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Too much to do!

As I mentioned, this week is pretty crammed with commitments. I managed a very short play session, because I just needed it. I really wanted to complete the sheets from last week. I finished one, and used it on the pop-up cube, but I really wanted to finish the final three in one go. I did, and am happy with the results, but I did a really poor job of capturing the process. My desk, floor and side-desk are a literal catastrophe.

I WILL tidy this up for WOYWW (late last week but I did visit every desk so feel like I did an OK job with that!) because I need to before I can do anything else! I am meant to be making some tags for a swap, but I have not yet heard back from my swap-mate. She has never posted on the group that I can see, other than to say she would participate in the swap, has not replied to my message asking to exchange addresses, and the stuff is meant to be sent by the end of the month. DOH! I think I will use what is left from the pop-up cube to make the tags, even if I never hear from her. Maybe someone else might be willing to trade, maybe even a UK person….

I really like it and the piece is pretty big (about 9 x 9 ish) so plenty to work with. Lucky I snapped a shot before my desk devolved into the chaos at the top. Yeesh. Bear with me, it’ll get cleaned for tomorrow.

Well, hopefully ….


WOYWW 697 – New Cat Arrival Date! Oh, yeah, and son too.

Happiest of WOYWW days! Back on form last week, despite (or maybe because of?) having to isolate from the family due to Darling Daughter’s positive Covid test. I got to all the desks, commented on all the non-Google sign in blogs, and even emailed a few of the Google folk with links or info. Feeling virtuous, after a month of such a poor showing with my visits. While I aim to continue this trend, we now have a NEW DATE for DS and Dear Cat to arrive. Oct. 24th! One day before Darling Daughter’s birthday. Will she view it as a gift or not? LOL!

I have spent quite some time sorting out all of my stencils, stamps, impression plates, etc for gel printing. Just a day ago….

and the new improved desk(s) – back to more of an L-shaped organization with things on my (seated) level rather than above me. Easier on my back for sure.

I got some fab new stencils from PM Artist Studio and am looking forward to using them. They are quite unique in that when you order the stencils, you also get things like the bits that get cut out, and the surround. That allowed me to try something a bit different. I added both the masks for the large daisy flowers and the open surround to the plate and rolled over some gold paint. Removing the masks (once the gold was dry) and rolling over some dark plum paint, then removing the surround once that paint was dry and pulling the print with a thin coat of white+ plum resulted in a pretty nifty pull.

Now I am organized I am looking forward to a long session of experimentation. Well, after things settle down with our international travellers!

I am also looking to delete useless posts and images from my blog, to extend the space I have to use – after blogging since 2009 (and much of that 5-7 days per week!) there is a LOT of useless stuff. The Librarian in me hates removing anything, cause, well, history, ya know? But common sense must prevail. Who really needs a calendar, in French, from 2015? DOH! But we will see. Just like physical tidying of a real-world space, digital tidying takes at least as much time.

Happy WOYWW and apologies in advance for any upcoming uninspiring post.


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PM Artists Studio printable papers – made a book

Like I mentioned yesterday, I did a crap job of capturing the process but I will try to add some nuggets to help you (and your friend Google) find the info you need.

This spine of the book is a variation on a Piano Hinge book. There was a challenge to use STICKS, and my stick was a Chopstick. There are a couple of videos still on YT from Club Scrap (remember them?) for making piano hinge books. This variation is just one stick, that makes a folded spine, and the pages are attached to that, rather than the stick linking each page.

The covers are decorated with elements from the kits and some of the bits of prints that weren’t perfect (laser printer issues mentioned yesterday)

And the pages also have pockets and tags and bits from the kit, or just pages cut in a useful way.

I have a couple more pages left to decorate, but don’t want to exactly duplicate the existing pages and I only have so many resources in the kit, so it’ll take some thought

You can see the papers (not all, but most) and they are deep and rich and lovely – and on sale. I also have a selection of stencils on the way too, now they offer free international shipping (over a reasonable amount for the order, if you only plan on doing one order a year LOL!) I am most anxious to get a set of stencils that are tomatoes. No idea why, I just really love them!

More on them when they hit my mailbox!