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Annoying kids – camera shy?

I am irritated that my kids, once so malleable and willing for photos to be taken (posed or not), pages to be made, and scrapbooking to be a part of any day out, every day life, have all of a sudden either refused point blank to let me take a photo or made the session a exercise in frustration (honestly – the last family holiday I have a few photos I tried to take of DS and they look a bit like this:


You can see from the photo I was spinning around trying to grab a shot while he was spinning around me, trying to avoid the lens. Grrr. When did my sweet little boy, who loved to have a photo taken, turn into a kid who would go to such extreme lengths to avoid the camera??

Is it just the “teen” in him? While DD is only just now a teen, she has been mugging for the camera for a while – I can’t seem to catch her natural smile and more often that not she sticks out her tongue or pulls a silly face or grins like a demented Cheshire cat. I did turn one day’s rubbish photos into a scrapbook page I rather like but it really annoys me that with Christmas approaching and the Grandparents clamouring for a decent photo of the kids I have none and can’t seem to get some. Perhaps now is the time for a professional photo shoot? Much as it galls me to suggest that, there may be no alternative.