A Valentine star book

DH look away now!

I have a tendency to get a bit OTT with Valentines.  I am not overly sentimental, but I seem to become more so today.  Something to do with it being the anniversary of DH asking me to marry him?  Perhaps.

Anyway, being in a star-book mood, due to the challenge, I thought to myself that it would be fun to make another one instead of just a Valentines day card. clearly I also have the bad habit of waiting till the last minute….

I love this poem.  It’s romantic, but not in an overly sentimental and squishy way.  Here is the cover:













and a shot from above…



Happy Valentine’s Day!


SDC86 – Red, Pink and white

Well I am getting lax in doing the Stampotique Designers Challenge lately. But I finally got a new stamp so I figured I’d better follow the tenets of Use Every Stamp, a free class I am taking from My Creative Classroom, and ink the darn thing.  So I did.  This is the Valentines Day card I made.  But there is so much more to how I got here than just that!


You can see it has a sort of Waterfall card structure, but nothing attached to it – or at least not the usual three or four squares.  I just wanted the stamped figure on it so I simply attached that to the lowest scored area and left the other ones as simply folds.

When you pull, the greeting is exposed.  Because the figure is attached with foam pads, it does sort of “lift” off the surface a bit more, even if it doesn’t rise up the card, IYKWIM:


The background is using one of my Gelli Prints – using red, pink and white, obviously!  That inspiration came from Carolyn and her Gelli Party posts.


But how did this all begin? This morning, I was looking for a box for the paints that are on my desk – I just wanted something to put them in so I could move them off my desk quickly while I did something for the challenge, then put them all back out so I could do the last few pages for the Gelli Print mini I was working on, rather than storing them in their usual home.  I spied a box on the shelf and dragged it out.  Buried under a load of rubbish inside was a surprise – a bunch of unmounted text stamps that I got in some grab bag or another at least 10 years ago!


I had to assume that if I hadn’t mounted them, I must not have fancied them at the time.  Would I fancy them NOW? The first thing I did was ink them to see what they said.  There were only two that I knew I wanted to use and an idea bloomed.


You can see the propeller lifting up the figure – that required a mask and stamp positioner.

What about the other, you ask?  Well, when you open the card…


and eagle-eyed readers can see the other stamp!


In one card  managed to include the majority of the things that I have going on at the moment.  A rare thing, because I am aware my blog is a bit schizophrenic at the moment – I seem to jump from organizing, stamping and cardmaking, Project Life, both scrapping and printable creating, Gelli plate play, and more.  Keep me from getting bored, I guess, but not sure if never knowing what to expect when you visit is a good thing or a bad thing! Now I have to take a WOYWW photo while the light is good then decide where my mojo is heading for the afternoon!  At the moment I have NO IDEA …..


Exploding box from Wedding bits

As soon as I saw the pretty laser cut bits in the Wedding aisle I knew they would make an adorable exploding box.  The box itself is made in the normal way, and based on he measurements of the items. It uses:

  • 4 cards (20 in the pack)
  • 5 votive wrap (20 in the pack)
  • 1 box top (5 in the pack)

The side panels are 6 inches x 3 1/2 inches, with a 1 inch score on the long side.  The box bottom is 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.  The 1 inch score tabs are attached to the underside of the box bottom and another identical piece added over the tabs.  The weights the box nicely.  Then the sides are covered with one of the cards as they come, flat.  The inside of the sides get a votive wrap added and trimmed.  The lid gets one of the box lids, trimmed, added to it and a heart gem in each corner.


That’s all pretty basic stuff.

Now, to make the centre bit.  The inner dimensions of the votive holder fit a 2 inch punch pretty perfectly.  Punch a stack of circles from cardstock.

Stick 4 or so together, then punch a hole in the middle.  Stick dimensional foam pads on the back.

Twist the flower stems together and thread the end thru the hole.  Open out the stems and stick them to the back of the circle with glue dots or hot glue or something similar – if you want to use ATG you can stick the stems first and then add the foam.  Stick one final circle over that.  It should be thick – 1/4 inch or more.  Add a wrap of sticky tape around the bottom of the votive holder but don’t pull off the backing just yet.

