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Lovely Tapes

This is unusual for me as I don’t normally do shopping haul type posts.  But I ordered from a new UKS advertiser, Lovely Tapes.  They specialize in Washi tapes (and I got a handful of them) and more, and a few of the items I’ve not seen before.  First, and perhaps my favourite, is the grid-on-kraft.  I got a red version and a blue one.  It will be fab for journaling, and you can cut it into thinner strips.  Love this stuff!

Next, fabric tape.  It’s lace on a roll, but the nifty thing is that you can peel off the backing and press it on to paper or card (or canvas, I expect) but you can ALSO iron it on to fabric.  I got some white and ivory, and each is a mix of styles, thin and thick.

Next, something I just wasn’t sure what it was when I ordered it, frankly. It’s called Masking Sticker Set and it’s what LOOKS like journaling cards, but in fact it is strips of Washi-tape like bits.  There are a few thin strips at the top then thicker ones at the bottom.  again, it would be good for journaling, I think, and the finish seems like you could stamp on it if you wanted to.   25+ sheets in the pack, very varied but ledger, map, notepad, etc. Needs playing with, I think!

I got this stuff because I was curious.  It’s a big roll of clear masking tape with a design printed on it in fine white lines.  Just stick it on – here on cardstock, but it looks fab on glass, for example, and wold be fine on acetate I bet.  Again, not sure where I will go with it, but somewhere, for sure.

You’ll see the link pop up on UKS on the side, but you can always find it near the bottom here (and all the rest of the sponsor shops too!)

Still peddling like mad to catch up but at least DD is back in school so that will hopefully make it a bit easier to catch up – although the pre-ordered new Barbie movie arrived today so I suspect that wil eat into my afternoon a bit….


Easel Card – my first!

OK, so I am still loving 4×6 Photos love, lest you think I have sidelined it, but I am sort of pre-preparing a few layouts to take too my crop on Saturday.  I’ll finish assembling them there, make the embellies, and hopefully come home with at least three done.  Woo Hoo!

BUT, I wanted to go back to a couple of my Newbury stamp show purchases.  First, that sticky-backed template material.  I wanted to test out a few things the vendor said, like that the thin material can be cut by a die cut machine.  And it can!

I used a Marianne Creatables die.  I stuck the material on FIRST, as there was no way I was going to cut out all those little semi-circles, and that worked as well – at the show she demoed adding the fabric to the already cut die then trimming with scissors.  I did take the precaution of running it through forward and back, and did add a thin shim just over the die itself, but mostly because I wanted the embossing to show.  It did, slightly.



I like that there is very little wast of the material or the sticky stuff.  The little flowers were stuck to scraps and then cut out to add as embellishments.



I cut a little curve of cardstock and created the greeting on a little banner, as you need a dimensional greeting to make the easel part stand up.

OK so now the other stamp purchase – those letters.   They don’t look half bad, do they? Yeah, well look at the debris I generated to get those 8 letters:

That isn’t even all of it.  It took me FOUR tries to get a decent o! You can see how the letters come out (or not)


And the state of the die after I poked at it to pry the letters loose

And the killer is that I LOVE the font.  It’s a perfect size, just my style, and should have been my favourite purchase.  Instead all I want to do is throw it in the bin.  I’ve emailed DoCrafts to see what they say.  I am so hoping it is just a bad die and not a bad product, because I WANT THIS to work well.

So here is the card standing up. In the end I smudged some of the same Distress ink on the letters as I edged the card with, which disguised, a bit, the wonkiness of them and I can live with them this once.  But I won’t be reaching for them again in a hurry.


Primark finds

People comment often that Primark offers a wealth of potential scrappy goodness.  I don’t often shop there but I did find the doll-skin cloth there (in the form of apricot-y coloured tee shirts, if you recall) so thought I might pop back and see what else there might be.

My haul was small, compared to some I’ve seen, and at least two bits made it on to yesterday’s slider book. First, the flower centre:

One flower from a bracelet made up of five or six the same. I am gaining a greater appreciation for my glue gun and no WAY simple glue dots would hold this bad boy in place.

Next, the closure:

It’s hard to see, but the closure is actually a bit of a charm necklace.  The part with the little clasp fits through the (what the heck are they called?  The circle with prongs?  No idea – they are eons old, 8 years at least, but the perfect size) thingie, but the larger loop at the other end doesn’t fit through.  Once you un-clasp the closure you can slip it out of the front cover and the pull tab and clasp it to itself so you don’t lose it.  Handy!

