WOYWW 665 – a little sad this week


It won’t be such a happy WOYWW this week, knowing Julia lost her mother last week. My heart goes out to her. No matter how “expected” a loss might be, it is always still a shock. And it certainly makes me think of my own parents and feel, quite keenly, the vast distance between us. Were it not for Covid I expect we would be making regular trips across the pond. In fact, my in-laws are coming for a visit in the next month or two, which, sadly, my parents are in no fit state to do. It makes me quite sad that the last few years have been lost to this blasted virus. Luckily we went home for a family wedding just before things really got bad, but still…

First, my computer desktop. No photo, just some thoughts. As I mentioned previously, the Hubster has been working on tidying up our music collection. I keep coming across songs I have not really thought of in years. and one of them in particular really resonates with these times of Covid. It’s called The Microorganisim, and my recollection is that it was about the Aids epidemic. It was written by an early 80s folk-rock group called Boiled In Lead. Wikipedia describes them like so: Their style, sometimes called “rock ‘n’ reel,” is heavily influenced by Celtic music, folk, and punk rock, and has drawn them praise as one of the few American bands of the 1980s and 1990s to expand on Fairport Convention’s rocked-up take on traditional folk.

My favourite line (and one that certainly applies to Covid, especially in the early days of the pandemic) has always been:

Rattle your sword before you strike
And never kiss anyone you like

Next, my main desk. The beginnings of another AJ page with a drawn quote. This page with a schmear of colour fits the quote perfectly.

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine

I also have a shot of my side desk. I have been trying to sort and tidy my ATC collection, both those that have been traded and those that I have available. You can see those in the drop-down menu at the top. If you fancy a trade, do let me know!

You can just see off to the side the If You HAD To… choices for the week. Oops. added that close-up now…

Yikes. Well I already have an incurable disease, but I do NOT fancy becoming a garden gnome. While it might be quite hard to know everyone’s future, and know it might not be wonderful, it doesn’t say anything about not sharing the info if it could alter that future to make it better, so yeah, I’ll go with that.

All in all a pretty uninspiring desk this week. Some days are just like that….

15 thoughts on “WOYWW 665 – a little sad this week

  1. I do hope you are able to visit your parents soon. You have an amazing collection of ATC’s, I wonder how many you have made in total. Happy WOYWW Angela #13

  2. Thanks for popping by. Love the quote. I have garden gnomes but don’t fancy either options. Hope you can visit your family soon.
    Carol N #20

  3. My heart goes out to you Mary Anne, I hope you can see your parents before too long …. wrapping you up close. Adore your journal page with that quote … perfect … along with your gorgeous ATC holders … wow! Sending love Tracy #21 xxx

  4. Hi Mary Anne, I so love ATCs and used to swap lots and would love to do it again but at the moment we’re all upside down having all the windows replaced in the house but maybe when we’re sorted I could join in. Interesting cards today but don’t fancy being a Gnome either Lol! Sending woyww hugs, Angela x11x

    • Funny, as we have an appointment with a replacement window company this afternoon to talk thru some options! Maybe when you are done, come back to me about the ATCs 😀 If I am not in the middle of chaos for the same reason, I’ll be happy to swap then.

  5. Actually, that quite to go on your little journal page is quite apposite isn’t it. Thank you for your lovely words, I feel for you, the distance of ‘it’s just a plane ride’ becomes a yawning chasm if you allow yourself to dwell on the frailties and possibilities and there’s a latent panic in not being able to go. It’s remarkable the way your mind will let you logicalise and be sensible about it but also won’t let you believe it. Meanwhile, time at your desk is the key, it certainly suspends the feeling of ‘meh’ for a time. Some genuine spring weather would help too!

  6. I feel for you, not seeing your family in the last 2 years. As you say, we have to find comfort where we can.
    I’d not heard of Boiled in Lead. They remind me more of the Strawbs in their vocal style.
    Do I want to know everyone’s doom? Not sure but garden gnoming is sort of hiding isn’t it? As you say, maybe better to know ang try to alleviate it
    Take care
    Lynnecrafts 15

  7. Happy WOYWW. Lots of lovely creativity on your desk. As my mum ages more noticeably, I do wish that we lived closer (4-5 hour drive each way at the moment). Both of my sisters live a distance away from her too (although ‘only’ around 2 hours) and she lives alone. She has a lot of friends and activities, but I would like to offer more practical support and company (in the first lockdown I had to go on a Facebook group for her town and ask for help with getting groceries to her – and incredibly had a lot of offers of help – there are a lot of good people in this world). Amazon KDP news – I sold a hard cover of a new book this week, so that made me smile. Ali x #17

  8. Love that quote about the sunshine – I’ll make that my motto this week! Very grey and cold here as well. That music is more like poetry, isn’t it? Loving your ATC storage – so well organised. Hope you can travel safely soon again to see your parents. Take care, Mary Anne xx zsuzsa #14

  9. Yes it is a sad, gloomy time just now for so many reasons isn’t it. But we WOYWWers always try to keep positive and find a smile in something we do each day. Sending you a hug. xx Jo

  10. Your comment on Julia’s blog was amazing and perfectly captured how we all feel today, well done. It’s a funny time right now, there we were emerging from the COVID nightmare hoping for a bit of normality and now all this going on in Ukraine. It’s not wrong to still happy and enjoy a joke, in fact it’s more important than ever. I feel for you not seeing your folks.
    I love your Atc though, you have a definite style, I’d have picked that out as yours any day!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xx

  11. How many times in the last two years have I wished I could hop on a plane especially in both my parents’ last few days. Covid has a lot to answer for. And to see the rest of my family…
    Would lovecto swap ATC’s if you can post to Australia…message me…
    Love your touch of sunshine!
    Happy WOYWW!

  12. Sad news all round this week Mary Anne. Hope you are able to go and visit your parents soon. Love the ATC folder. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  13. It must be hard being so far from your parents at any time, let alone one when travel is difficult . Sending hugs.
    i am always in awe of your atcs. take care my friend. Helen #2

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