Fold the holder – it’s just a tab and slot closure so you can add a bit of adhesive to make sure it stays closed.  Tuck the circle into the votive holder and push it down a bit.  Pull off the tape backing and use something like the back of your pokey tool to push it down flush to your desk.

Press the votive edges, where the tape is, to the circle stack.  You can now stick the bottom to the inside of the box.

My idea was to add text bits on the 4 sides – I was thinking something like Congratulations/on your/Wedding day/to the new Mr and Mrs Whoever (one bit on each of the 4 sides. )  I added a little beaded birdie, from Paperchase last Christmas, I think, to the flowers with the attached clip – I though it would be nice to add a little paper banner that says something like “Your first Christmas ornament” so it’s a card and a gift in one.  It also works as a valentine, I suppose.

You could, of course, fill the votive holder with flowers, add the little spring-y things on to acetate, whatever.  There are also fluted holders – cupcake wraps – that would work too, creating a different sort of holder.  The very bottom of them also fit the 2 inch punch, but because the side slant OUT, the attachment may take a little more effort – maybe sticking strips of tape along the bottom edge, like an L, then covering the tape with another strip of cardstock?  I may play with it and report back.

So there it is – any WOYWW folk, I’ll try to link back to this next week, as many said they wanted to see what I did with the bits from yesterdays post.

I am dithering about our upcoming holiday.  It will be hard to blog from the road so I may simply schedule old favourites to reappear for a few days.  I had great plans for a project that would cover the days but I am just not sure I will be able to get it done in the time I have – getting DS sorted for his trip back to Uni is going to take time.  I’ll see where I am next week.

Cheers all!


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Valentine’s Day window card

There are a lot of steps to this, and it would take 30 photos to show it all so I am going to condense things a bit for this blog post then do a YouTube doodah with all the photos.  For most of the windows the steps are basically the same.  But let’s see how it goes!

First things first – as I have the Grand Calibur, I can make use of a full A4 sheet and still run it through to cut the apertures.  Knowing that most people have smaller machines, I did a new version that is only 6 inches tall.  That should fit in a Big Shot, and maybe the Cuttlebug?  But the principle is the same.

I sort of planned it as an upright card but at the end decided I liked it lengthways better.

I liked how it looked opened out sitting on the table. I used three shades of pink for the “tunnel” effect.

Let’s do measurements first.  An A4 sheet is 8.27 x 11.69.  If you are using a US letter size sheet (8.5 x 11) you will  have a narrower final page, narrower than the card, so I would amend the scoring as follows:

A4 – cut to 6 inches WIDE and score at 2 1/4, 4 1/2, 6 3/4 and 9 inches.  This will leave you with a final panel of approx. 2 3/4 inches.

US Letter – cut to 6 inches WIDE and score at 2, 4, 6, and 8.  Your final panel will be 3 inches.  It’s won’t really matter.

A bit about cardstock weight.  You will be attempting to cut through multiple layers of cardstock and paper to create the windows. Thinner base card will make this easier. The panels are all at least 2 layers overall so even 160gsm should be fine.

Decorate your panels as you like.  For the other one I used Distress ink, inked the entire panel then stamped. For this one I used a 6 x 12 inch scrap of patterned paper.  I have issues with it, in the end.  First, it wasn’t really enough to fully cover the panels, and second it is a bit hard to read the letters.  Not impossible, but I usually like my text to really POP off the page and this doesn’t.  Rather than do another one, I am going to carry on since I promised instructions.

Looking at the card, we are going to (quite logically) number the panels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  OK, now more measurements.

First panel – the first window is two layers.

Standard Circles Small (SCS) – 5th die in, cut the lightest colour. Stick this to PANEL 1 where you want the window to be.

Now, center over this the Standard Circle Large (SCL) – 6th die in.

The trick is you need to secure the die well, you don’t want it to slip. Use low-tack tape and tape it toward the MIDDLE (which you will throw away)

Cut the window in PANEL 1.  This will leave you with a thin circle of light pink card around the window.

Now you need to cut the window in PANEL 2. Using Standard Circle Small, 6th die in, close the card.  Tape the die centred in the Panel 1 window – and this will be to the BACK of PANEL 2.  Open the card and cut.

