Turkish Map Fold PDF

This came up on UKScrappers, and the member looking for it mentioned that “the best” instructions” were linked to a site to download the PDF that no longer existed.  I was able to search for it using the WayBack Machine (which I think I’ve mentioned before – it takes snapshots of internet sites and keeps them available even when the site disappears) and was lucky enough to find the PDF still available for download!

I added the link on UKS, but it occurred to me that people might search for it, find the UKS link, then not be able to download it as only members can see the links and download them.  So rather than have a whole host of people joining UKS just to be able to download the link, but never intending to actually become part of the community, I thought it would make more sense to repost it here.  The note in the file indicates so long as the  info file is included it can be shared freely so that is what I am doing.

So if you are searching for this link, it is dead and gone,  do NOT click on it! Click here instead to download the PDF.

Just adding this link as well – I like the little animation at the top !

Here is an image so you know what it’s all about! If you click the image you will go to the site the image came from.

Sorry to my WOYWW visitors if this one shows up first but, hey, you may appreciate the download as well!