Christmas printables – ornament card

{sigh}  Even I am aware that the holiday season will be upon us all too quickly.  Every year I design a card with an ornament to go with it, for DD to give out at school and at skating.  It usually takes me a while to make the 20-30 that I end up needing so I figured I should do it soon so I can work on a handful at a time. I’ve only gotten as far as the “ornament” part, not the card base yet.


You can download it here.

OK so a couple of things – first the printable does NOT have 2014 on it.  But I had already printed a sheet of that version and took photos of the assembly, and wasn’t going to do it all again.  Instead, I created a back that has the date and a greeting on it:


I still have the PDF with 2014 on the front, like you see in the photo, so if you REALLY love that one for some reason, drop a comment on me and I can probably add it.

You will note that the bits have a digitally inked edge.  You can still dust it with ink to make it more obvious but you don’t HAVE to. Also, the print out has feet.  A note about them – they are always going to be prone to catching and ripping, even if you print them on heavy card.  I left them because if you wanted to paper-piece the robin as a card topper you might want to use them, but my recommendation for the ornament is to skip them.


Looking at them you can see they are basically a couple of upside down Vs – if you REALLY want to use them,  if you have an appropriate letter die you might make life easy and just cut a pile of them to stick on, or draw them on or anything else you can think of.

The large circle fits a 2″ circle punch.  Various other dies will work – test what you have.  you might lose a smidge of the inked edge, or have a small white halo, but it’ll still probably look fine.


You can cut the wings by lining up one side with your 2″ punch and cutting that


then cutting the other side with scissors OR by sticking the uncut edge to a bit of scrap and use the punch to cut the other edge



Now, you will lose a bit doing it this way, but it’s easier than hand cutting for some.


The same thing works with a 1″ punch and the wing


Sure, there are better wing shapes but I am going for ease of mass-production and there are always compromises with that. I like to add the wing flat on the red, with a thin pop dot under the top edge. You can change the wing shape by trimming it or maybe even cut or punch a shape you prefer from some of the spare backers. Punch a circle from black cardstock for the eye.


And cut and add the beak, then back it with the backing circle – there are more of those than you need so you can either print page 1 of the PDF 2x and the backer once, or print as it comes and use the extra backers for gift tags or simple card toppers.


The background comes from a Graphics Fairy piece but just certain sections of it.  I may end up using that in some way for the card base. Watch this space.

{sigh} DH is here and keeps asking me questions about HIS part of the sorting and de cluttering and I have stuffed peppers to make and pop in the crock pot for dinner … and just when I was finally being creative….


Twisted Card ATC holder

So I was looking at the Twisted card from yesterday, and as I still had some of the ATCs from last week’s play on my desk, it occurred to me that the card, with a little change, could work well for an ATC holder.  When we did the WOYWW swap of ATCs I seemed to get either just the ATC, in a plastic sleeve, in an envelope, OR I got the ATC in a card that looked like it took as long to make as the ATC did! I thought that old, unloved double-sided papers could be used to make a twisted card, starting with a slightly wider strip, and used as both protector and card.  I don’t doubt some people would still put the ATC in a plastic sleeve, but they would still fit.

The only change to the cutting is to start with a 5 inch wide strip – I used the A4 papers from the pack, but I am fairly sure a US letter sized sheet will work fine.  Try it with scrap paper and see. Using double-sided paper means no other decoration is needed, really.


Then the first part of the scoring and folding is exactly the same:

Score corner to corner on the diagonal


Fold and crease sharply


Fold in half to create the card.


Now a little change – if you slip the ATC into the inside pocket, you can see where to fold over the right edge – the key marker is that the ATC not overhang the top edge.  See the top left corner of the ATC? Still contained within the diagonal …


and that pocket, when folded, works for portrait or landscape.


I folded the front over, then folded the opposite side as well, so the edges matched


then stuck all those folded edges down –





Gee, you can really tell some of those photos were taken last night and a couple this morning!  Amazing the difference in colour. Anyway, I also ran a thin line of adhesive in the middle near the fold to secure it all nicely.

