Quirky Bird art journal page


In working thru the Life Book taster pages, I can across one of the free resources that looked interesting. It’s a video for drawing a quirky bird! Now, I like art, but I am not an artist. Or at least not a “fine artist.” I do art journaling but artist is not a label that I apply to myself. I guess when I think artist I think of someone who can draw. I can’t. I have no sense of perspective, I would struggle to draw anything that was representational of, oh I don’t know, REALITY… LOL!

I do wish I could draw, and I am drawn to loose, sketchy portraits, like Dina Wakely does, but frank.y I suck at that sort of thing. Honestly it is the thing about the whole Life Book course that holds me back. It says right in the promo info, this may not be for you if portraits are not your thing. Out of the 32 taster sessions thee were maybe 10-12 that I really liked. The rest of them, well, I wasn’t going to get thru them all in seven days, so I picked the ones that appealed to me and my style, and got on with them.

The quirky bird was an exception. I just loved them. I sketched along, and came up with a few I liked a bit. I may do another page with the weird one of the trio at the far right. He’s weird:

And then got sucked in to doing more realistic eyes – you can see what I mean here. Not really realistic at all, but not horrible.

It is not as charming a the samples in the video but I don’t actively HATE it, so that is progress.

I have started painting it, with watercolours! I have never done watercolour before. I have no idea what I am doing with them, but I am not totally horrified with how it’s going.

It clearly has issues, but I do quite like elements of it – like the head feathers, and the colouring on the face.

I think the blending of the watercolours could be better but for a first attempt, it doesn’t totally suck. I’m sure I will find a way to cock it up…just give me time…especially when it comes to the lettering. Eek.

More tomorrow. Off for a scan today to see how brittle my bones are LOL!.

5 thoughts on “Quirky Bird art journal page

  1. Love y0ur quirky bird, Somehow I missed that in the taster sessions x

  2. Late to WOYWW, sorry! a I think the journal page is fab and made me look at my shelves for the first time in ages to see if I still have that face stamp! Liking the choice of Bee Positive too, and am pretty certain it’s will help through the next months. Aren’t you glad you’re not in the team attempting to move into the white house and create smooth transition…! Enjoying your enjoyment of the birds and the water colouring…and your picking and choosing from the course, you’re really on a roll with going with your flow!

  3. I am really enjoying your finished bird. It would be great made into something framed. Your coloring makes a world of difference in the bird.

  4. I love your quirky bird and I really like the blended colours – the mauve into blue is lovely.
    Have a great week,
    Diana xx #22

  5. I have learned recently that art has many forms… watching portrait artist on sky one helps! I am definitely an abstract person. So long as colours co ordinate I’m fine.
    Now there is one mighty fine bird! After the school of Vera Lane I think. That face really is good. Enjoy!

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