me while to work it out but your finished page is great.
    I maybe, no WILL, be late in posting your ATC to you for the swap. Ended up in A&E yesterday, massive swollen and bruised hip and pain as bad as childbirth, but not broken. I am able to get around but will have to wait till someone comes to visit to take it to the post for me….. the card not my hip ROFL (if she could)

    • No problem for me! We spend all day in Salisbury with DD – she had a new leg brace fitted at Orthotics – so I won’t mail till tomorrow at the earliest!

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