And still, the card with ATC enclosed fits nicely in a 5 1/4 inch square envelope.


So now I’ve solved two problems – using up paper I am unlikely to use for any other purpose AND making a card that holds my ATC for mailing and looks cute but doesn’t take hours to make.  Result! I added a card adapted from my ATC info backers, which could be stored with the ATC (same size) if you wanted to keep the personal note along with the actual ATC.  They would work well in my hanging display sleeves…

I also wouldn’t discount this variation on the twisted card as a card in it’s own right.  With the right double-sided papers it only needs the bare minimum to decorate it, it is sturdy enough to stand up, can hold a gift card or photos and is easy enough for a kid to make.

I just love it when a plan comes together….


A variety of things all came together…

Let’s start with a paper pack.  DD is so sweet.  When out shopping with her Dad on day she spotted this paper pack in the store and exclaimed immediately that she HAD to buy it for me.

Well, it isn’t REALLY my style, but I could never tell HER that.  Problem is, every so often she asks me if I have made something with it yet.  I thought I had better do so pretty soon so she would know that I liked it and that she had made a good choice.  The things we do for our kids…. The one thing about this paper is it’s fairly thin weight – ,far to thin to create a card from, but perfect for covering slightly thicker card.

Then, when compiling the BlogBits section for the UKS HomePage I came across this tutorial from on of our sponsors, A Trip Down Memory Lane.  They did a Cyber Crop in July and I what collecting links and was quite taken with this little Twisted Card. I thought it was a cute way to make a holder for a gift card.  DD had been invited to a birthday party and when I asked the Mom what sort of thing the birthday girl might like, was told a gift card would be perfect. So a gift card holder was in order.

That really does seem to be the done thing nowadays.  When DS was young I would have NEVER give money or a gift card – it was all about finding the perfect gift  and DS was as excited to shop for it as we hoped the birthday person would be to get it.  But after getting three copies of Artemis Fowl and at least two copies of Coraline (in addition to the one I bought him) I can see the sense of it.

So we have three things all colliding – the paper stack, the twisted card tutorial, and the need for a gift card holder.  It would have been easy to just make the card, but you know me.  I always have to put a spin on things, and I did with this as well.

The tutorial calls for a 4 x 12 inch piece of paper, scored on the diagonal. I began with an A4 sheet of fairly light card, the Text & Graphics card from Staples that is 160 GSM.  I found thicker card didn’t fold very well.  I cut at 4 1/2 inches lengthwise. That makes it about 11 3/4 inches but it really didn’t matter.

I punched with a border punch all along one edge, but started the punch about 1/4 inch or so in, not right to the edge.


When I scored it diagonally I didn’t score to the CORNER but to just past the punched area, like so:



This just makes the fold along the card and not thru the punched area.


You will have to trim off the tiny overhang – how much and how you trim it will depend on what punch you used.


Now you simply carry on with the tutorial, scoring and folding the card in half. If you want a border around the patterned paper you use to cover, the templates in the PDF work OK, although the border is bigger than you might like.


If you shift the templates away from the edge, and carry the cutting along the same lines, just extending it, you can get a bigger piece to cover and thus a thinner border


To be honest I found it easier, once the card was folded, to just unfold it and cover the areas the trim the overhang to fit.  That also meant I could play around with the position.  Given the odd skew to the card, paper with straight lines don’t look straight when you add them along an edge.


See? The green was added along the diagonal.  For the inside, it was butted up to the bottom, inside the fold.


Can you see that you can have the punched edge along the OUTSIDE of the card or along the INSIDE pocket, depending on how you fold it?


For this edge to edge cover, it’s easier to fold the card diagonally then cover the areas with the paper THEN punch.  I didn’t step-by-step that cause I punched, then covered, then re-punched on this one.  For MOST of them I covered the base but leaving the punched area plain cardstock, like these:

Again, you can see the big scallop card and the most finished one have the punched edge along the outside of the card, but the lacy one has a plain front, and the punched edge is inside, along the diagonal.  I thought these would be quite cute not only for gift cards but for the Grandparents, or cousins, with a photo stuck in the pocket created by the diagonal fold. Maybe you can JUST see it in the lacy edge one?

