The Big Knit


Here are a few patterns for the Innocent BIG KNIT project.  You can read all about it here.

There are loads of patterns out there, some very complex and time consuming.  Many of the simple ones are written to be knit flat, then gathered at the last row and the side seam sewn.  I came up with a few that are knit in the round, using Magic Loop, that have a bit of interest yet are quite fast.

The slip stitch pattern can be found HERE and the fork-method pompom info is there as well.

Sock pattern

The Bee stitch pattern can be found HERE – this also has my floppy pompom info.


The Turkish cast on square hat can be found HERE


The square hat would make a nice canvas for knitting in the logo motif.  Here is a chart for that – I’ve not yet done one, but I might.   I think I would have to go down on the needle size, maybe to a 3.5, to be able to have more than the standard 12 rows +2 purl rows, as the image works out best at 14 rows.  I’ll update with the details if I do make one. I have a bit of a trick for knitting motifs in the round (without having to carry the accent yarn all around the entire piece) that should work well for something as small as this. I’ll have to test that out too!


This is a simple addition to the hat, a crochet corkscrew, with the basic info of how to create them found here.


The other hat in that post is mostly redundant, as the easier long-tail hat coming up is probably a better choice than the series of decreases.  But I’ll add the jingle bell topper, and the gradient version, just cause they are cute!

These three are all variations, and there aren’t proper patterns for them, but simply instructions for how to alter the basic hat pattern. That info can be found in the post here.