Double-flag book is finally totally DONE!


Not a ton of photos here, but still worth marking the completion of another project.

I took a couple of the samples from the Vaseline-resist play and some scraps from the tissue-paper resist and brought it all together into two companion pieces for the covers, front and back

Those are a couple of older Dina Wakely stamps (Godesses, I think) and they seemed to fit quite wekk on the samples. I added a couple of stamped letters, which were appropriate, given all the flags inside begin with BE …

and again, I used a scrap from the tissue paper resist play for them – to be fair, the letters are pretty small so you don’t see much of the stars on there.

I love that the book is basically the same. So I can choose either side to be the front, based on how I am feeling.

What next? I have been really enjoying going back and looking over some of my old (sometimes a decade old!) gel plate play and sometimes I feel inspired to create a new project from an old one. I might head down that route but then again, I might not. I’ll see what the weekend brings. It might be that the next few weeks are taken up prepping for then dealing with the window replacement. As The Hubster keeps reminding me I am the project manager of this task so crafting time might be a bit thin on the ground. I may just re-visit some of those old projects for a bit. Maybe you will remember them, maybe not. Either way, I will hope not to just disappear for 2 weeks. fingers crossed…


Revisiting DI and Stencils with Vaseline Resist

I was playing with this the other day when it took me off in a new direction and I played with deli-paper to create translucent collage elements. But I made some sample with this play that I felt would maybe work for the cover of the double flag book. The process is the same as I did way back when but to refresh your memory, smudge Vaseline or other petroleum jelly product thru a stencil onto coated cardstock or photo paper. WARNING: HP photo paper DOES NOT WORK but virtually any other one I tried, including cheap £ store versions, work great

In the past, I smeared the Distress Oxide inks on something slick like a page protector or a tile and spritzed with water then dragged the paper thru for a more mottled look. This sample is with vellum (which also works) but the effect is so pretty.

For these samples, I smeared the inks on to a gel plate then spritzed that with water. It gave me more defined areas of colour, IYKWIM.

Once you buff off the Vaseline the DI gets brighter and the piece is sealed.

I think these will work very well as elements for the cover of my double-flag book and once I put that all together I am going to call it DONE and move on!

But will I move back to the card-box? humm……

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Experiment with Vaseline resist, Distress Oxides and glossy photo paper

I have been wondering about glossy photo paper and how it might work with DO inks and I finally found a longer bit of time to give it a go. I dragged out the paper I have the most of which is HP premium glossy photo paper – I had an HP printer for a bit and got a pack of it when I bought it but never really used it. I did the thing I showed a while back, sponging Vaseline thru a stencil, then covering the paper with DO inks, in layers. Let’s just say this was an EPIC fail:

Oh, it looks pretty enough but as soon as you try to rub off the Vaseline, the ink just sloughs off like snake skin. Ugh.

I wondered if maybe I had not let the ink dry enough, or if using the heat gun, even lightly, to dry it, caused this effect? So I grabbed another sheet of the HP photo paper, some Epson gloss photo paper and some no-brand linen texture paper I got from the £ shop eon ago and cut strips to test:

I think you can guess which was the HP. Even letting it dry naturally it is still an epic fail. But the other two are WINs for me. I cut a few ATC sized cards from the two good strips:

and added a bit of surface embellishment, stamping with a couple of colours of Archival Ink

I am really happy with them! I can’t say it is anything superior to glossy cardstock, but I have only small sheets of glossy card stock (two ATCs at most with a TON of wastage) and lots of old photo paper that is of dubious quality for photos. The HP paper is fab for that and rubbish for this. So yeah. WIN/WIN/WIN.

Now what to top them with? I had a last minute binge over the final week of the Mischief Circus site before it closed down on Sunday and I am pretty sure there are a few images that will call out to me once I unzip and review them all. I do have one idea…