Most pf these are not finished-finished, just mostly done to keep on hand.  Cards of this size fit a 6 1/4 x 4 1/2 envelope so that’s handy!

And best of all when DD gets home today I can show her I used that paper pack – it’ll make her day.

While making them I had another idea but that will have to wait for tomorrow….



What else I did with my printables

I did say I wanted to have a go at the printables used in other ways – so I had a go. I don’t think they are going to win any prizes but I like them well enough. If I printed the sheet and only used one or two of them, then I could use the other ones for something useful.

The ATC is just because I am always moaning about people who get started on Christmas when the weather is as hot as it is now (I exempt those Down Under, as Christmas IS Summertime, I think, if my years of watching Home & Away serve me well LOL!) and yes I KNOW I have been making calendars already, but I have been dying to use this little dingbat guy for AGES and he just seemed to glower and mutter Bah Humbug! to me so what could I do but


The clear granules are actually Diamond Dust and not unheated embossing powder, just in case you wondered.

I had the rest of the cut cards scattered across my desk, all overlapping, and this colour combo just called out to me.  Simple enough, and the cards work well on this 5 x 5 card, I think. Again, nothing to write home about, but if yo need a card quick, you can’t really get too much quicker than this


Care to bet on another catastrophic WOYWW post tomorrow?  If the glimpse behind the card to my desk is any indication (and of course I can see the whole appalling mess from my viewpoint) that is a bet I would take if I were you – but then I MAY just surprise you and tidy up…who knows?



Card for a man – with that circle die

I figured that as I had made the topper anyway, I might as well finish it off as a card.  I thought it was if not actually masculine, then at least not feminine so I finished it as a card for a man.

I love grid paper, but am running very low on my stash of it.  I thought why not use actual grid paper?  It seems masculine, more so than dots or flowers for sure. So I used a pad of graph paper I have used for other sorts of projects, even layouts, but never on a card.

I wanted to easily fill the remaining Os, the ones I didn’t have a punch to fit, and the easiest way to do that, I thought, was to lightly pencil in the bottom curve of the die-cut circles then trim the edge and lay the die cut over it.  That filled the last few circles with very little effort.


It didn’t really need to be super neat except for the bit that filled in.  I just trimmed the grid paper to fit the card front.

Another thing I have been doing is when I cut an all over letter die (and it tends to be BLACK or WHITE 90 % of the time) I just stash the leftover letters in a little box.  Not surprisingly, as I was looking thru it for inspiration for text, I came across a fair few Xs – that gave me the idea to use varying sizes for what I think is a nice, but not gushing, sentiment with a bold and graphic look.


Funnily enough I recall doing a layout for a wedding photo for the cover os Scrapbook Inspirations many years ago – at the time, the then editor rejected it because she said XOXO was more American and Brits didn’t use that. Don’t know if that is true or not. In any case it’s the sentiment (stamped) that ties it all together.  Cut those letters on the Cricut cause I don’t have a die THAT big!


Pretty simple stuff and the idea of the graduated XOXOs and my love grows is one that has legs.  You could use it with lots of other designs and as it is so simple and unfussy would certainly work for a man’s card.

Busy day.  My desk was clean but now is a bit of a mess again, and having cleaned, and scoured the house for my little zippered folder of crochet hooks and not finding them, I have pretty much determined I will have to go buy some.  I really want to keep working on my colourful circles blanket, with an eye towards DDs birthday in October, but if I don’t get going on it again I’ll never finish!

Have a good one – sunny, but cool and breezy here.  Not warm not cold, just perfect. Blue skies, no rain…what could be better?




