SDC84 – Love art

Not done the SDCs for a few weeks but had an idea when I saw this one.  I was itching to do some stamping, after spending so much time getting organized (no, not done quite yet – got sidetracked!) and one of the stamps I re-discovered was a tiny Stampotique one, that had found its way into a wrong box. More on that in a minute.  I wanted to do more t-shirt transfer art and at first I thought I would use THIS image, and sew on the little charm, to get the LOVE requirement in there.


You probably can’t tell but the image was stamped on the t-shirt transfer paper, then painted with Distress In and water (not too wet!) then I cut him out.


The more I looked at him, and the charm, the more I thought first, that the charm, sewn on, was always going to rattle in the washer (no dryer with t-shirt transfers!) and annoy me.  Second, I thought the BOY image wasn’t what I really wanted.  I played around with one of the BIG HEADS but the one I liked best had lots of wispy hairs, so not ideal for close trimming.

Then I remembered the little men-on-sticks.   I just love this stamp for some reason, and I guess the last time I used it I just stuck it with with my box of homemade stamps, rather than putting it in the drawer with the other Stampotique ones.  Lucky I was sorting and organizing stamps or it could have been months before I stumbled on it!  I did the same as I have done before, inked and stamped and painted, on a circle.  Sequin waste smudges, then I printed the text (reversed) right on it.


It worked OK, although I think I could have made the text slightly bigger for better readability.  Can you see it says LOVE ART – MAKE ART – WEAR ART?  – that’s how I got the LOVE bit in there!

And on the shirt? Just a small circle near the neck. The circle is only about 2 inches so it’s quite small.  And the framing is wonky, not the iron-on, I promise!


So that’s my crafty fix for the day – now I have to get back to the sorting and filing.


SDC78 – non-traditional Christmas card

This marks a departure for me in the SDC Challenge.  I have ALWAYS used a Stampotique stamp in the past but this time as soon as I saw the challenge I knew exactly what I wanted to do.


I’ve had this Three Stooges stamp for maybe 10 years and never really found a use for it.  It was perfect for the challenge.  I could have used three of the Stampotique boys but I went a different way.   Not world-class Copic colouring, I’m afraid, but I did like the dotty background.  I used that in a very old post once before, although that was more of a shaded gradation of colour, darkest near the image and fading outward, where this is more just a scattering of yellows to fill in.  I didn’t want to cut out the Stooges, or fiddle with masks, and no other technique made sense. I like t and would use it again, I think.


I love the font for the letters (Urban  Scrawl Boxed) – I printed that then coloured in the boxes with the Copics and cut out each letter.  It was a struggle to fit it all in LOL! The star is a leftover from DDs Christmas cards for her classmates.  I matched it with a very Christmas-y paper because I liked the contrast.

So the Snorfs from yesterday will have to wait a day longer then I’ll share my project.  I’ve had another idea for the end result so the delay is good.


SDC75 – paint

Managed to finish the SDC for the week – paint!

I chose the theme for this week’s challenge in honor of my amazing grandmother. She can paint with any medium, and so can you – acrylics, watercolors, daubers, whatever your little heart desires. Just use same sort of PAINT on your project this week!

So the interpretation of PAINT is quite broad, thank goodness, and I was able to try our a few things that I think work well and a couple that work less well.

Here is the card front:

The “paint” I used was the Distress Stain daubers, and a little black acrylic paint.  The background is dauber splats (you know, just thumping the sponge tip down on the paper with FORCE to make a splat!), the black circles are an old lid dipped in black paint, and the number strip and the girl are both made by using the dauber directly onto the stamp.

The girl had most of the surface daubed with Vintage Photo (except her lips, which was, unsurprisingly, Worn Lipstick) then stamped.  I let is dry, a bit, then used a water brush to spread the colour into the white areas.  I added a smidge of Antique linen to the brush to do her face.

I thought it turned out great, so then tried to do a second head, to complete my card idea, using a mix of Mustard Seed and Vintage photo on the stamp.  Not so good a result, but just about acceptable:

I think the yellow dauber was maybe too wet, because I tried doing the brown first than LIGHTLY touching over it with the yellow, aiming to get the brown lines, but the yellow just ran, a bit.  I think a better method might have been to do the brown, let it mostly dry, then paint ever so lightly with the yellow.  But as I always say, I make the mistakes so you don’t have to, and not showing the first attempt is disingenuous.

As you can see it is an easel card.  The send figure is inside, but appears to be on the front once you engage the easel effect.  I also think, had I had my wits about me and slightly smaller stamps (or maybe a bigger circle) I would have made it SO THANKFUL so it became a THANKSGIVING card instead.  Hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it?

Man, I so need some new Stampotique stamps…. Is Santa reading?


