No-cross-strip hidden waterfall card

I had it in my head to make a waterfall card to fit a 5 x 5 inch card blank.  I also wanted to try making one without the cross-strip that contains the pull-tab.   Here it is – very late in the day but I’ve been busy and (after weeks and weeks of cold rainy weather) it SO HOT now.

The front of the card is embossed then misted with a pale blue chalk spray.  The quote if from Albert Einstein, and apply to my Mom very well as she is always on the go!

As it flips:

Of course there is plenty of room to sign etc. inside the card.  Oddly, unlike the rectangular ones, this one seems to need no counterbalance – it stands just fine.

In order to avoid the cross-strip, all I did was add thin-ish foam squares to the sides of the diamond, either side of the tab, after sticking the centre of the diamond to the tab, as you do with standard waterfalls. Hard to see, but maybe the photo will help?

That MIGHT be me done with waterfalls. Not sure what I will become obsessed with next – maybe Cal’s cool bags from her THursday Technique on UKS?  I am sure liking the looks of them…..

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Sunday-someplace-else (Waterfall cards)

You know I am into waterfall cards lately.  I was working yesterday on a diamond-shaped one and, as is my habit, I went trolling across the net, to see if my idea was truly unique or had been done to death already.  Not done to death, certainly, but I did find this site that had a few interesting variations.  Not “hidden” waterfalls but there was one with diamonds that is very pretty.

Most interesting is the fact that Suzanne already tried something that I considered, especially for the diamond one, that involves trimming the top of the pull-tab so it matches the shape added.  I wasn’t sure it would work, as I felt it might make the pull tab too unstable, but she shows that it DOES work. Her photo showing the trim on an oval waterfall.

I may try this on the diamond one and see how it works.  I have a few other things I want to experiment with before I stop and move on to a new obsession LOL!

Check out her site and samples.  She’s a UK person and designs for Joanna Sheen. so my already be known to you but this is the first time I stumbled across her.  She has a page of tutorials here  that I want to delve into a little more as there are a handful that (from the titles) sound QI (“quite interesting”, to any non-UK.non-Stephen Fry fan readers)

I just had to pop back to add this.  I was flicking thru the Sunday Times and see that my fave band, The Alabama Shakes, are being hailed as the “world’s greatest new band.”  We stumbled across them on YouTube and looked for an album but they hadn’t released one yet.  It came out, I bought it, and love it.  You may too, if you like old blues, Stax/Volt, and Janis Joplin (or as The Times says, Janis Joplin via Mavis Staples. )  Have a listen:


Tutorial for the Hidden Waterfall Card

I might have rushed this a little as it is DDs last day of school for the year and I needed to finish it before she gets back from her 1/2 day.  Please forgive me any slight spelling or typing errors – I think any measurements are OK.

If you want to watch the YouTube slideshow (which uses the same stills as the PDF) you can do so here.  But I think the PDF is much clearer. (this is the correct PDF now)

I’ve used this card as the basis

I’ve added the page with the sentiment (from The Children’s Hour by Longfellow) and included both the ringed version and an un-ringed version.  My rings are orange and that just may not work for your card.

Now I did this PDF a different way.  It is based on an A4 paper size, so if using US letter, do tick scale-to-fit.  The sentiment will be ever so slightly smaller but frankly it isn’t anything special.  The font is Ajile so you can make your own to fit.

I’ll add this to the sidebar maybe later or over the weekend.  If you make one do comment with a link so I can see it!
Have fun.


More hidden waterfalls

I’m working on a YouTube thingie for this and if there is enough interest in it I might go ahead and do a PDF for it – but since upgrading the programs I used to make PDFs don’t work so I need to sort that out  (or re-boot back in the old OS where I can use them) and won’t bother unless I get asked a LOT.

The first one I wanted to try from the beginning, using a few of the Cherry Lynn doily dies.  Not done the sentiment bit on this one yet, but I have an idea. Just a couple of the waterfalls, but you get  the idea, I think:

It’s so dark and dismal here the photos aren’t all that great. And I know that not everyone is going to have the die I have but circles and scallops? I figure MOST people will have SOME way to cut them (Nesties, Cricut/Silhouette/Craft Robo, Big Shot dies, whatever) so I made the next one to use as my basis for instructions.

I have mentioned before that my Dad always signed his cards to my Mom “Forever and a day”  – I found the quote he MIGHT have gotten the idea from (although he is not a big poetry fan so maybe not!)

I know some people like the basic “cut this to this size and stick it in this exact spot” sort of instructions, whereas I tend to give more “this is the basic idea behind it, here’s what I did, here’s how you can alter it to fit YOUR ideas” instructions but I’ve tried to take photos to accommodate both this time.  We’ll see how it goes.

All papers are from a DCWV paper pad called Whimsy, that I have had for YEARS and barely used. and I’m using up those flower shaped eyelets that I have had for even longer!