Pop Box card #2 and random babbling

I have a birthday that needs a card next month and as I was making cards for DS anyway I thought I might as well make that one.  Same style, different look:


Partially, the design was informed by some thick-cut dies a mate of mine from UKS sent.  She wanted to clear out, and gifted them to me, although I am maintaining they are only on loan. It was a lot, for a freebie. And much appreciated.


I also finally (weeks and weeks later) got the little tips for the top of the bottles I ordered (from China) for my homemade alcohol inks.  Bizarrely they sent not ALL of the tips, the ones needed to complete the order.  I got 24 of the 30 I should have had.  No, they also sent another full set of bottles and lids!  Not sure I need 30 bottles without eye-drop tips in them , and I hated to contact them AGAIN to say they didn’t send me all the tips from my original order for fear they would send me YET ANOTHER nearly complete order.  Any additional tips they send, great, but if I get 30 MORE bottles as well I’ll go insane.  They only cost £2 but my goodness the annoyance level created cost me well more than that LOL!


Now DS is gone I have to do the clean-up after the storm that is him.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the kid like mad, but his idea of “Yep, cleaned my room” and MY idea of a “clean room” are two different things.  And given DH uses that room as a home office, it really needs addressing.  Plus I promised I would sort it.

I did manage to snap a shot or two as we loaded the car to take him to the airport….

Time flies, doesn’t it??

Way back:


That was then:


This is now:




I feel a scrapbook layout coming on. It’s been too long….


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Desperate for a Father’s Day card? Quick one….

I just thought I would add a super quick Father’s day card.  In 5 minutes you can have this ready for an envelope!

Simple to make – score an A4 or US letter sheet of black cardstock in half.  Score vertical lines all over the half that will form the front of the card – or not.  Leaving it plain is slightly less interesting but still works.


Print the file – I did it on textured paper, but it would look fine on smooth card if that is all you have.

Cut out one of the 4 x 6 toppers. There is one portrait and one landscape, although the landscape version COULD be cut down so it fits a portrait style card.

Add a leftover strip of blue cardstock if you want, just to add a dash of colour.  You can tart it up further if you want, with a punched strip or patterned paper, but that all depends on how last-minute this project really is LOL!



I’ve also added a PDF of  three of the yellow printables, scootched to the top of the page.  That way, when you print it on nice cardstock you should have enough to cut off the blank bottom and fold it to create a card!  It will vary in size, depending on if you are using A4 or US letter paper, so may not fit a standard envelope perfectly but it will be close enough, I think.


Same thing – there is room to trim the toppers slightly, if you want to, and I just added a strip of card cut with pinking shears for some added interest.



Now, I am well aware that these are not going to win any prizes for excellent card design LOL!  But I figure if you’ve left it till the last minute to make a card ON THE DAY that is not going to be an issue.  {wink} But again, you can tart these up in lots of ways with embellishments, ribbon, whatever.  I think the Best Dad card would be adorable with the addition of a few punched circles from photos of the kids – add them to the card as if the silhouette figure is juggling them!  I think you could fit maybe up to four of them if need be.

And of course you can go back to yesterdays post and print the PDF of the B&W 3×4 cards and use them as I’ve used the yellow ones here.



Box card – SDC 151

OK so I am going to go out on a limb here and call this a BOX, for the purposes of the Stampotique Designers Challenge.  It’s been a LONG time since I did one of these but as I was using some Stampotique stamps I figured I’d check.  OK technically it may not conform to the ideal definition of a box, but what the heck? I’ve already done the definitive BOX for an SDC ages back anyway:


That series of nested boxes was for SDC 9 (What Summer Means to Me) and can be seen more fully in my Stampotique menu at the top. THIS is for SDC 151!  Blimey.

Anyway, DS was after a card to give to his GF and wanted something complex and interactive.  He never asks for much…. so I had the idea to make one of the pop-up box cards.  As I said yesterday I was 90% done with it when I told him the quote I wanted to use: You’re my sun in the morning and my moon at night (from a Springsteen song but sung by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes) and mentioned it would have been nice had I thought to make it two-tone/double-sided.  DOH!  Me and my big mouth..

