Advent Calendars


I have been working on a rather complex advent calendar for DD.  The old one I made is lovely, but it is only meant for adding the tags each day – there is no “treat” and I wanted to make one that had space for a little goodie.  Here’s a sneak peek.

It was one of those projects that got away from me – I started making the ornament bits based on the one from the card last week and I was so far in to it before I even thought I should document it that now I need to go back and see if I can capture the steps.

anyway, DH saw it and had her own ideas of what should be behind the ornaments – not sweeties at all, but pictures of her favourite pop stars! OK, I love the kid, no doubt, but I was NOT going to put rubbish photos of pop stars behind my lovely vintage calendar! Nor was I going to make another one with this level of intense crafting.  But I did think I could make a pretty basic one for her that she COULD add  pop stars to.  I just had to work it out so it was easy.  Using a 12×12 sheet of cardstock, this is what I worked out:

Using the measurements I drew the grid on the back of the cardstock. Then I trimmed off the extra 1/2 inch on two sides

I marked the lines to cut, cause I am careless and would be sure to muck it up if I just depended on knowing which lines should NOT be cut. Perhaps I marked them TOO much as there was a lot of erasing to do since the backs of the flaps were going to be seen.  DOH!

After cutting the 3 side of each flap, I scored the final side and creased. I found it easiest to erase the marking on each flap as I folded them back to crease.

Then I mounted the whole thing on another piece of cardstock.  I think we can add the number to the flaps and the pop-star images together, getting it ready for 1 December. Then she can keep this one up in her room and my pretty one can go on the mantle!  A good compromise.

I don’t have time to totally finish the nice one today so it’s likely to be on my workdesk tomorrow – if so, you may get a better shot of it.  I will say it is BIG, about 12 x 26, but I am so pleased with it so far I can’t wait to share it!

3 thoughts on “Advent Calendars

  1. Beautiful advent calendar and you have me thinking perhaps I should do the simpler one for DD – Dr Who or Moshi Monsters for DD.

    • Oh yes, like DDs pop star one, that is more just a little, easy, fun thing. It really only takes maybe 30 mins. to create the little flaps and add the numbers. I also had the idea that you could put one BIG picture behind, then make the numbers more random, with the ones closer to 24 over the key elements and then they can open the flaps each day and try to guess what the image is. Like that old game show – was it Concentration? That would be A LOT easier and you could maybe stick the flaps sheet only on three sides, leaving the top free so you can slip in a new picture each year and keep reusing the same one. 🙂

      If you do one, I’d love to see it!

      Mary Anne

  2. looking forward to seeing the finished article – but I love this idea too – really simple, and perhaps something to make with my kids, thanks, once again, for sharing

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