WOYWW 703 – Fat cat? Fast Cat!


Happy desk-hop day! Preparing for a day of celebration tomorrow, finally doing Turkey Day on the actual day. Must be the first time in years with the whole family in the same place. Not the extended family, mind, but at least our small nuclear one. We have a meal, a day with no work, a family film and some board games – relaxing and enjoying time together. Bliss.

My desk has my main birthday gift on it, a 12×12 gel plate. What fun that will be to play with. I dithered about getting the new A4 size, but really, I can mask of the unneeded part to achieve the same thing so going big was the best plan for me.

I shuffled stuff about to reveal better the things there. First is an insert and some possible cover choices for another monthly journal for my Traveler’s Notebook – I love the pink one and considering it for December. Can you see the No. 12 there? Not very traditionally festive, but I like it.

also playing with creating a stencil from a die cut, extending the area. I use one I cut previously a lot and really like it, but I wanted a bigger one. I think it will work. You can barely see the join!

And I did TRY to get a decent cat photo but she was pouncing on a toy that I used to tempt her into my office. Dang they are tricky to photo unless they are sleeping LOL! A bit blurry but still quite cute.

I have to sneak in a photo of my birthday gifties from the lovely Tracy. I am simply blown away by what a wonderful community we have here on WOYWW. A card would have been sublime, but a notebook? and a calendar full of the most gorgeous illustrations? AND a stamp set? Even the envelope is stunning. All those words to say I’m speechless LOL! WOYWW folk will know her blog for the whimsy, the colour, the emojis and the little drawings that flow from her pen or pencil like water from a tap. If you’ve never been, do treat yourself and pop round!

Have a fantastic WOYWW day desk hopping – I know I will, because tomorrow I plan to not touch my keyboard at all if I can help it!

10 thoughts on “WOYWW 703 – Fat cat? Fast Cat!

  1. ooh fantastic, lovely birthday gifts and hope Thanksgiving was fabulous too. Loving your red and blue page update on your more recent post (love the changes) and the white page, wow that IS a challenge!

  2. A 12 x 12 plate is going to be lots of fun. Lovely presents from Tracy. Your new cat is very pretty. Happy WOYWW. Angela #8

  3. Morning MaryAnne, thank you for your earlier visit – I like the snowflake card best as well and it was almost all using scraps and things I had already die cut which always makes me feel warm and fuzzy lol. How lovely of Tracey to send you all those goodies (better make sure she knows when mine is hee! Hee! ) I always love the prints you do, am planning a big sesh in Jan’y when all this Christmas stuff is out the way. You did a great job double cutting with that die – seamless!! Great cat pics – yeah, they never behave!! Have a good week, love n hugs Cindy xx #7

  4. How lovely to be a fam for Thanksgiving, sure you will have a lovely day.Cat is getting more brave as the weeks go on isn’t she, if I were her I’d spend my days needing to be tempted, seems a good plan to me!! I don’t know why particularly, but this year, if you want o use non seasonal colours, decorate in August or lie in a heap under a blanket 9n the sofa, I’m all for it. This year hasn’t been great for the country and any cheer that can be established by twinkling lights and December journals, count me in! Clever extended cut on the die, always a bit fiddly when you first try these things, the seamless ness on this one is great, I’m not as good at the accuracy I must say! A beautiful and generous gift from Tracy, my word. And from me, belated Happy Returns. A very poor second indeed. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. What a lovely surprise from Tracy, how kind of her! You’ll have fun with that new gel plate too, I always enjoy seeing what you get up too, you have the most inventive ideas that I wouldn’t think of in a month of Sundays. Glad the cat is coming around to you, she’s a pretty one!
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

  6. Can’t wait to see what you make with all that gorgeous paper and the new plate too. Beautiful gifts from Tracy , how kind of her. Sending hugs for a happy woyww, Angela x12x

  7. Goood morning Mary Anne ⭐️ your tomorrow sounds beautiful 💟 Happpy Thanksgiving winging to your home. I can’t wait to see what you create with your new plate … loooving the zesty pink in your papers 💖 ahhh to be a fly on your wall when you create 😘 I wouldn’t have thought about using a die cut for a stencil … going to share that with mum later,fab idea!! Haha before you know it the cat will be lying around your crafty space, watching 🐈💕 Ahhh you are so welcome Mary Anne it really was my pleasure to gift 💟💖💕 you’re a very special lady! Enjoy today with tomorrow to look forward tooo 💛 lots of love and hugs Tracy #9 xxxx

  8. Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow – hope all goes well and you have a great time. Belated birthday wishes too – and what a lovely gift you got from Tracy. She really is a helluva lovely person, so considerate and kind.
    Well a 12 x 12 Gelli Plate sounds delightful to me and I am sure you will have many any happy hours with it, you will be creating lots I can see. It is so you!
    Happy everything to you
    Hugs, Neet 10 xx

  9. Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow Mary Anne and a belated happy birthday too. Love the look of that pink! Meow to the kitty. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

  10. I am sure you will use your large gel plate LOADS! but I can’t see the gifts from Tracy? However, how very generous of her. Have a happy thanksgiving all together . Happy WOYWW Helen # 1

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