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Art Journal? Neuro-art? Knitting? Too many things swirling around in my head!

I have so many projects and things I want to do and I seem to be in a phase where I am jumping from one thing to another and can’t seem to settle my brain. I started a piece based on some work I saw about Neurographic Art, where you begin with a distinct drawing of something – the ones I saw most often were hearts, although I’ve seen quite a few of tigers lately – apparently it is the year of the tiger, so that explains that. That gave me the idea to do a piece using the year numbers. If any year needs the “corners rounded” I think 2022, the third year of the pandemic, is the one. My base piece looks like this:

And I then scanned that so I could print out copies to play with before working on the original (micro pen on watercolour paper) and messing it up. And I did two-a-page so I could test a few things.

I am still not a lover of coloured pencils abut they do seem to be the medium of choice for a lot of neurographic art. I thought I would have another go. Problem is the print I did was on my coated cardstock, and that really doesn’t work great for pencil blending. The larger piece is the coated paper while the small piece is watercolour paper:

The other bits you see are Copic markers, which worked only OK on the coated cardstock, and watercolour markers, which were tragic, at best!

So there you go. A lot of time spent and not a lot accomplished, although I did learn a few things. But I am no closer to getting that piece done. I will think on it a bit more, I guess.


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Coloured pencil neurographic art…

To quote one of my favourite podcast hosts, “It’s not great, Dan.” {sigh}

Perhaps part of it is due to the widely varied pencils I have – Prismacolur, EK success, Crayola, some LIDL ones… Not sure how they all should work together. Additionally, I am doing the colouring on some quite old, slightly fragile book paper. And my skill level is quite low. I am not sure if this is something I am likely to explore further, honestly. Like I said, I get no joy out of it. Like Zentangling. It’s OK, mine always look a bit crap, and in the end I feel the pressure to make “good” art and can’t. Don’t need the stress, honestly. BUT I did want to have a go on some of the watercolour paper with the ball point pen neuroart on it. Just to see if I liked either the process or the results better. Not sure:

I’m still not very good at it, although I do quite like the blend in the middle circle ok. At the end of the day, I feel like the watercolour versions are way better and (certainly for me) far easier to achieve!

I have to admit I was slightly tempted to buy pencils – I have this bad habit of thinking that better supplies will create better art. But really even cheap supplies in the right hands can create a masterpiece. My hands are not those hands LOL! As a side note, I’ve never really gotten on well with watercolour pencils either. I’m pretty OK with actual watercolours, a bit better with the watercolour markers, but the pencils never blend out as well as I would like. It was a worthwhile experiment and it did make me drag out and assess an old supply.

I am having a thought…. It might be worth taking all the things I don’t really use much anymore (coloured pencils, Radiant Rain glimmer mist, pan pastels…) and label them and put them in a box. So keep them (cause I always dip back in at some point) but get them out of my space to make more room. Not sure. If it is too much work to resurrect them I might not bother.


Veering off in a different direction tomorrow….