Bi fold frame PDF and video

Here is the video:

and I’ve added the PDF in the sidebar! The file, which opens in a new page, is actually called Juliacropclass (the underlined one not the title – sorry, I need to sort out why it is not just automatically downloading like the earlier ones I did!)


Hope you have fun making one.  The ladies at the crop were SO funny – at the folding-around-the-frame point there was a lot of OMG!  It works!  It really works!  and as everyone used different paper and different embellishments they all looked totally different in the end, but all of them were lovely.  I think I have made the PDF as clear as I can so if you try it and have trouble, do let me know.



Retreat Class

I am feeling pretty happy about the ScrapFever teaching this past weekend. The layout class went swimmingly, both times. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and many said they would use their design tool again. Funnily enough Layle and I both used curves and it seems some of MY class used their curvy tool in Layle’s class. That we would both, with out prior consultation, her from the US and me from the UK, fix on the same idea, was very interesting. Must be a trend LOL!

The other class was both a success and a failure! We had everything go wrong, from the unavailability of my chosen papers, to miscommunication by Amy’s freight forwarders (resulting in 2 lots of a paper we needed absolutely when we thought we had none, a total no-show on all the other papers and the appearance of a box of little tins, unordered and unwanted) to my brain fade sending the wrong PDF to be printed (which wasted a bit of cardstock in the first class till we realized and corrected) to runaway brads and vellum thought to be a mistake or scrap paper. The papers not arriving made for a happy accident, however, when each class got to go to the shop and PICK THEIR PAPERS to make the project. Fab results – they loved it. And the second class, reaping the benefits of the issues in the first class went well – virtually everyone completed the basic frame in class, or certainly by lunch anyway. I am most pleased that so far as I know everyone got both the layout and the project near to finished AT THE EVENT. Walking around the crop room on Sunday afternoon I saw so many completed (or completed save a photo or very nearly completed) frames on desks, all in different papers, all looking fabulous, I was over the moon. We had some fun variations I wish I had grabbed a photo of – one with a beach hut and lighthouse, one with palm trees, one with the cutest stamped owl and a few bird variations, all of them just FAB.

Whether or not I will ever feel truly comfortable as a teacher, I don’t know, but I do know I have had some of the best, most fun classmates every time I’ve taught that it has made the knotted tummy, dry mouth and sweaty palms worth enduring.

Here is a photo of my version of the class but some of the class samples put it to shame!


And a big THANKS to Dan99 for letting me use the lovely little WONKY HOUSE – love those, and so did the class!