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Those other Thanksgiving printables!

You thought I forgot.  I didn’t.  I just got sidetracked during the whole graphics-card-epic-fail.  But here they are for download. They look like this:


I called them a bit more “elegant” than the first set, found here. Maybe not the perfect word, but they do have a totally different feel to them, I think.

And because my country of residence (and I am the only one still awaiting my letter – are they really going to leave me the sole single-citizenship member of the family?) doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving I have another generic Fall/Autumn set.  Some filler, some with room for a bit of  journaling, maybe even place cards for a harvest dinner – and not a Pilgrim hat or turkey in sight….



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Thanksgiving Printables for Project Life

This year, especially, I would say I have much to be thankful for.  I do every year, but this year in particular.

I SAY these are for PL, but I think they could easily work as card toppers.  With a little effort they would easily work for place cards.  I think just a simple folded piece, with the printed card stuck to the front, then a small strip with the name printed (or hand written) on it stuck to that, works fine! Even easier, just mount the printed card just slightly higher on the folded piece and jot the name below, like so:


Quick and dirty, LOL!  I think I would opt to print the name in a nice font rather than my chicken scratchings.

They have a slightly cartoon-y feel to them, but I have another set that is more..elegant?  Sort of. They will come soon.


You can download those here.




As I expected, you want all three versions

Not at all surprised the voting ended up with ALL THREE being the top pick.  I know I’ve only give it a day, but since I suspected it, I’m prepared.  You saw the sampler yesterday, which show all the text except one – that looks like this:


I think it works both ways if you accept the damask sideways. For the leaves and the white doodles, I don’t think there is one clear direction.  You can download the 3 page PDF (one version per page) here.

I am aware that is id mostly just us Yanks who celebrate thanksgiving as that, but we all have reasons to be thankful so I hope I’ve made the text useful for more than just Thanksgiving, the holiday. The font I love, but if you grab it you will notice that the T is not the T from the character map but the I.  I  just wasn’t keen on the actual T (the word looks more like CHANKS to my eye) and the upper case I looks more like how *I* make my Ts so I swapped them out.


If you like the T better you can always download the font, create the word with the T instead, print it out and cut it to stick over the top.

I’ll be closing the poll – I thought I used to be able to set the poll to expire at a certain time, but I am not seeing that option so I’ll have to close it manually.  I might give it a day, just to see if anyone prints the sampler and shares the colour experience.  I was surprised to see comments in the poll on the results page, but people have told me commenting on a WordPress blog can be tricky, so… anyone?  print and share?  If you send me a photo I’ll share it here, which would be very interesting in I get a couple of them at least…