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More of the Thanksgiving journal

My word but this is turning into a project!  No change I will finish it before Thanksgiving this year, but at least I will have it on hand for next year.  I figured I’d better set aside some time to quickly post or it will be WOYWW before I know it and I will have missed out a day!

I did a log sheet for the front.  We have moved around a bit and may not be done yet, so I thought it would be interesting to note WHERE we were when we celebrated. I also included a bit of history about Thanksgiving and on the reverse a visual note of when Thanksgiving falls, as it isn’t a DATE but always the 4th week in November.

Next, I added a divider and will make a modifed paper bag holder for recipies.

The divider only has FOOD on the tab at the moment.  I’m undecided if I want to have photos of this year’s feast on there (I think I do – an overall shot of the whole table) but in any case it will remain blank till the photos are taken.  You can just see the paper bag for the recipes behind it.

The approx. 4 3/4 x 9 inch paper bags are altered a bit:

Hope you can make sense of it – the flap is stuck to the body, the left side pleat is stuck together all along the side of the bag. With this done, the holes for the book rings are punched through the stronger stuck-together pleat on the left, while the right side is still free to open for the recipes.  The front of all of the bags will have paper strips with the menu items.

Anyway, there will be more tomorrow.  The menu titles I made with the UKS font of the week this week – doris day, which I think is so cute – and an old CK font, CK  McCormick, which has little dingbats of kitchenwear (McCormick is a big spice manufacturer in the USA).  I am not good it this sort of thing, but I did give making it a .png a go.  Let’s see if it works – anyone who want it can grab it HERE and then comment for me if you were able too do anything useful with it.  At the very least I am hoping you can delete my title and replace them with your own. doris day is free so just download and install it, or pick one you like better.

I want to include info on where I find the bits I need, what UK substitutes there might be, and maybe have a go at converting my US recipes to UK measurments.  Not sure how well that will work, but I need to do it someday.  Maybe DS will marry a Brit, and then how will he get his twice yearly fix of American stuffing?



Thanksgiving Mini-book

I am making progress on my mini.  To start with I am constructing the album cover. I have a habit of keeping cardboard boxes from packaging, if for some reason they seem a good shape or size.  I had tucked away this FINISH dishwasher tablet box and dragged it out as it seemed the right sort of size for my album.

I opened it out and trimmed off the sides and top/bottom, except one – you can see why.  I want a tab the will tuck to the inside to help hold all I plan to put inside..inside!  You can see the side flap on the right, which I scored at just over 1/2 inch.  You’ll see more on that when I put it all together.

I distressed the front cover, as in the original from yesterday, just ripping back the top layer of cardboard to reveal the corrugated center

A little Distress ink, and bits and pieces from a single sheet of Graphic 45 paper ( with a bit of a Creative Imaginations sheet for the brown lined paper) and letters from Scenic Route and SEI and there you go:

And a little tip for you:  I love the postage edge look, and do have a pair of postage edged scissors, but the scissor edge doesn’t always “fit” the printed elements I want to cut out.  When that happens I simply use a tiny hole-punch to punch away the postage edge

You can do the same one any image, even one without a printed postage edge.

So far I have collected my internal papers and made the covers – the back cover is dead boring, just the cardboard, ripped and inked a bit, so I won’t bore you with it.  I have started collecting the info I want to include, like recipes, and will get double use out of it all as I have to shop for our Thanksgiving dinner later in the week.

Once I get THIS done I can get back to my other mini-book, started and abandoned when this one seemed a bit more pressing.


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Surprise Saturday!

I usually don’t post on a Saturday but I am today.  One is a limited time thing – Chank has a new font, sooo cute, from a set of letterpress woodtype found at a flea market in Antwerp.  a unique letterpress style from 20th-century central Europe called MUSTACHIO.  It’s only free for a limited time (expires TODAY, the 20th November, so grab it quick!


Next is something I am setting aside the project from yesterday for – this week is Thanksgiving, and I realized that I have a wealth of info in my head that may never get passed on if I don;t take the time to make note of it.  When my MIL was here we looked back at the recipe box she gave me when DH and I got engaged – it included a bunch of his “favourite” meals.  I considered the traditional Thanksgiving meal I do every year and thought it would be a good year to document it.  I saw something that sparked me so I began today amassing some of what I need.

More on this as the week progresses!


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What a weekend!

We had planned an air gun shoot competition (which we host routinely as we live so remotely there is no chance of a stray pellet doing any damage and none of the other “lads from the pub” have a similar set up) and BBQ (yes, I KNOW it’s November, but as I said we aren’t past BBQing the Christmas duck so this is no biggie for us) and belated fireworks party. When the high winds and teeming rain hit on Saturday we lost power but quickly got it back. Then it started to…pulse, is the best way to describe it. The regular lights could be turned on, the TV worked but the surround sound did not, the kettle could boil (in about 10 minutes) and the computers seemed ok, but DH hit the roof when he called to check in (in a meeting in London, and yes, I KNOW it was Saturday, but we both wind up working more or less some part of every day) and found out all the computer were still on. So DS and I had to run around and do a full shut down of all of them (and that takes a while in our house) then figure out some way to amuse ourselves and Maddie – thank goodness for board games.

As a result all the things we would normally do the day before 17 expected guests were about to descend, like hoovering, and some pre-cooking, didn’t get done. We finally got the power back, and the sun was shining on Sunday so we all ran about like lunatics on a day pass from the asylum to get everything sorted. They came, they shot at targets, they ate a lot, and they ooohed! and aahhed! over the fireworks, then they left.

This morning I had to make four passes over the kitchen floor (sweep, mop with hot water, then two with Flash) to get thru the caked on mud from the shooters walking thru the kitchen our the back door, over the field to the targets, and back to the shooting gallery. It looks almost OK now.

As you can imagine I barely managed the Home page for this week (at about 9 PM last night!) let alone and proper scrapping. I did make a few cards before the power went as part of a Christmas gift, but that is it so I;ll wait to share that when I’ve finished.

I will share my recipe for Boston Baked Beans, which are always a hit with the BBQ crowd. Easy peasy to do in the AM and ready by dinner – I’m not sure I would recommend it as anything but an accompaniment (although it is quite good as part of a sort of chili dog – ie sausage in bun, beans to fill and eat it with a knife and fork, unless you are a teenage boy, in which case you can try to pick it up and take a bite then have it all dribble down your front LOL!) as it is a little sweet.


I only wish mine looked so attractive! But I bet they taste better.


* 6 cans baked beans
* 1/2 pound streaky bacon fried off
* 1 onion, finely diced, fried off in bacon drippings
* 1/4 to 1/2 cup of molasses brown sugar (or dark muscovado) (and feel free to use less)
* 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
* 2 tablespoon prepared Coleman’s
* 1/2 cup ketchup
* 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

Fry off bacon till crispy
Dice and fry onion in bacon drippings
Dump all beans, all seasonings, bacon and onion into crockpot – cook on low for 6-8 hours (then high, lid off, for 30-60 mins if you like it drier) but check it. Crock pots, like microwaves, vary a lot!

OR put in an ovenproof casserole and cook for at least 1 hour (I’m guessing about 150 for fan assisted or 180 regular oven) Stir occasionally. Oven produces a less sauce-y version.

Hopefully back to scrapping soon…..