SDC74 – Nature

Once again I found the idea for the SDC leap into my head.  I had pinned something ages ago about making fabric leaves, as well as an Etsy seller who make the leaves with photos on.  Never got around to actually doing it, but as soon as I saw the challenge I knew that it was just the ticket.  I ironed the fabric on to some freezer paper and sent it thru my printer to get the text.  Using a stamp-positioner I stamped the Stampotique tree.  I cut a second leaf shape (using the X-Cut largest leaf die) and sandwiched a wire in between.  I coloured in the stamp with coloured pencils, and coloured the ivy leaves I pulled off a garland, so they were more autumnal.  I smudged on a bit of Distress INk (Tumbled glass for the sort of sky colour and Forest Moss (which you can’t really see under the leaves.)  I also stamped and cut the pumpkin.  The whole thing is clamped in a binder clip, covered in Washi Tape, then the leaves and the raffia got stuck on – a few strand of raffia shoot up along the sides just for a bit of extra interest.  I tried my darndest to work in some hearts (“in love with the ground” and all that) but I just didn’t like any of the experiments so in the end I left them off.  The top of the binder clip becomes the base that stands the piece up.

….and a little closer

I figure pumpkins are fall/autumn not just Halloween, and it gave me a nice jolt of colour – I also really like the look of the coloured pencils on the fabric ivy.  That actually worked a whole lot better than I expected it to.  Bright red, yellow, orange, and brown leaves would have been too colourful, I think, but the waxy pencil over the dark green toned it down quite a bit.  I may add another pumpkin, the taller, thinner one from the cube, not sure.


SDC73 – Hanging Decoration

I have been so busy with the CyberCrop stuff I let the last couple of Stampotique Designer Challenges pass me by – but I saw this one this morning and just had the idea for it pop into my head so I carried thru – not something I always manage.  I know they now allow you to use any stamps, but I always try to use the Stampotique ones if I can.  But I am feeling like I need some new ones to play with as it’s been AGES since I’ve ordered new ones and there are some cute ones out now in the new releases.

Anyway, it’s a pretty simple thing – I made one of the paper barn stars, broke out my stamp positioner and stamped the little NAUGHTY and NICE guys on a cut-up white star then coloured them in with my Copics, before I scored and creased it to get the 3D effect. I masked the stamped image and stamped the background with the big swirly stamp.   Those bits I stuck over a red cardstock star, to give it more weight and stability.  I added a little star brad and a stick pin that rotates to point to the different options, naughty or nice.  I thought it might be fun for DD (or NOT!) during the holiday season.

  It was fun to make and I always enjoy the challenges. Plus it’s nice to do something crafty that doesn’t involve the computer quite so much!


SDC68 – Weather

I actually made this the day the challenge went up, but I have been so busy I just didn’t find the tie to blog it! I feel like I rushed it a bit, but I am still enjoying the Stampotique challenges.  I sed one of the new D-Lites dies, using some of the tricks I either discovered or were told of and they all help.  But each die seems a little different.

I sort of curved the window die-cut and pop dotted it, but expect that is hard to see, even here:

Front on:

For the most part, this window worked just by adding the waxed paper layer between the die and the cardstock.

I also used this to add the sparkly rain.  The quote is from the Tina Turner song I Can’t Stand the Rain (but  bet you knew that!)

Back to CyberCrop sorting…..


SDC67 – squares

I am Old Mother Hubbard today – my cupboards are bare!  Poor DH came down for breakfast and ended up with hot jalapeno cheese dip on toast.  I simply MUST go to the store.  But I wanted to get this up and hope you will forgive the dodgy photos.

The challenge this week was SQUARES and I immediately thought about my “hidden waterfall” card.  The traditional waterfall is squares, but all the same size, offset so you see a bit of each in the first view.  I’ve done a number of hidden waterfalls, where all the flips are hidden behind the first one, but not done standard squares yet so it seemed just the ticket.

The tree I stamped on the black card then embossed with WOW’s puff black powder.  It gives an interesting texture.  I painted the tree with some mixed Twinkling H20s to make brown, but then went over it with a brown Copic.  I love how it turned out.

In another deviation, the waterfall is not on the front of the card, but inside, and only three panels.

The quote is from Jandy Nelson, The Sky Is Everywhere, and fit my purpose. Pulling the pull-me tab (and here is where the photos get really dodgy) you see

And finally

I hollowed out the middle and excised the third head from the washing-machine stamp. Long-time readers (do I have any?) will perhaps recall my sister and her dislike of “creepy” images, and her plea to me to do “cute” – you can guess our time sharing a room was not altogether successful.  She’s 8 years younger and at the time was still uneasy in the dark.  Me?  I like total and complete darkness to sleep.  Conflict ensued.  Hence the card, cause now, I love her to bits and miss her most horribly.

