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I was SO busy yesterday, working on the memory book for DDs youth group leader I completely neglected to blog.  Shocking.  Almost forgot to schedule my WOYWW post, it was so absorbing. And that state of my room? Shocking.


An unusual shot across the room, just so you can see the magnitude of the chaos.  And a shot of the floor – oh dear…


But the book itself is looking good – it began life as an ugly office binder but is pretty nice  so far – not too much in the way of decoration, following a bit of a template for girl and boy pages.  I will be collecting the photos tomorrow, hence the large blocks of photo size papers.  I think it will be much appreciated so am determined to enjoy the process, rather than worry about getting it all done in time.  Fingers crossed it will be.


Forgot to snap the cover in time but I’ll be sure to add it before I pass it on.

Oh and I am no closer to deciding what to do with the Zetti house – a couple of people commented they hoped to see the finished item this week – well, no, but to save you hunting back here is where it is so far.

Flat, then folded into the house shape, with the B&W images added.  Clicking on them should show you a larger image.  Still can’t decide – leave them B&W it colour them with Copics…. maybe next week?

Happy WOYWW!

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Even MORE Back to School printables

I have always loved these images, which I bought in 2005.  I used them a lot on UKS and recently used one of them on an ATC.


Having relocated the archive, and checked the usage rights. I think I am safe in adding them as printables.  They are no longer available where I bought them, nor indeed ANYPLACE I can find them in the deep dark depths of t’internet.  But they are so stinkin’ adorable (well, to my eyes anyway)  that I’ve been looking for some way to use them.  Most are school related or business related, but they are adaptable in many different ways.  I think they work for cute filler cards – but tell me if you agree….


Just the five of them on a one-page PDF but I hope you find them useful!


The necklace display/mock dress form template

I just had to work it out.  Tricky, and not perfect, but so long as you smooth the curves when cutting, I think it will work well enough.  They can be cut from 2 sheets of card then overlapped in the centre to make a bigger form.  There is also a single form, sized to fit on a single sheet of card – that is the size I used for the one I made here:


The PDF is three pages – left and right of the two-sheet version and the full one-sheet smaller version.  Sorry for the dodgy lines, it was really tricky to get them smooth.    But like I said, just smooth the curves when cutting – there seems to be a little dip in the centre of the neck, for example, where I stitched the two halves together for the full-sheet version.

The photos show a fatter version I played with so anything you see that makes you go Hummm? is probably down to that. The PDF version works the same as this first attempt.

Just cut out the two halves, if doing the BIG version


Score the lines at neck and armpit.  I find it best to sort of pinch-walk along the crease to create the shape


And once you overlap you will have the full front, like so


Punch the little dots and thread thru some ribbon/string/twine and depending on how tight you pull that you can get a slightly different look


I used some washi tape and this version has text on the body, which I decided wasn’t a great idea.

I’m still hunting for a template that someone else (who is better at this than I am) already did but not finding it.  But then DH has been sorting out some back-up issues and talking about replacing my hard drive (shudder) so my Google hunting time hasn’t been all that much. Still, this will do in a pinch and I’ll add a better one if I find it.

Oh and you can obviously increase the size with a photocopy for an even bigger version although the 2-part one is, I think, an OK size if you want to use it for an actual necklace display at a craft fair.  In which case I would refer you back to the original link for how she covers hers with sticky-backed felt or fun foam, for example.

Happy Sunday…


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More school printables

Expecting a fairly hellish weekend so I am just going to add a fairly random selection of things and add what I think is a useful link.  Fuzzimo, which has a lot of interesting resources, has a new site specifically for generating Dymo style labels that you can download. I would have used them for these printables, but according to how *I* read the terms of use, creating labels and making them available for download is a no-no.  But the doesn’t stop YOU from using the site to create labels and use them in your Smash books, Project Life pages, or scrapbook layouts, printed or digi.



This is what my printables look like:



And you can download them here! There are a couple of 4 x 6 cards included, simply because I expect the tiny 3 x 4 size would be too small to write as much as you might like, but I did also include smaller blank ones – you could just add a small school photo to those, or write on them with a white pen or pencil, for the chalkboard look.  I also did the library record cards in both the traditional blue and in pink, for a more girly option.  You could use the label-maker to create a SCHOOL SUPPLIES strip to go over the pencils (which had been my plan till I read the Terms of Use) or come up with another  bit of text.  Likewise the circuit board – Such a Geek, or some other computer related bit of text was the plan. Maybe you have a better idea so this leaves it open for yo to add what you like.



So sidetracked….

On WOYWW day I saw the coolest dress form, altered in a spectacular way, by Bella.  I urge you to go see hers cause mine is a very poor imitation.  OK, well not really an imitation except in the sense that it is also a dress form, sort of.  I just loved hers but of course I had not full size dress form, and no place to put one even if I did make it.  But it got me wondering if it would be possible to create a 3D dress form out of cardstock.

Funnily enough, the other day, while hunting for something completely unrelated (possibly loom band stuff, I can’t quite recall how I got there, and by there I mean a Pinterest board) I had seen a cardboard necklace display that now leapt into my mind as a possible solution. I had to hunt for it, and never did find the Pinterest board, but the photo here looks just like what I remember.  Problem is, there wasn’t then, nor now, an actual template.  DOH! The first step was to grab my curvy ruler and draw one out.  I could see the shape well enough to get close.


The proportions aren’t quite the same for mine but they are close enough.  Mine is made of a sheet of quite stiff A4 card, but what you see above is actually my attempt to create half of the form on an A4 sheet so I could make a bigger one at some point, and figure out how to alter it so it can lay flush against the wall.

I was really in to it, and my camera batteries were dead, and DH had unplugged the charger so he could plug-in the back-up disk so I could only sneak a few shots before the darn thing died totally. But here it is.  No sense of perspective, really, but the box=pleat skirt is folded from two 6 x 12 strips of scrapbooking paper, to give you and idea.


The wings were cut on the Cricut in black then lined with a soft green glitter adhesive sheet – I thought the colour went well with the green from the London A to Z pages that I decoupaged over the form. The little house reminded me of olde-worlde London terrace blocks but are actually one of my Zetti stamps – the one where I split the stamp, removing the eyes that were originally part of it.

Th gears are tin foil, adhered to cardboard and alcohol inked.  It’s an X-cut set.  The stand is an old candlestick. Poor thing, she is very flat-chested, but making 3D paper boobies was completely beyond me.

You can see the back is laced and the skirt is attached to the inside core of a roll of glue dots.  I always save them, so handy.


Overall I am happy with it – for what it is.  Considering I made it from stuff I had kicking around, I think it is looking good so far.  I feel like it needs something else – a quote or some text, maybe, or an actual necklace or maybe flowers??  Not sure, but that seems to be a trend – I am riddled with indecision lately, never sure which way to go with things.  I might just shuttle it aside for now and look over to it for a bit and see if I get inspired.  Maybe tidy up my office AGAIN – that always reveals stuff that is hidden or buried and often I get an idea when I unearth it.  Well see.

I’ve had a go and taking my drawn template and making it digital, but am struggling to make those curvy lines look smooth.  but if I get it to the point I think it’s OK, I’ll add it.  I might just add the hand drawn one, warts and all, or re-draw it cleaner.  Or maybe just keep looking. surely there must be a template put there for download….





Zetti stuff and about that house….

OK so I finally finished all the stamping of the Zetti grab bags.  What a huge amount of stuff!

Five sleeves of four 4×6 pockets


Three sleeves of nine 2.5 x 3.5 pockets


and two sleeves of 20 2 x 2 slide pockets


And, just cause so many people were curious, these are the two I will never use – the quotes themselves are fine, but that FONT.  It might as well be comic sans…. The other small one is the single duplicate I got.


I was cutting out some of the first images I stamped on white, just to test the fit on the little house.  I am torn – while I like the idea of colouring them I am also pretty in love with the stark B&W images.  I simply can’t decide.  I’ll have to colour a couple and then take a photo and look at them both.  Maybe that will help me figure it out….





{sigh} Sometimes I just struggle with creative decisions….

…but at least I feel like I’ve made progress.  I may have to set it all aside to work on DDs play-leader’s memory book, but I have a fear they will hoard all the stuff that needs to go inside till the last-minute, or the kids and parents will wait for the last-minute to hand over art, writing and photos. What ever have I let myself in for??




WOYWW271 – so many stamps!

I’ve not managed to finish stamping all the images from my Zettiology grab bags, but I did manage to get quite a few trimmed and test stamped.  Working on a little house for some of my favourites.  Like the Zombie Town one and the steam punk one from ages ago.


I’ve made each “house: a different paper, just for fun.


It looks quite cool wen folded into shape. Here are the images I have stamped so far:


You can see the two that I know I will NEVER use – but I’m thinking I can excise out the text and still make use of the postage stamp frame, so not a total loss. Here are a couple of my favourites so far:


Those two are my absolute favourites by far, but I also love this guy a lot – very Bosch, I think:


and this one reminds me of the character from Machinarium :


I did cut apart those eyes and the row of houses at the top, and like it better as two stamps.

That will keep me buys for the day – oh and DD’s disability group leader is leaving and I volunteered to make her “memory book” gift so I’ve got THAT to do as well!

In between desk hopping, of course… {wink}

Happy WOYWW!


Bye Bye Zettiology – so sad

I was so sad to get an email that Zettiology was closing its stamp making business.  Teesha and Tracy Moore have been firm favourites of mine for years, although I only have a small handful of their stamps.  The shipping (and customs) fees to order from the States are HUGE, and there were only ever a few stamps offered in the UK. I kept putting off and putting off ordering any, thinking I would place a big order to coincide with either a trip BACK to the USA or a visit over to the UK of anyone willing to stuff a load of rubber in their packed shoes.  It never quite happened.  But the thought of not being able to get the stamps ever made me bite the bullet and place an order for a couple of grab bags from Teesha’s etsy store.

