So busy


It’s been a day of catching up on paperwork, DDs parent’s evening tonight, DSs last exam day, and so much other rubbish that I haven’t really had a chance to do much crafting at all.  Oh well.

Tomorrow looks clear, except restocking the fridge, and Wednesday too, maybe, but Thursday is a teacher’s strike day, and prep for DDs transition review next week.  When the kids were very little the holidays were anticipated with dread, but now I quite look forward to not having to get up quite so early and days when we get to set our own schedules a little more.

But I do hate to let so many days go by with no crafting at all appearing here.  I have recently been spending a bit of time, like many, on Pinterest.  So much fun, and great for finding inspiration without having to read 1000s of blog regularly. One thing that I seem to find appealing is paint chip strips.  These were SO popular 10 years ago, and they never really went out of fashion totally.  And people are finding lots of fun things to do with them, from wall art to punched-heart garlands.

Hunting back through my photos of projects, trying to clean up iPhoto a bit, I found this little book I made (I think for a UKS cybercrop class) and it reminded me just how much fun these little colourful strips can be.

It must be old because I used a QuicKutz alphabet on it!  Anyway, it’s a little bi-fold mini that opens to reveal:

…two little side of paint chip strip pages.  With the heat today it seems the the right thing to share.  and seeing it has given me some ideas for updating.  I made another one of these at the same time, more pink and pretty, that I can only find this photo of, using the old index prints from rolls of film commercially developed,

It’s clearly not finished here but I’m sure I added bigger photos where possible, quotes, etc.

Now I know I have a stack of pretty strips stashed somewhere.  I think I had this in mind when I collected them but I think I will have to change tracks now and look at flag books again.  Everything old is now again, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “So busy

  1. How many cards are on the wall love this I think my daughter would too. Thank for sharing

  2. OMG, wonderful inspiration here!

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