Maybe when (if) the sun comes out I’ll replace the images with better ones, but I think you get the idea enough from these so I might not.

Oh and cause a few people have asked, although I am not totally done yet, here is a better shot of my advent calendar.  I am just not sure I will be able to capture the steps without making another on, but will hope tomorrow to give some basic guidelines for anyone who wants to make one.


SDC65 – Color (mustard, orange and navy)

Blame it on WOYWW. While hopping across desks yesterday I spotted a Stampotique image.  Now, a while back I ALWAYS did the Stampotique Challenge.  I loved every project I made with them.  If we were going back to the States, or someone coming over, I took advantage of the free shipping deals within the US and got a LOAD of stamps at once.  But it’s been a while, and life got way too manic and I sort of let it slide.  But in order to link to something in my Stampotique Projects page, I had to look at them all.  It made me realize how much I missed the challenges – they really were just about the only ones I ever did.  I mean, I see some blogs where people do a card and include a list of all the challenges they are using it for.  I’m not that organized LOL!  THAT made me go look at the current challenge.  Which go me thinking about other cards I wanted to try making, which led me to the Joy Fold card.  I have birthday cards on my mind (it’s Dads, Sisters, and MILs all tomorrow!) but this one is for none of them, but for my DS in January.  Just pulling open the drawer of stamps and seeing the little trio of boys made the idea pop in to my head.

As my desk was (miraculously) clean, I set aside the album and did this instead.

The little image in the corner is actually the tab that holds the front closed. It’s stuck only on the bottom half, leaving the top free to catch the flap.

and finally,

Let’s see…the font is Sybil Green, if you care, and the round images are created from the 3-heads-in-the-washing-machine stamp.  I stamped and embossed it, masking out the heads, then punched it out with a 2″ circle punch.  It added just the right extra layer.

I think I’ll do that again.

So there we go.  I noted they now allow ANY stamps, any week, which is a change from the alternating Stampotique-only/Any stamp weeks I recall (although at some point I think they went to Stampotique ONLY all the time, or do I misremember that?) so maybe, having done one, I’ll get this into my rotation again.  I enjoyed the heck out of making it.

One issue with the Joy Fold cards is they don’t really stand up very well, but I have an idea (that doesn’t require a stand added to the back) that MAY work for that and add a nifty little something to the look of it, but I’ll have to play with that and see if I can make it work reliably.  Not sure it will ever be totally stable, but we shall see.

I will get back to the album, I promise, but the next couple of days have a lot jammed in to them so bear with me.  Plus I want to use embossing folders for some bits and my GC is still broken and I’ve not yet sorted a replacement.  I have to decide on that, and soon!


Having a little re-org on my blog

Well, slowly, slowly, I have been building my pages.  If you look to the top bar, under the banner, you can see there is a page for Free Printables, and one for my Stampotique projects.  A lot of work now, for potentially better access for my handful of readers, and easier for me to update the categories with new additions.  Managing the HTML code for the sidebars and the teeny tiny photos was a pain.  In particular, as I started working with the info, I found that many, many projects span a number of posts.  This way I can not only add a bigger image, so people can really SEE what they are downloading, but also link to more than one post that may have info.  I think that will be a real benefit.

Also, I was able to add a couple of printables that I had lingering on my Mac that I haven’t shared before, and one that I think I only ever shared on UKS.  So that’s good too.

I feel like I should do the same for my PDF downloads, if only because the way it is set up now, you click the project image and you get the download automatically.  People may prefer to see more about the project rather than download it then just trash it if they don’t like it.  I am as yet undecided.  Maybe I’ll do both.

Now I really must attack my room.  It’s in chaos.  And tonight we are putting up the tree.  I have a pot of chicken soup on the go, a new Glee from iTunes to watch with DD, and a crop to prepare for tomorrow!


500th post

I mentioned in my WOYWW post this week that I thought my 500th post should be epic.  This probably isn’t {grin} but I did think I might take the time to go back and mention a few posts that stick in my mind, for whatever reason.  That is partly because the thing I am working on, that I hoped I might share for my 500th post, is all over the desk and floor at the moment.  It’s only “epic” in the sense that it is turning into much more than I thought it would be.  I suspect not too may people will look at it and say Hey!  I’ll do that! because frankly I’m only maybe 1/3 of the way done and I am losing the will to live.  There are other versions of this type of project that will take far less time.  But I am stubborn – having had the idea I feel like I really need to see it thru to completion.  My goal is to finish it by next WOYWW but we’ll see.  I may hate it in the end, or feel it doesn’t do the job  as elegantly as some similar things.

