Halloween printables for Project Life

Super busy at the moment but I had made these a month or so ago, in preparation for Halloween.  They are a variation of a set I did a few years ago.  I still like the images and the text, I just updated them a little.


You can grab that here. And if you want to see the older set, not Project life-sized, but for scrapbooking, you can find that in the post here. This post has some cute cards made from the printables.


Just trying to re-add the PDF – one person says the C is only an outline in Jeepers Creepers.  If that happens to you, see if this one is better.  It isn’t happening for ME!

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Halloween Printables!

Well, now I have set aside my playing with the Cricut Mini and Craft Room, I thought I would have a play and make some Halloween Printables.  I’ve sized this set for Project Life, but hope to make a companion set of circles, maybe a border of some kind, or a photo strip embellishment, maybe journaling boxes too, although these have enough space to be able to use them for journaling boxes as well. I think.  Any suggestions or requests just comment and I’ll see what I can do.

The final of the National Chili cook-off is this weekend, so I have a bit to do to get DH prepped and ready, so I’m adding these without the photo of them cut.  You know the drill by now.  Round the corners to match your usual PL cards and they will be fine.