Leaving you with this:

Now you are going to do the same for Panels 3 and 4.  Here is the complete sequence for you:

SCS 5th die in (cardstock circle)
SCL 6th die in (window)

Panel 2
SCS 6th die in (window)

Panel 3
SCS 6th die in (cardstock circle)
SCL 7th die in (window)

Panel 4
SCS smallest die (window)

For panel 5, cut whatever combination of circles, scallops, pinked circles, etc. you like, just make sure there is an area at least as big as the window in Panel 4.  I used a pinked circle and a slightly larger circle.  Centre you heart in the middle. With the heart centred you can now center the heart in the Panel 4 window then stick the circle to Panel 5 and it will be placed perfectly.

Of course I changed the placement when I changed the orientation of the final card!

It’s hard to see the effect in a flat photo, but I love the tunnel.

and I added a bit of ribbon to cover the bit I didn’t have enough cardstock for – the mostly white strip is the perfect place to write my “love you”s

Although the envelope will keep it closed, I think I might tie some ribbon around the right side of the card anyway, to keep it from springing open as soon as it comes out of the envelope.  And speaking of, I have a 7 1/2 x 3 envelope in my stash of card blanks and it fits in there, albeit with room to spare.  I would make any further cards 7 inches wide (cause remember I do have the Grand Calibur so I can do that) then they would fit the envelope perfectly.

I suppose if you were careful about the card and paper weights you MIGHT be able to do the same with punches, if you had enough sizes.  Maybe a circle cutter too, but I think you would have to be very careful everything was going to line up perfectly!

So if you make one, please share it with me.  And I’ll get back to the over-stamping I mentioned in the last card version, but it’s not rocket science, so that will be much shorter than this!

And I did use a lot more photos than I planned but felt they were needed for it to make sense.  I really hope it does!


Lovely Valentines Day card

…if I do say so myself.

Oh and it took AGES.  I may write it up or do a YouTube doodah but that will have to wait for another day.

I had planned NOT to post today, as I was determined to make a Valentine’s Day card for DH and NOT share it till after the big day, because I can never seem to help myself doing it so he sees it on my blog before then and I have to make a crappy rushed one so he gets a surprise. But no, he decided to be really nice to me and come home from the office early so he could take DD skating this afternoon for her local lesson.  And what is in the path from the front door through to the kettle? Yep.  My scrap room. And the card was all over the place, the floor scattered with bits of circles and Nesties in about 10 different sizes, bits of inked card on the table, LOVE YOU stuck to one of them.  Oh sure I could have TRIED to hide it but really, what was the point?

So there you go, thwarted by kindness.

And nice for you as I might as well share it now it’s done.  Doesn’t look like much but that is because I was trying to shoot through the little circle windows on each layer… but open?

Getting the swirls to have that double layer look was an experiment – I’ve done the stamping-over-distress ink-with water before and love how it looks, but this time I did THAT then stamped over it, not really trying to match the images up perfectly, with Memento ink.  I just love it.  Working out the circles was a palaver, but in the end it worked out OK.

Perhaps a bit arty for a man-card, but I like arty and DH doesn’t REALLY care, so I please myself.

Hope you like it.


Quick and Cute Origami Heart Card

DH – look away now!

While I am surely blowing yet another card surprise, I realize there is little point to waiting to share it till AFTER the day.  Who will remember it for next year?  Although having said that I think it would also make a cute wedding card.  Anyway, here it is:

and open:

You can watch the super-easy instructions here and then watch my under-2-minute video and turn the folded heart into a card.

DH and I share a loathing for paperwork.  We always have a lot to do, and we do it, but like the vast majority of people we don’t really enjoy it.  I thought it might make him smile.  And if he is reading this, I hope he’s smiling now….

love ya sweetie.


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Sunday-someplace-else (Valentine’s Day Printables)

A little collection for you to – although really, there is still plenty of time to make one yourself! If there is no clickable link in the title, click the image to go to the site.

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Now some that work as embellishments/tags:

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And finally a great piece of wall art (or print smaller for a card topper, from Eighteen25: