Gelli plate, Acrylic medium and Pearl-Ex

While the power as out the sun wasn’t shining, so apologies if some of the photos are a bit dark.

I had a good long experimental play session today.  I had some ideas I wanted to try, the first being additives to the acrylic medium. I did that first on the fish (the one I pointed out as having “something going on” that you couldn’t really see) where  I used silver metallic paint . While it worked well, giving a sheer soft glow, I was sure that gold would work better and that Pearl-Ex (or perfect Pearls or some other mica powder) would be better.  It was.  None of the photos will really capture the sheer-ness of the shimmer, not like I see it IRL, but maybe they will give you enough of an idea for you to have a bash.


The first thing I did was to mix up the acrylic medium with the Pearl-Ex.  I wanted a nice smooth paste, the consistency of paint, and I wanted the mica powder to be just a bit, so when the medium dried the sheer quality wouldn’t be lost.

Now, you can see I tried a few things over it, a bit like the GA video where they daub on Distress Stain and the medium acts as a resist.  The issue is the stain, ink sprays, and mica sprays all dull the shine of the powder at least a bit.  In that sense, the metallic PAINT mixed with the medium is maybe a bit better. It does still have a subtle glow to it, but you can’t really see it here.


With the little smidge left, scraped together, I could do a dimensional effect through sequin waste! You can see it there above at the far left.


I had used a sea green Pearl-ex for this one, but then I went for gold.  Oh that was fab. I think you can see it best in these shots:


You can see it slightly, but angle it and the sheer shine comes thru more:


And it’s really nice when layered over standard pulls.


I had also experimented with pulling a print on the shiny side of an old CD.  The CD grabbed a fair bit of the paint from the plate, but there was a fair bit left so I pulled that on paper.  You can clearly see the impression of the CD here.  And the CD itself is way cool – as is adding superfine glitter to the Acrylic medium, although the samples were done using a really rubbish stencil.  While you can see that it works the samples are  just not all that attractive.  Neither are some of these, to be fair, but I like the glittered effect well enough that I’d like to showcase it better.  This may end up being a multi-post day LOL!  I have a couple more things I played with that I feel might need some further experimentation and/or refining before I share.  I want to play enough that I can offer some guidelines for how to get the effects I got.

But oh I DID have fun…..


WOYWW 213 – playtime!

Hello you WOYWWers!  I am determined not to whine about all my stupid technology issues AGAIN.  Because I can’t be online as much as I would like I have been forced to play.  Poor me!  {grin}

It’s a funny thing. I dragged out a bunch o’ stuff and started thinking of techniques I have seen but not tried.  Then I started thinking What if…?

The desk is a bit of a mess today as a result.


The things I was playing with: Pan Pastels, Distress Stains, Acrylic Medium on the Gelli Plate, drawing ink and a scrap of contact paper.

I use the Acrylic Medium over the Gelli plate instead of paint and smudged on the Pan Pastels. I laid a stencil over the sticky side of the contact paper and smudged on the pastels, then stuck that to a scrap of cardstock. I did the Acrylic medium then splodged on Distress Stain. And finally the fish – that actually has something interesting going on but I want to play with it a bit more before I explain it.  I’d like to try a few more things so when I report on it I can say with more certainty what to do to get the effect.

The only one that I think was actually a bit silly and useless was the Pan Pastels on the sticky side of contact paper.  Don’t get me wrong, it WORKED fine, and both seals the pastels under the film (not smudging) and makes them look shiny/glossy.  I just can’t think of a reason to use it on a project. What does it buy you?  It’s more of a curiosity.  Maybe at some point the fact it works will make me think Oh, that would be perfect for….. but now, it’s just a weird thing I did.

Anyway, that’s me done.  With luck the internet connection will be back to full strength this morning (and the power won’t blow) and tomorrow, when I already KNOW we will be without power for the entire day, I’ll get a chance to refine the one technique that I think is actually kinda cool and report back on it.  Oh and busy weekend – crop on Saturday and Newbury Artistamps on Sunday.  See you there?  I’d say I’ll be wearing my WOYWW badge but I have NO IDEA where it is!

Happy Wednesday! Oh and my new theme lets me set a featured image that will only appear on this post – I was playing with that too and created the special WOYWW header.  The image is an ATC from WAY back, and the quote is altered from the original (from A Confederacy of Dunces) for WOYWW It should say Actually I find the atmosphere of this room rather comforting. I wanted to use the one that says Canned food is a perversion, I suspect that it is ultimately very damaging to the soul but to make it actually work for WOYWW I would have had to digitally edit the text just way too much.  Maybe another week….