Sunday-someplace-else (Lollyrot)

As I mentioned earlier Stampotique has some new DT members.  I checked out a few of the new blog links and found a great and useful project on Lollyrot‘s blog. She does lovely work so well worth a browse around, don’t just stop at seeing this one!

Home made blending tools!

She has a YouTube vid for this which you can watch:


Of course I didn’t have all the “stuff” and what you can find in the UK is sometimes different to what you may find elsewhere, so I went my own way with it. I have a little bin full of bits of Cut&dry foam that I use for applying my Distress ink but there are a couple of problems with this – firstly, I tend to get quite inky, as they have no holder and secondly, I sometimes mix up what chunk is for what ink (disastrously mixing PIGMENT ink on to one of my DI pads – oh the horror!)

So I got some little dolls house signs and my last bit of Cut&Dry foam, some sticky-backed Velcro, an old chess set with some pieces missing, my trusty glue gun…


I still need to label them, but for less than £10 I got 16 tools!  The C&D foam can be removed and a new piece stuck on when it gets too shabby – why is it I always seem to have a lot of the SOFT side of the Velco and use the GRIP-y side less?  I suspect it is the iPad covers, which grip to the felt.  Anyway, I find the pawn shape quite easy to hold and they fit in my storage drawers alongside the ink pads so I call that a RESULT!


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Nestabilities Slider card tutorial

OK, well I am not 100% pleased with the slide show, not because the card is that hard to make, but I am just not sure if the instructions communicate well in that format.  So I also made a PDF which you should see in the right sidebar, that you can download.  I would say watch any of the slider card You Tubes, although personally I think Kathryn’s is a good one (and hers is linked in my video’s info section) to familiarize yourself with the basics of how simple slider cards work, THEN give my shaped version a go.

Here is the other one I made for the video:

I hope you like my variation and would love to see a link if you make one.  Trust me, it really isn’t that hard – if you can make a normal slider you can make this one!

Have a happy Friday!

(hummm.  Either I’ve forgotten how I did it before or WordPress changed how you add PDFs or this theme handles them differently than the other one did, but when you click the text in the sidebar another page will pop up and if you click the name of the tut there it WILL download)


WOYWW – 19/01/2011

My work desk hasn’t been tidied from the calendar from yesterday because I was working on a little video of how I changed the original print&cut version. You can see that here:

Not terribly inspiring, I know, but some Ws are like that!

Have a great WOYWW – looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to!


Punching off the fold Mini-album

Here is the quick little YouTube tutorial on making the little mini from WOYWW.  Such fun, quick, and easy.  I’m working n another no-sew version.  As I won’t be about much next week I hope to load it ready to appear on Wednesday.  Whether or not I get around to doing the Mr. Linky, who knows?


Scalloped rosettes with punches – the video

I did do the video for these the other day, then waited for it to fully load on You Tube and had a few issues. It took most of a day for the playback to work absolutely properly so now I feel I can post it and hopefully it will work.

One thing – the cardstock ones will want to spring open with just glue dots. I would strongly suggest firing up the trusty glue gun and putting a dab in the center then squeezing it shut and adding the embellishment to hide it. If you do that, just stitch the button to the topper (circle or scalloped circle) and stick it on rather than struggling to get a needle thru the middle which is full of dried glue-gun glue!

People comment a lot on my vids, asking about the music. USUALLY it’s just an appropriate length MusicShake instrumental added via the You Tube AudioSwap process (which takes FOREVER, when it’s working) but this one is actually my FIL singing with his previous band. I just love his voice and it’s a shame both my kids got their vocal talent from my side (tone deaf, all of them) and not from him. I love my kids, but hearing my DD sing along to Girls Aloud, if bottled, could work well as a paint stripper, and when I sing along to the radio or iPod, my kids just roll their eyes and say “Mom – please. Stop” DS is a bit better, but he will never belt out a tune, so it all sounds a bit hesitant. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, even if old-timey bluegrass isn’t your thing. I did set the music to play at 1/2 volume when I did the video but I’m not sure if YT doesn’t set volume to a certain level, and that overrides the video settings.

Enough dithering. This is what you want to see:

And I’ll include a few close ups of the rosettes once my camera battery recharges.


WOYWW – 11/8/2010

Quite a busy day as we are taking DD to meet up with her charity group and see her off for her weekend in Cornwall.  And getting DH and DS ready for Cropredy.  BUT, I have still have a lot on my desk!

Not sure how many WOYWWers read the blogs that link there on any day other than Weds. but if you DID see my blog last week you would have seen this post about using the Martha Stewart score board to make paper rosettes. Well, I was tidying and came across a series of little strips that I had punched a scallop along, borrowing the punch at a crop.  I hadn’t done anything with them but in an instant I could see lovely scalloped rosettes so I gave it a go.  What you can sort of see are some of the samples I have been working on for another You Tube video explaining how I did them and some of the pitfalls various punches produced – and how to overcome them.  I just love these.  Although I try very hard not to fall back on flowers as the generic embellishment, I do love making them and do love using them on pages about my DD.

