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Round Robins – merry, happy, dated or not

This was much more of a struggle than it should have been and I am heartily sick of them now.  I designed them, created them, then updated my program and it seemed to cause me no end of trouble.  I would arrange a page, all looking fine, then I would save it as a PDF, open the PDF only to find there were bits missing – a wing here, an inked circle there… Drove me crazy.  I think I finally worked out the “rules” and then it was better, but still.

I ended up making just two versions – a HAPPY CHRISTMAS version, for those who use happy and a MERRY CHRISTMAS version for those.  There are six WITH 2014 and six WITHOUT a date.  You can either use a mix of dated and not dated this year or print as many dated ones as you need then tuck the un-dated ones into your Christmas wrap box for next year!

I printed them on canvas paper


and on matt photo paper


The difference in the reds is more due to the angle and the light than the paper.  Here you can see the paper-piecing version and the printed version side by side


I figure they work for gift tags (just write your message on the back) or as simple card toppers (maybe just add a nice mat behind the circle or ink the edges more and pop-dot it) as well as an ornament style hanging circle.  Now I am off to locate an oven-cleaner.  Has to be my least favourite job ever, and I have high hopes for a steam-cleaner rather than stinky chemical one.  Wish me luck…

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Christmas card and ornament printables

Every year I make a set of printables for Christmas (sometimes more than one!) and usually I make cards for DD to hand out at school and her youth club.  They are designed around a little detachable paper ornament.  This year I went with trees (again) as they are so easy.



There are two sets – one with the text and one without – it says We wish you a Merry Christmas up one side and down the other, with And a Happy New Year! across the bottom.  I seem to be having a Senior Moment and see I named them 2014.  DOH!  Wishing my life away, it seems.  The font is very readable when printed but less so in the sample photo above.  You’ll see that in a minute.

The ornament part can simply be cut as a single layer, punch a hole and add a hanging thread, OR you can back them with a second copy OR you can back them with plain cardstock.  To tart them up, you can squeeze out a bit of glue and drag or tap the edges into it like so:



then dump out a little bit of glitter and while the glue is still wet, tap the edges thru that.


I printed it on quite heavy paper, like 230 GSM, so the back-to-back pieces create quite a thick edge.



I suppose you could use Stickles but I find this method a little easier.

Punch a tiny hole and add the string and you are done. Sorry this isn’t as crisp a photo as it could be but you can see the font in any case.



If you prefer just cut one, edge it with maybe a dark or lime green chisel tip marker to define the edges, cover the printed star with a star-shaped brad, cut the little strip of printed paper and add a few punched circles for a bit more interest to make a  card.



That is simple enough that the kids could do it, maybe adding a star-shaped gem rather than the brad.

Have fun with them and do let me know if you make them.  I’m happy for you to make and sell them for charity – I’ve gotten that question often so I’ll just say YES here so you don”t have to ask!