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My card stash came in handy….

As I am still not really going out, obviously I would hand-make cards rather than buying them. I suppose I would do that anyway, but sometimes you might see a fab store-bought card that is so perfect you just have to buy it – or pilfer the design + words for your next handmade attempt! For Valentine’s Day I had a few cards pre-made, from my a-card-a-day efforts last year, so I had lots to choose from.

I picked two that were in a similar vein:

What I was reminded of was the technique I used of cutting the intricate Cherry Lynne die into different shapes for the focal points:

Yeesh. Sorry about the hot spot reflecting off the silver mirror card heart! The interesting thing is the post that outlined my experiments with this die is old – 2012 to be exact – and these were only a few of the options I played with back then:

I still love this die and loved using it again. Maybe you have one and this will make you want to drag it out and use it!


I never do stash videos, but…..

I bought a few things from WISH and thought I would share.

From Wish, I got a couple of dies that I think might be useful:

I really love the circles, and once cut from fun foam think they will work well as a stamp too. Also yeah, the trees, thinking ahead (how unlike me!) to that big holiday in December.

This is interesting. Been here 25+ years and still use inches. So when I saw this booklet of cute little tear-out pages I grabbed it. You can see what is coming, right?

But you know, I am actually OK with that – they are so small that they work fab for ATC cards and coins. Half the book has paper sheets and the other half is vellum – and not just duplicates! I slipped some white paper behind the vellum so you can see the pattern better.

Perhaps most interesting of all is the sweet little book cloth spine! I think once the pages are all torn out that is totally going to be re-purposed as another tiny book.

I also scored this metal tape from LIDL (or should I say the Hubster did) and am looking forward to playing with that. I have seen people in the US use it (where it is much more widely available) and have always hankered after it but never saw it here in the UK for a reasonable price. I think this was …£1.99 a roll? Could be way off on that, but check your local LIDL and see if they have it:

I’ve not gotten much further than planning to add it to cardboard (Amazon packaging) to make ATCs. I have some ideas but not quite there yet!

Busy Saturday and I am still not feeling top drawer – tomorrow will be a day of rest (well, except laundry!) for sure.


Creating my own printable sentiments for sentiment dies

I originally planned to add some junk journal stuff today but when something I ordered came early I had to take some time out to see if I could do the thing I planned when I ordered them – and I did! Yippee!

I ordered a set of stamps with the matching die from Amazon. The brand was one I had never heard of, Alinacutle, and it was more the die than the stamps that I wanted. I like the one set OK, maybe a little heavy on the !!!s, but the other one is just not to my taste at ALL. There are only a couple of them that I think I would use.

For me, the ones on the left are just not appealing fonts. The ones on the right are…usable. They come with a die that cuts all of the sentiments in one go. That was the driver for the purchase. It took a bit of fiddling to create a template of the open areas of the die but I did it.

By scanning the empty die, backed by black cardstock, running the resulting image thru an SVG convertor, cleaning up the bits of edging that were part of the scan (although I thought of a better way to do this that will let me skip that step) and sizing it to match exactly the size of the die (with no scaling allowed by the printer!) then making the blocks light, locking them in place and overlaying and centering the text I wanted in them…

… then copying just the text and the placement dots to a new file, I could print my own sentiments in the font I wanted, in any colour, on any card, then cut them out.

I am pretty happy with them. And because I did the work to create the template, I can just plug in any sentiment, any font, at any time. I can create longer ones by using multiple spaces, I could do two line sentiments, I could make the white writing on a black or a coloured background. The only thing I can’t do is emboss them. I can live without that. I have been DYING to see if this was possible and super excited is was. I ordered another die ages ago from Wish, a banner version, so with this one and that one, I think I will have all I need.

I am super tempted to just keep making these, but I will move on to my junk journal tomorrow.