There is also a mini-book page on a chunk of cardboard started, and a little Steampunk thingie I have been playing with (I saw Neil Stephenson had a new book out, which it made me think of the cyberpunk authors I read heavily way back when, of  The Difference Engine, which had to be one of the first instances of “steampunk” ever, and one of my all time-favourite books, and….well, you know how it goes!)

So quite a varied selection of projects.  And the best news?  Blogger announced on their forum they would be rolling out something this week to solve the “WordPress folk can’t comment” problem I have been hit by the last couple of  weeks!  YAY!  I tried a comment on a blogspot blog yesterday and it seemed to have taken, although I will have to go back and check that it actually appeared but I am hopeful!

I’ll probably do that video today, if I can, so do check back if you are interested or find me on You Tube as UKmaryanne.


Paper rosettes

A year or more ago I sent a mini-book back with DH to give to his Aunt and Uncle.  His auntie is a bit of an artist herself, and she very kindly sent back to me both a mini she made by scanning the book I sent and embellishing it with some extra goodies AND a couple of little cards for the kids.  The cards each had money, folded in interesting ways, and I always meant to pursue how to make them but never did.

You can see one is a little rosette and one is a curled heart.  So sweet (although it didn’t stop the kids from disassembling them and spending the money!)

The other day I saw the Tim Holtz die that makes paper rosettes.  As I have said it is only recently I got an actual die cut machine (with both a Craft Robo and a Cuttlebug it seemed a bit redundant to get a manual machine) but the lovely embossing folders meant I needed something and the pasta machine just wasn’t doing it for me in the end.   Anyway, the paper rosette die looks interesting but not sure if my machine, a very old Zip-e-mate, would do the job so I looked for a way to make them with stuff I had.  The Martha Stewart score board, with it’s multitude of evenly placed scoring grooves, proved the perfect solution.  I did a little You Tube video on how I did it, incorporating Auntie’s idea of the tied element through the layers to hold it all in place. and I just love how sweet they look.

I imagine it would be easy enough to make them in a few sizes, and I assume other scoring systems would work too, but as I have the MS one (which I love) that’s what I used. Have a go.  They are really easy and can be made from as little as a 1 inch strip of patterned paper.  I think they would also make adorable graduation cards, for example, making a bit more out of a gift of “folding money” than just a little sleeve, or sticking the bill inside the card.



Ages ago I did my very first YouTube “video,” of a paper bag book that I made for Scrapbook Inspirations, because the step by steps were far too many to photograph for the magazine.  Since then I have done a “helper” video, for some people who could not get their heads around the original instructions, and then, once I got the new iMovie, a better quality version that incorporated the helper steps.  Between the three, they have over 20,000 hits.  And that stuns me. 

Considering I don’t do live action videos, just sort of animated slideshows, that people look at them (and I have approaching 400 subscribers) still makes me happy.  I love the teaching aspect of the internet, and the fact that so many people are so willing to share, for free, things they have learned – I’ve learned loads for You Tube, from blogs, from forums like UKScrappers, and from people at crops – is amazing.

My DS is something of a video editing whiz-kid – not scrapbooking, you understand, but Call of Duty montages where people document amazing “kills” or unique shots.  I look at what he does with the raw gameplay footage, how he melds all the clips and adds effects and sound, and I think I should be hiring him to do videos for me LOL!  Not entirely sure that editing a scrapbooking video would be very exciting for him, but you never know. But we had an interesting discussion over the weekend.  He and a mate sat down and, over a few hours of gameplay, figured out the exact spot to reliably make a shot that will take out a recently-spawned adversary (ok, if you DON’T have a teenage son you may have NO IDEA what I am on about, but bear with me – there is a point I am circling back around to!) and  where they have no way to defend themselves, and one of the first things he said was (here is the point)  that a) it wasn’t fair that only some people knew this info and could exploit it and b) that he wanted to do a video that shared the info so EVERYONE could learn how to capitalize on the glitch.  He felt that leveled the playing field a bit.

It surprised me.  I thought he might be inclined to simply use this info to his advantage (which seems the natural teen-as-center-of-the-universe sort of thing to do) but instead he thought sharing the info was a better choice.

I hope that people always share freely on the internet.  The capacity for both teaching and learning is huge and it would be a shame to see that lost.

And now, back to doll making – yes, I KNOW I said the last one was the LAST ONE. but somehow, DD talked me in to making another LAST ONE, so I best get on with it.  The best I can hope for is to delay the next LAST ONE for as long as possible….


Alcohol ink technique

I haven’t had much time to browse YouTube recently, but I did find a few minutes the end of last week to have a quick look.  I saw a Ranger video for making a necklace using Memory Glass and alcohol ink.  The technique, for embossing over the AI, trapping the colour, was a cool one, but in reality, the likelihood of me making a necklace was pretty slim (also, I have no memory glass, frosted or otherwise) so I looked for a way to make the technique usable for ME.  I did it on acetate (always a bit risky with a heat gun as melting of the acetate is a distinct possibility unless you keep the gun moving and far enough away to prevent melting while close enough to actually melt the embossing powder) and was delighted that it worked and looked pretty cool.

Here is the video slideshow I did for it.

I think it could make nifty embellishments and would also make a very cool ATC background! Have fun, but take care!