Now, grab bags are always a risk – you could get a tone of duplicates. You could get a ton of stamps you loathe and only a few you like and even fewer you LOVE.  Well, my order has arrived and I am doing the happy dance. I got a MASSIVE pile o’ rubber, and only ONE SINGLE DUPLICATE IMAGE.  Outstanding.

THIS is the pile of images I am 99% sure I am going to LOVE


This is the pile of images I will have to stamp to know if I like or LOVE them.


and this is the pile of images that I am pretty sure I will find a use for but I can already tell won’t be LOVES and may not be likes


Those are mostly text-based stamps, quotes, alone or with images.  Some look like they can by cut apart in various creative ways, but no matter how you look at it, that is a huge WIN.  I have already stamped a handful of the ones I KNOW I love (ok, the two small ones in the corners fit the sheet, but are def. LIKE not LOVE)


It looks like the grab bags may be gone, so I am glad I leapt rather than dithering.  But had I known when I ordered – really, like two minutes after I got the email – that she would offer last-minute, one time only orders of a few specific sets, I might have added them in {sigh} Oh well.

So I will be merrily stamping and assessing today.  I am far too lazy to mount each and every stamp, so I just stuck a piece of fun foam over a mid-sized block and applied some Tack it! to it – that lets me temporarily mount the stamps and makes the cutting a lot easier, as it’s just trimming the rubber.  I’m OK with needing to use a stamp positioner if I have to place them precisely, as more often than not I tend to cut stamped images out and then add them to a project.


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All those labels – pastel version, slightly baby themed

Busy day so I am just going to quickly add a pastel version of all those labels (and you can see the bright version here) – they have a slightly BABY theme, although I don’t see why they couldn’t be used for kids, or even LOVE themed pages.

The screen grab:


and this is them printed, although the photo looks a little washed out.  In reality they are quite soft but they ARE colourful.  Again, as always, your printer may print them slightly different.  These are on linen textured paper and I think they look really nice. But then I would…. {wink}


Grab the 2 page PDF here – and have fun with them!


Not a fork, but it works – looms again

DD was very keen on me making a fork-like loom so I could teach her some of the patterns. She did look at the more complicated ones in the magazine, but they were really beyond her to follow.  But the add loop, hook off process of the fork- style patterns (not all of them but at least SOME of the more complex designs) look very teachable so while she is off skating, I made one.  I used a couple of domino style things from a set I’ve had for ages, and an old block. It has issues, but basically, it works.


I thought at first that the spacing of the two forks, taped, would be what I wanted to mimic, so I eyeballed it, marked the placement on the block,


then touched the tines to an ink pad to mark the wood.

3forklikeI glued the wood to the block – the dominos are softer wood so they were easy to hammer in to begin with, then the block is much denser but it only has to go in a bit.

The panel pins have a very small head on them – big enough to hold the bands in place but small enough for easy hooking off.


I simply hammered them in for this first version, but for the next one I did pre-drill holes.  The thin domino wood split slightly and I wanted to avoid that for the second version.


Now the thing about the fork is that although the tips are spaced like this, you are really working on the middle of the fork so the pins really should have been closer together. See how stretched the bands are?


You can also see the wood version has a lot more room for the completed section to grow. and the final bracelet is fine, if slightly looser than the loom version.


I was looking at the domino box and had a brainstorm – I could build a fork-like loom on top of the slider lid, then there would be a bit of a storage area underneath!  Sort of. The lid is VERY thin, so I know I would need a thickness of wood UNDER it


so the nails wouldn’t poke thru.  But that was going to interfere with the lid sliding in.  I just hacked away a bit of the side so it would slide


but that compromises the storage cause stuff can slide out.  But it will hold a bag or two of loops so not perfect but not useless either.


One thing about the cheap 99p nails – they are NOT all the same length.  I had one or two come thru the underneath piece of wood but I was able to add a bit of mount board to cove the tiny tip of the nails that did break thru.

You can see that this version had the nails row spaced closer than the block version.


But I think it really could be even closer.  So long as the bands are slightly stretched that is all that is needed.  I like that the nails are long so you can clearly see which is the TOP loop when hooking off, for example, if you add the bands then slip them down the nail – you can have 5 or 6 levels and still see them all very clearly.

The solid base of the box will mean DD can use it with her one good hand and use her other one to stabilize it if she needs to, without needing to grip it.  I’ll maybe add a bit of felt to the bottom, or some non-slip mat stuff. I might even look at decorating it but not till I know this isn’t a momentary fad that she loses interest in a week.

My last task is to figure out a way to write out the visual pattern from the video for her so she can follow it on her own.  I think I can do that for some of them, ones with a couple of loads and hook offs, but not all of them  – the starburst one above has 12 steps for each burst, so perhaps too complex for her. We’ll see.  She might be able to watch the video and follow along but I’m not sure.  The fishtail one you can see in the top photo is actually only a couple of steps – I may start with that one….

So a little more involved that taping two forks together, and a bit bigger, but overall, I think it is a success.  DD will let me know if it is or not….



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