Is that cryptic enough? LOL!

My first blog post on 16/10/2009 was just a bit before Scrapbook Inspirations ceased publication.  We knew it was coming but the formal announcement hadn’t been made.  I’m not sure I would have begun blogging had that not happened.  I liked the writing about my projects, and the sharing, and wanted someplace that was uniquely my own where I could share them in whatever format I chose.

The first real post was about a bit of software I used to create this layout with a mosaic of one of our Christmas ornaments using photos from my iPhoto gallery.

I still like it a lot and the post has links to the freebie software if you fancy giving it a go. Mine is a Mac version but there is a PC version linked too.

Seems at first I did smaller photos and added titles.  I gave that up pretty quick LOL!

My review of my blog littered with things I said I was going to do then didn’t for whatever reason. This photo has appeared more than once, I think, where I threatened to scrap it.  The layout is still awaiting my attention.  Maybe some day.  Maybe not, but I refuse to stress about it. I still miss that mouse, as I had to replace mine recently, went looking for the same brand and find they no longer make them.  Poo.

One happy result of having a blog is my sister reads it, and often emails or calls me after a post.  She had a lot to say about my use of what she calls “the creepy people” and what you and I know as the Stampotique range.  I still love them but my recent re-connection with all things scrappy has moved me away from cards so I don’t find the time for the challenges at the Designer’s blog so much anymore.  I really must go back to that as I found it quite fun, and….well, challenging LOL! This was one of my favourite projects using the stamps:

I did a YouTube slideshow of more of my favourite projects (and the music is loud so be warned)

This is a card that I made for one of the challenges, still one of my all time favourites, and in response to her comment about the fact I never use cute images.  Somehow, I now this wasn’t what she expected.  I find all the no-mouth “cute” stamps as creepy as she finds the Stampotique ones. We agree to  disagree on that.

My first WOYWW post, that I actually managed to post on a Wednesday, was in November of 2009.  I still do that and really enjoy looking at what everyone is working on each week – I like a lot less the fact that I seem to have to hop around from device to device, to comment.  And often I find my comments won’t post no matter what I do.  Annoying.

And on the subject of annoying, I occasionally get the odd comment that gets my back up.  The one in this post asking if I was perhaps inspired by another scrapper (who is one I admire – she does lovely work) sent me into a fit of dithering – should I delete it?  Should I comment?  In the end I did comment, because I knew that the commenter simply didn’t actually look at the dates of my post or video to see that I had posted more than a year before the person she seemed to be implying I had copied.  But if she did that, then others might too.  Better to comment and draw a line.

I did my first YouTube video about 6 months before I started blogging – and I say video, using the term very loosely, as I don’t have a video camera I like using so mine are more like slightly animated slide shows.  That prompted me to make accompanying PDFs for some of my projects, because slide shows don’t allow all the detail needed for a complicated project, unless you have screen after screen of explanatory text.  I did this for SI, so not sure if I ever actually had the video on here.  The original has something like 39,000 hits, but I think the redo, with a newer version of iMovie and at a higher resolution, is clearer

I struggled with sorting out how to use the WordPress-hosted blog format and sidebar widgets to be able to add little photos and links to my various projects.  Lordy that was a challenge and it may not be hugely elegant, but it seems to work.  Someday I’ll maybe move to a self-hosted blog and have more freedom to organize things how I want..

The first digital element  I shared, a Bingo card that I made for use on an SI layout, was alos in 2009.  I think it turned out OK, and I have used it many times, just changing the word at the top. I’ve done a lot more printable elements since then and I hope they are getting better and more usable the more practice I get. This post, on the virtues of hybrid scrapping, is one of my favourites and the layout made using my own printables is another favourite.

If there is ONE post that I am perhaps best known for, it would have to be the Faux Baker’s Twine post.  OMG.  That has been linked all over the place and I still get hits virtually every day on that post.   I remember, at the time, that I thought it was one of my more “throwaway” posts.  I was sitting at my desk, working on a layout, and I wanted some Baker’s twine to add thru a button.  I didn’t have any.  I was looking at some on a UK site (one where the twine was not cotton and had food starch added to it) and the idea for how to make my own just came to me.  Literally it was 20 minutes from idea to loading the video.  I have some real twine now, but I still make my own because I never seem to have JUST the right colour and it takes seconds to make a yard or two and costs me nothing.

So there you have it.  A handful of some of my favourite stuff over the last two years of blogging and 500 posts.  How long will I last?  I don’t know.  But as Bill Hicks said:

It’s just a ride.

and for now I am enjoying the ride.  If I stop enjoying it, it’ll be time to get off.

Have a great day!  (said in my perkiest  American accent) – I have crop pot luck cooking and packing still to do….