I had to then re-do the box part and add another side to the pop-up section.  I considered a number of option for the box itself, but wasn’t happy with one solid colour.  I wanted the Morning side to be light and bright, and the Night side to be dark.  Nothing for it but figuring out how to adapt the box.

I started with two pieces of A4 card – one black, one cream.

Each piece was 5 3/4 x the width of the card.  A4 is a bit narrower and a bit longer than US letter, but that is fine.  Each piece is creased at 1 inch, at 4 inches, at 5 inches and at 8 inches.


On A4 card that leaves you with about 1/4 inch at the side.  US letter it will be more like 1/2 inch.

In order to join the pieces and to neaten up the slot that allows the pop-up, I cut down about 1/4 inch past the final crease. You can make your pop-up any size you want, but try to keep it to no wider than 3 3/4 inches so you leave about 1 inch on either side of the pop up.  Crease between the cuts.


Fold back along the new crease line and stick to the back of the box.


Your slot is now nice and neat and the side flaps can be joined to create a base with one side one colour and the other side another!



You can obviously tailor this to whatever size you want, so long as you use the basic principles of having the distance between the edge and the first crease the SAME as the distance between the second and third crease, and the distance between the first crease and the second the SAME as the distance between the third crease and the last crease.

Creases:  1 inch (distance of 1 inch ) at 4 inches (distance of 3 inches), at 5 inches (distance of 1 inch) and at 8 inches (distance of  3 inches)

Keep in mind that is for 1/2 of the box base.  Frankly, I couldn’t have made one this big, where the box when collapsed nearly completely covered the pop-up, from one sheet without buying a HUGE piece of cardstock.  Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

After that it is exactly the same as the basic card – I knew what I wanted to make, knew how to do it, but had NO IDEA what it was called!  After an unreasonably long hunt I found this tutorial.  She calls it a free-standing pop-up card.  Works for me… Obviously the tutorial is for a solid, one-colour cardstock base, far easier but smaller.

Here it is!


Oh and just BTW, it looks like it would fit in a C5 envelope.  I didn’t have one, so I just collected the scraps from my desk and decorated an plain old mailing envelope.



and NIGHT side:


You can see that the card is not totally flat.  When pushed flat-flatJust the heart shows.

Popped up:




The box-base allows the free-standing of the card, and the bits that are hidden provide a place for whatever sappy nonsense DS wants to add.

Phew.  Hope she likes it.  Given she spend an afternoon here playing with the Gelli plate with ME, and she is into art in general, I’m betting she will.

Hope it all makes sense but if not, feel free to ask and I’ll try to clarify if I can!




Happy WOYWW!

Kids. Humph. DS asked for a card for his GF.  I made on of the pop up stand ones with this image:


I wanted to make the base/stand so that the entire tag was hidden inside till it was “opened” so spend quite a bit of time playing with the measurements, experimenting with different ones to see if I could get what I needed:


LOTS of variations.  I finally settled on one and made it then made the mistake of telling DS the quote I thought would be nice one it. And stupidly I said “…but it would be so much better if it had day on the other side and this piece was for night”


Thus began the not-so-subtle pressure from DS for me to abandon this version and figure out how to make one that was 1/2 one colour base, 1/2 another and a double sided pop up.  DOH! That was my desk at about 1 PM. A couple of hours later I had the two-part base sorted.

Of course I had to do it for him, and that is what is on my W today. I pretty much just swept stuff aside to clear a bit of space to colour. I’ll finish it off before he goes but may not manage it today.


So far I’m liking it.  And he does too.  Just need to see about a big envelope.

Such a busy day – getting DS to the dentist, shopping for him for his holiday and beyond, grocery shopping, ice skating lesson for DD, Drs. for a prescription refill for DH… it’s going to be running around all day long.  I’m hoping to squeeze in some early visits but then it’ll be evening before I can get back to it. I cannot believe how it always seems to be on a Wednesday!