So you can see a gold charm bracelet, the rest of the silver necklace (with loads of charms left, all that can be used individually if I prefer – the silver one had 19 items on it, and the gold one 10), a little hair scrunchie flower ball thing that would work as a mini-book cover decoration as is or which you may be able to dis-assemble to get seven little roses (I wouldn’t), a silver bracelet of 6 metal roses, very flat, each centered with a small diamond gem (one missing as I coloured it with a Sharpie for another project), the rest of the flowers from the bracelet used in the cover flower above (and one more, again, altered so not shown) and perhaps my “best buy” from a bowl near the checkout, two sets of graduated-size pearl earings.  £1 each for 12 total, the biggest are flat at the back  but even the round ones would be fab for flower centers.  I think you could easily poke the earring stem through the flower then bend it flat and pop a glue dot over it to stick it, or snip off the post and just stick the pearl.  I also got a hairband of grey fabric flowers, to disassemble.

So all in all a good haul for under £15. The individual charms alone were worth the trip – hearts, butterflies, flowers, keys  leaves, a watch face…all useful, and working out to under 20p per charm.  And that doesn’t even include the bits of chain for closures LOL!

Happy shopping!

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Mini-album, US shopping, and altering Oh my!

I am still looking at some of my stash shopping from our trip home and wondering what I will do with it all. One of my first little experiments is a mini-album, using some coin envelopes. I know there must be blank ones available but my UK Staples only has the ones with the printed info on them and the self-sealing flaps, so I bought a box in the US to play with.

I found, on sale (and then 50% off the sale price) some little K&CO pads that they sell in association with I got a couple of the photo mat pads and one of the Questions to Ask pads and am building the album around them. I’ve not gotten very far in to it yet, and got sidetracked today, but I wanted to get this posted before I forget – it’ll be a WIP this week, I think.

I started with a Prima flower that I took apart.  I misted the green bits with a gold glimmer mist and the music note bits with some copper mist, brushed some copper acrylic paint on the edges then reassembled it.

I used a MS border punch on the edge of my cover – the chipboard is not massively thick, I had no trouble punching thru it (it’s the back of a paper pad, so heavier than cereal-box card but not as thick as commercial chipboard)  Obviously ou should follow the guidelines from the punch manufacturer even if I didn’t (basically you have to decide if you want to risk your punch this way for yourself!) and covered it with paper from the pad (paper in the pad is 4.75 x 6.75 inches so perfect for the envelopes) then decorated it with some bits like a stamped and embossed image, the altered flower, an old metal frame, teeny letters, and a couple of interesting bits.

The frame will house a family photo once I decide which one I want to use!

TOP TIP: after peeling off the sticker question cards from the pad, I was left with a nice little border frame (or two, if you don’t mind one missing one side)

I rubbed a little bit of Distress Ink on it and I think it made a nice addition to my cover.

The little group of gems was a real find in AC Moore – they were under $.60 for some and under $1 for the rest and I really like them.  A mix of gems and pearls, sticky as a group, but easy to snip apart if need be, they don’t look nearly as good in the photo as they do IRL. Here’s a close-up of another set I got:

You can bet this is going to be on my W tomorrow!


Back to work! and my shopping haul….

Well we are apparently amazingly lucky to have landed just hours before the volcanic ash left 1000s of travellers stranded, and with insurance companies citing “acts of God” as a get-out clause, for paying for … well, anything, really. While I would have been quite happy to stay at my sister’s for another 10 days or so, I think at some point she may have moved us out of my very generous nieces rooms and onto a floor somewhere!

Also a stroke of luck, as I mentioned in a previous post, my sister had something of a coupon windfall so I hade at least 20 50% off coupons between Michael’s and AC Moore to spend. I was able to make use of every one of them, as my sister spoke to the manager at both stores, and told them I was here from England and could we please use all the coupons we had in one transaction (rather than having me, my Sis, my nieces, etc all take one item thru the check out or make multiple trips back to the store – oh, wait, I did that anyway!) and they agreed. So for under £150 I got a ton of stuff. a TON. I have never done a “stash haul” sort of post, but I am really pleased with how much “bang for my buck” I got and I wanted to share some of my shopping “best bits”

My bestest best  purchases were clear stamps. Most fell at about the $5-$9 range – here are the Tim Holtz ones

and AC Moore was having a sale that was 50% off the ticketed sale price for many items, including these Prima pearl sprays that were something like $1.24 each

I got some really lovely little butterflies on wire, lots of stalks of flowers that easily separated into blooms, and these packing tape rolls for $1 – they are clear, really, the white is just a liner so you can see the pattern.

and my single MUST HAVE of the trip, the Martha Stewart Scoring Board.  I am in love with it already!  I have been sorely in need of a scoring board (having kicked the Crafter’s Companion one to the kerb and not finding my very VERY old Aleene’s Boxmaker scoring board a viable solution) for a while now and after reading this blog post I was sold on the MS one, esp. the price.

The final goodie selection was a load of Stampotique stamps.  Not on sale, but I did get free postage so that was a huge savings in itself.  My sister opened the box before I got there and was very curious as to what I might make of them – now I’ll have to do something with them or she will think I’m crazy for buying them.  It would be bliss if they sold them unmounted or as clings.

That should keep me busy for a bit….