Weird technique – doodle on…foil??

I can’t really say what made me think to try this, and even after doing it, I’m not 100% sure that I would do it often, but it was an interesting experiment.  I was cleaning the kitchen yesterday while our power was out and while tidying away the big box of heavy weight tin foil I just thought Huh.  I wonder…

I took the foil and some nice heavy cardstock and a glue stick.


Stuck the foil to the card – just try to get a super smooth application.


Dropped on a die shape.  Doodled with a rub-on tool

foilzen3 foilzen4

Added some alcohol inks, although it looked OK plain I figured I might as well add some colour.


I made a card – and the flower is ALSO cut from foil-covered cardstock – I think it has a softer look than mirror card, and of course I can make as much of it as I want for pennies.


And just a couple of other samples, without colour:

foilsample foilsample2I rather like them, and think they might be fun for the kids to do at Christmas time.  It would be something you could do with stuff you have hanging around and just punching a hole or setting an eyelet in the top would let you hang then on a tree.  And you could even add a photo to the back, maybe a shot of them working on the ornament.

OMG!  Did I actually post a Christmas idea in JUNE??? What is wrong with me!? DOH!

Now, I have a strange sort of situation today – while killing time at the eye Dr. for DDs appointment, one of the nurses spied my quilting.  She and I had a long chat about it, and she is coming round today to look at DS’s tee-shirt quilt, with an eye towards making one for her sons.  Not what I expected when DD and I set out for the hospital, but we crafters do sometimes feel that instant common ground.  Hope she doesn’t think me an “expert” – I did TRY to tell her I am NOT, but if I can give her even a bit of help, to get her started, then it will be worth doing.


Doodle card done, for Dad – and a share from a reader!

I got that card sorted and happy with the result.  I did two things – first, I stamped the word with a Papermania alphabet then doodled inside it and cut it out.  Then I did the doodle inside the Nestie shape to create the focal point element.  Being that DH is a bit busy I know he hasn’t found time to read my blog in a while so I feel safe sharing this:

doodlecard2 doodlecard


I find Washi tape so useful to fill the gap when making an embossed background for a card when the folder isn’t big enough! I did a little pencil shading on this one and there are a couple of fab tutorials here.  I love it on the stripey curve in particular.

Now, I got a comment the other day from a reader named Beverly.  She made a couple of projects from my tutorials and I asked her to share them with me.  I wanted to share them with you so you could see that they are only ever a jumping off point for your own ideas. Here is her version of my circle tray/shelf card – she sort of combined the ideas from the original one (with the photo corners for adding a picture) and the attached butterflies from the Graphics Fairy printable one.  I think it turned out fab!  She tells me the backing butterfly is glittery embossed, which you don’t see in the photo very well:



But she didn’t stop there!  She also made a Word book.  I love the patchwork back cover so much!  I believe she said they are for her grand-daughter’s (?) birthday later in the month.




I just love getting to see how people use my stuff, so thanks so much to Bev for sharing, and for letting ME share with YOU.  I think her versions couldn’t be farther away from my samples, and I hope this gets people thinking of how they can take my basic idea and run away with it.


Zentangle in Nesties

So yesterday when I was cleaning and packing, I had the TV on with one of the Craft Channels wittering away in the background.  I happened to see a bit of a show with someone named (I think) Mel and Zentangle.  She was doing the doodling within a stencil, which I thought was actually a pretty cool idea.  I had not seen that before, but she was right, it totally breaks down the area to doodle in into small, manageable chunks.  I don’t own any of the metal stencils, and was not keen to splash the cash on them, because I am pretty sure I would use them pretty minimally and I have enough stuff in my stash that I use minimally, I don’t need more! But I did like the idea, and have not Zentangled since I did DH his iPad cover….or maybe it was one of the BIG CARDS, can’t remember.

Anyway, the point is I had a think about stuff I had in my stash that might do similar to the stencils, and I immediately thought of my Nestie.  The presenter mentioned that yo could emboss the tangled shape with the metal stencil after doodling, and that made me think Well, what about cutting it out? So I grabbed a couple and had a bit of a play this morning (anything to take my mind off DD and her trip and her being gone for the whole of the week! Missing her already….)

A couple of issues.  I laid the shape on the paper and taped it down with a smidge of tape. When tracing inside the Nestie, you may find, as I did, that the dies has some little burrs on the edges.  You either need to skip them and fill in, skip them and connect the lines, or skip them and rotate the die to a no-burr area to complete the line.



Then I doodled.  Remember, it’s been maybe a year since I’ve done this, and I was never an expert at it.  BIG issue, for me anyway.  Cut me some slack {grin}



I simply used the bumps to divide up the shape and did a different doodle in each area.

Then I cut out the shape with the die – I like that tracing the shape inside the die means that you get a thin white border when you cut it.  Of course putting that cut shapes on white card probably doesn’t help you see that.



I did another one, again using the bumps in the die but doodled the entire area with a single pattern.  I was also experimenting with the pencil shading, but no idea where I’ve stashed my blending stump – I may have a better chance of locating my blending pencil.  I did that one on very thin card, and am not mad-keen on it, but I’ll share it so you get the idea.  Either way, small areas of an overall pattern, it works. Like quilting, after a long time away you kinds need to “warm up” with some throw-away samples to regain your flow.

Cut a black circle, then pop-dotted it on a dotty embossed card blank.  I added a couple of thin strips of silver Washi tape along the edges, since the folder isn’t wide enough to cover the whole front.



It’s not the most stunning card ever, and by no means the best doodling either, but I liked it well enough to complete something and tuck it into my emergency card stash. And more to the point, I think it gives you an idea for something fun you can do with stuff you may already have.  I think I may have to have a bash with my plastic stencils too, and see how they work,  although there would be no way to cut it out without the dies.  It might work to trace the die, then overlay a stencil and trace that within the shape, then doodle and cut, but will it be worth it in the end?  Not sure.  I do know I have a lot of simple shape Nesties and there is plenty of room for experimentation here.  So I guess that’s what I’ll be doing…..