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On this page I will list stuff I have for sale.  Mostly craft supplies, but you never know…

Payment is by PayPal.  Contact me at ma (at) for more info, or comment on the page and I’ll get back to you.

Stamping Gears sets – circles and ovals (minus the bubbles on the top row) £20 and



Back issues of Vamp Stamp News.  (VSN)

This list is taken from her issue index and lists only the major articles,  there is a ton more in each issue.  Each issue £1 + P&P

Jan ‘94 Scene Techniques. (16 pg, b/w)

Aug ‘94 Intro to Mail Art, A Visit to Post Office. Photo transfers. Spinner card. (20 pg, b/w)

Jan ‘95 Artistamps, Postage stamps, Pop-Up Tree card. (24 pg, b/w & spot color)

Feb ‘96 Composition & Perspective. Spring Heart Card. (36 pg, b/w & spot color)

May ‘96 Backgrounds & Borders. (44 pg, b/w & spot color)

Sept ‘97 Stamping With Postage. Interference Paint. (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Jan ‘98 Brayered Backgrounds & Borders, Stamped Party in a Box. (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Mar ‘98 Stamped Weather Realism, Metallic Acrylic Paints, Pop-Up Package Card. (48 pg, b/w & spot color)

Nov ‘98 Holiday Projects. (48 pg, b/w & color)

Mar ‘99 Scene Stamping. Microfleur Flower Pressing, Mini Accordion

June ‘99 Photos to Stamps (Photos into Stamped Scenes.) Sunprints. Explosion Fold Mini-Book. (48 pg, b/w & color)

Jul ‘99 Faux Paste Paper. Covered Ringed Notebook, Note Pad Cover, Photo Mat, & Coin Envelopes. (48 pg, b/w & color)

Aug ‘99 Circles & Ovals Projects. Shaped Cards, Paper Beads. Hidden Pocket Card. (48 pg, b/w & color)

Sep ‘99 Bangles & Beads. Stab Bead Bindings, Bleach Fabric Stamping, Embossed Sparkle Background, Vellum Mini-Lampshade. (48 pg, b/w & color)

Oct ‘99 Easy Stamp Carving. Nature Prints, Border Cards, ZigZag Pocket Book. (48 pg, b/w & color)

Nov ‘99 Holiday Gifts. Cards, Ornaments, Boxes. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Dec ‘99 Last Minute Holiday Stamping. Bias Tape House Book. Candle. Lantern Gift Box. (48 pg, b/w & color) 

Jan ‘00 Bookmarks. Hand Sewn Journal, Birth Announcement, Accordion Photo Card. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Feb ‘00 Valentines. UTEE Shrink Plastic & CD Pins. Poetry as a Theme. Foil & Flocking Powder. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Mar ‘00 Frames & Mats. Quick Easel. Acrylic Plaids. Glue Dots. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Apr ‘00 Envelopes/Patterns & Closures. (44 pg, b/w & color)

May ‘00 Coin Envelope Art. Flag Book. Stickering Technique. (44 pg, b/w & color)

June ‘00 More Coin Envelope Art. Clayworks/ Gilding/Pearl-Ex. Pressed Flowers in Sanswa Tissue.

Jul ‘00 Stamp Room Organization. Mailable Folio Card. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Aug ‘00 Stamped Box & Basket. Freezer Wrap Mask. Easy Eraser Carving. Solid Stamping, Ragging. (44 pg, b/w & color)

Stamps. All include will have £3 added for P&P

  1.  Needle arts – including sewing, tapestry and quilting.  The upturned stamp is a thimble.  £8



2.  Halloween (and the rabbit magician) £6halloween


3.  This is a fun set from the defunct Acme Ferret Stamp Company.  Beads, that can be stamped to create a necklace. No reason you can’t add in some oddball image tho, like I did when I skewered Tilda kebob ….  £10beads



4.  Xmas.  A couple of Santas and a handful of ornaments.  £6xmas


5. Birthday – Cake with separate candle. tiny cake. ice cream cone and star banner (which can be joined) £6birthday

6. Paula Best inchies.  £5


7. Made by banners £5


8.  Celestial bodies – the small Saturn stamp is foam backed, the others wood backed.  £5celestial

9.  Dinos.  Foam backed. £5



10.  Criminal Cat  £3 – will get actual postage for himcriminalcat

11.  Basket and flowers £3


12.  Ornamental letters and numbers, foam mounted set £10

dscf1516 dscf1517

Free to whoever claims it first!


Unmounted stamps:

Alice (Mable Lucy Attwell Limited Edition) £8