A New Look!


I’ve been playing around with my sidebar again, and the theme was clearly a bit flaky.  every time I think I have it sorted, and I look in my iPad the display is totally wonky.  Driving me a bit mad, it was.

So I went looking for a new theme that had the required elements – a two-column layout, custom header, and custom colours. Found one I like well enough, but typically there are issues. First, the header is a different size to the one I created for the past theme.  And I can’t seem to be able to change the link colours (the blue with the green I chose annoys me a bit) and the footer appearing in the sidebar STILL isn’t solved.  Grrr. I am giving up on this. I’ve said that before but now three themes and unless I don’t use the footer at all it just goes wonky on the Pad.

I grabbed the header from Shabby Blogs, and added a background colour as well as my blog name to it, got it to the right size for WordPress (all the headers there seem to be blogger/blogspot ones) and kept it very simple.  I hope it all works fine for you, if you’ve come to visit me!

Now, I need to test out a few last things, put some laundry in, and tidy up.  Then I hope to get on with something a bit crafty.

5 thoughts on “A New Look!

  1. I am here just to be nosey – like Nikki I had your e-mail so had to pop over. It is nice that I can see your mini album videos easily so will pop back when I am not supposed to be doing houseworkie stuff!!

    • Humm. When you say “email from me” is it because you subscribed? I didn’t send any emails so I am guessing that is what it is, but with a new theme you just never know! I don’t make it a habit of sending emails to people just to get them to look at my blog 🙂 But if the old theme didn’t support email notifications, perhaps the new one does? No idea, but thanks for stopping by!

      Mary Anne

  2. well I got your email so had to come look

    looks fabby

  3. Looks good – I like it!

  4. Well Maryann really like the new look! love Shaz in Oz.x

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