Picture Mom, crying….

While I have finished my ATCs and they are ready to share, I got the link to the SPICE Synchro performance at Skate London and what can a proud (and tearful) Mom do but share? The words of the song have a particular resonance for a disability skating group and they did the most amazing job. I can’t embed the video but this is the link where you can watch it.

If anyone would have told me my darling daughter would be able to skate on a synchronized skating team way back on her first few times on the ice, when it took not one but TWO strong men to hold her upright, skating on those kids skates that strap over regular shoes and have a double row of blades, I never would have believed it. And now there she is.

My heart is bursting with pride and full of joy.

Your regularly scheduled crafting posts will resume tomorrow. Thanks for indulging me.


Having a bit of a break…

Darling Daughter and her disability Synchro Skating gorup competed at Skate London yesterday. They got a fine score, higher than some of the non-mixed ability teams (and the judges were instructed to “score as usual” so no slack given) and won a medal. Yes, like the last time, they were the only mixed ability group. so competing unopposed, but it is still a pretty massive achievement and we are very proud of DD.

Here she is in the warm-up practice session:

You can tell it was hard work as her clear face mask is a bit steamed up!

And here she is with her (obscured for privacy) skating partner. Her last one moved on the Uni and she is still “breakig in” the new one! Funnily enough they are both named the same. It’ll be a while before this one stops being the “New Name” and just becomes “name.”

They skated to a some from The Greatest Showman! Had she not been exhausted when she finally got home last night I would have snapped a photo of her with her medal. It seems the Covid precautions were kind of a mixed bag, at times ultra-strict and at other times seemingly quite lax, but hopefully it will be fine. It would have been better had The Hubster and DD both had their boosters (and they will before the big Christmas Skate show) but they were as cautious as could be, only unmasked on the ice.

Fingers crossed all will be well. Back to normal tomorrow!