SDC107 – recycle

SDC 107 is RECYCLE IT! This was an easy one.  I never seem to throw anything away.  I try, but on the way to the rubbish bin I almost always look again at the things I am holding and start taking bits out I’ll save that, I can use THAT, those colours are fab... This piece is basically recycled everything.  The CD base is an old Winnie The Pooh cd that came with the Sunday paper, probably back when DD was about 5 or 6 (she’s 16 now), the text is printed on a scrap from a Pan Pastel technique where the rest formed an ATC background.  The ribbon was from a bit of packaging (chocolates maybe?) and the bits that cover the centre hole in the cd are also scraps from random projects.


The base I mentioned the other day when I was talking about the Gelli plate play.  This is what it looked like with just the pull from the plate and the Pearl-ex and acrylic medium on it:


The quote is from A Confederacy of Dunces (again) and the font ( called Collateral Damage) is very much in the Ralph Steadman / Fear and Loathing style . I was reading Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail recently so it was on my mind.  The font isn’t that easy to read, but it says Oh Fortuna! I am strapped to your wheel. Blind, heedless goddess. Do not crush me beneath your spokes.

From an angle the Pearl-ex in medium is better seen?


Off to crop in the AM so scheduling this one.  Hopefully I’ll have time to link it in the morning!