Ah well, at least the sun is shining…as I type this Tuesday night.  Here’s hoping for a sunny WOYWW day – at least I am forced to be out and about where I can enjoy it!

Have a good one….




Cardmaking fun

I am EXHAUSTED.  The Card Marathon was lots of fun but my word you have to hustle.  The hall was quite nice, and the basket set-up, where all you needed (except for your tool-kit items) was a good one.  Having said that a lot of people ended up missing stuff thru the day when the previous user forgot to put everything back in the basket (I, myself, had to go hunting to find me follow-up person to deliver a small Memento ink pad – oh, the shame of it!) and occasionally the colours didn’t quite match the sample, perhaps because people put the wrong shade ink pad in the basket for example, but with everyone madly grabbing baskets and making cards, it went a lot better than I would have expected.  Julia (and Ally) run a tight ship, and certainly got their exercise passing around trays of cakes and handing out cups of tea and coffee.  And of course Lunch Lady Jan spend virtually all her time in the kitchen, setting out the cakes and producing a delicious meal to keep us going.

There were 25 cards in all, I’m told, but I got nowhere near that.  I made a solid 10, with two more where I took the “bits”, one which is no more than the die cut card (for a sort of card-in-a-box one) and one which is just the stamped image an a very vague idea of what the card is meant to look like.  Sure I must win the prize for the least cards done, I’m told that 10 is actually not too bad.

Want to see them? Not the best photos, but if you want to see the REAL samples (I tend to deviate from the plan, by error or by design so don’t take my samples as gospel!) pop to Julia’s and you will see them, eventually. Some have already been posted.

Love the tiny dot stamp that you can’t see much on the right card.  Kaisercraft, I’m sure.


Love these next two, maybe best of all, but note to self – Do cards with Stickles on them FIRST so they have time to dry.  You can’t see it at all in the photo but there is a scattering Stickles on the bold flower background, and some of the dots on stems are touched with Stickles too.



Another problem is hall tables – they are always so springy, in virtually every hall I’ve ever crafted in.  I should have taken the stamp over to the hard surface of the lunch-service bar and I bet I would have gotten a better impression. I just had to stick on the sentiment. Copic colouring, for the sewing one.  Very cute.


I stuck down the sentiment so you can see that card finished, and the one with the most  deviation.


The card sample had a more celery ribbon (my favourite green) but this one is more forrest.  I was “sharing” a basket with Laura from Ludgershall and used my Mowed Grass ink pad rather than the coloured pencil that came in the kit so we could pass the basket on.  Then I grabbed the ribbon and went Hummm. There was only one small bit of ribbon left so maybe there had once been a choice? I had a few scraps left after trimming the points (too sharp – may replace that from my stash)and  never saw the stamp that is supposed to go under the edge of the skirt, so I just added the ribbon scraps for a bit of a flounce.  Also I added the hanger paperclip.  A better look at it:


I’ll possibly ask Julia for the stamp at crop or find a suitable one in my stash, or leave it blank so I can customize it to the recipient.

These three are the last – I again had trouble with the large dictionary stamp and the springy table, but they did have extra card in most of the baskets so I got a better impression the 2nd go.


I added a few extra bits of Washi tape and more stars (ie I used all the bits from one of the die cuts, not just the two on the sample – don’t worry, I didn’t deny anyone by using more than my fair share!) and the last card, the ‘tashe is meant to be stamped on some flocked cardstock then cut and mounted image face down.  I liked the stamp so I just added it face up.

Phew.  I am not really a keen cardmaker but it’s been a while and I was getting down to the dregs of my stash – I may have had to resort to cutting the fronts off cards I had already given, mostly to my family, cause they never throw them away. So 3 months after the card-giving I collect them up from the window ledge or mantle and stash them back in my room LOL!

Sorting out a lovely BBQ for tonight, a bit of work, a bit of tidying, a mountain of laundry, and getting organized for the week as the car is going in to have the body work done so I’ll be trapped at home for 3 days. Meh.