Here are some links to various planners I have made.  Some might be useful for any year, some might be specific to a certain year.  If you find one you love, that is not available for 2018 or later, comment.  If I have time I might make an update.

Be sure also to use the SEARCH bar for Planner or Planners – I can’t promise this is 100% of the ones I’ve added but I usually am pretty good about cross-linking in posts so hopefully that will help you find any stray bits (and if I find them, I’ll come back and add them!)


Mandala Planner pages:

Year at a Glance for 2017 and 2018.  Two to a page.

Month sheets for 2018 only. If you want 2017 month sheets, check out the post here for some mix&match pages to print

Weekly Planner Pages – 10 colours.

Daily Diabetic Tracker pages – seven colours, x2 so two weeks of sheets at a time.

and Birthday Calendars in the same style are here.

Watercolour Planner:

The mini-planners are here

More here

Life is so  Daily (old but still one of my faves!)

More pages here


Planner flags, tabs and other bits

Mandala bits here:

Watercolour Planner tabs here:

Month Tabs

Watercolours here

Bright here:

More tabs (not specifically designed for planners but can be used with them!) here and  here:


Flags here:

Tabs etc to go with Life is so Daily set:

 and here:

And I do have a hidden DASH Diet planner that you can email me for the password.  You have to have this book   to get the planner pages.