Chaos ensues….

I am doing a bit of an overhaul. When I first set up my room, I got too weak (because of the myositis) to use it. Then it took a couple of years for them to sort out a treatment tha gave me back much, if not all, of my strength. So I re-did my room to try to get it to a more usable state, according to how I craft and the types of craft I do NOW. And that has been…ok, but it really feels like a Spring clean and a bit of a re-org and weeding of my stash needs doing. So yeah, of course I pick the week right before I am up in the hospital for a week of infusions. SO me.

I think part of what really prompted this was dumping out a huge bin of scraps to make my ATCs for WOYWW. My desk went thru a number of stages, none of them good.

I am not one that feels my ATCs need to be hidden away as some sort of surprise, but you can see a few of them there on the corner. There will be better shots eventually, as well as some explanation of the significance of some of the choices I made and the things I used.

I did want to share a couple of things. First, my new Sidekick. OMG this has revolutionized my crafting. Rather than having to get up, drag out either the BIg Shot Pro or the Grand Calibur to cut a 2.5 inch die, I just have this little guy sitting on my desk. He clamps perfectly to my glass mat and cuts loads more than I expected. I dragged out lots of dies to check the size, I cut loads for my ATCs and that process was ANOTHER prompting for a re-org. Because I wanted both my Sidekick and a good selection of dies closer to me, it made me reanalyze what was on my desk close to me. These things were meant to be the stuff I needed to reach for constantly. And that has changed. So I am sorting out dies and working out a good close by storage solution.

Weirdly, one thing that has changed is my need for my massive self-healing mat to be on my desk all the time. Not, it is just prone to getting covered in paint and spray and glue. So I decided to get a PVC tablecloth and put that down instead, with the glass mat close by. A smaller cutting mat can go beside my desk and if I need it I can bring it up. But the tablecloth is wipe clean. But a lot of stuff needs to be shifted to get the tablecloth in place!

On the corner there you can see a new purchase- a mini-stapler. I fancied a Tiny Attacher but when Iooked on Amazon (where we have gift certificate money to spend) I was shocked – between £14 and about £18 with 100 staples? and £7.40 for the refill staples?? Blimey. My tiny stapler from Tiger was in a box with other mini supplies and was £3. It works great, the staples are tiny, but the throat is also very tiny (about 1.5cm or not quite 3/4 inch) so you can’t staple in the middle of a tag for example. I spent a lot of time looking for tiny or mini staples to try to figure out how they compare to the Tiny Attacher staples. Near as I can figure, these are every so slightly larger but only by about 3/8 inch. But in my searching I found the cutest little mini stapler (with 1000 staples) for £6

Of course I bought one! You can see the selection – the little panda and the tiny Tiger stapler use the same size staples (the box says #10 staples) and you can maybe see the visual comparison to “normal” staples

One thing I have heard people complain about is that the throat of the TA is not very deep – the Panda allows for a staple to be attached about 1 1/8 inch into the page. I am sure I had read the TA has a 2″ throat but I can’t find that article again now. No matter – I know I can open up the base. “staple” into my cork stamp pad, then simple fold the legs if I really need to. And for a savings of over £15 I am OK with that as well as the extra 3/8 inch size!

I’ll just pop in my 100 Days page then get back to it. I need to get sorted before WOYWW tomorrow!!

Again with the holey paper…

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Weekend breaks and Day 72

I am finding that I really enjoy taking it easy over the weekends. Soon, very soon, all three of us will be double dosed and “fully protected” – or as much as possible with the current state of the vaccines available and the sneaky variants that will not stop making life outside the house a scary prospect. And when that happens I hope to tentatively step out and about to some wide open spaces. So long as the weather cooperates, that is! Anyway, setting the precedent of having nothing but 100 day project posts on the weekend days works well for me and give me time to catch up on some things like calendar requests and longer more involved projects.

I mean, it isn’t like there are hoards of people hanging on, breathless to read my witterings. Having something up every day is more of a personal challenge than anything else – it serves the purpose of keeping me creating some art every day. That is perhaps the very best reason to start another X Days project as soon as I finish this one! Here is Day 72 and I am getting close to the next milestone of Day 75. That is very exciting for me – I don’t often stick with things like I have this thing.

I had that scrap of paper left on my desk from the ATC holder folder so I thought I should use it up. I think the washi matches better IRL than in the photo.

I guess my problem is still that I am over 70 days into the project and I have used up virtually nothing. I still have a ton of little ladies and small animal stickers and still a handful of the stamps like the rose one from here. I have a box full of paper scraps and one full of embellishments. While the second book is still admirably flat, due to my varying the location of the clusters to minimize the bulk, the result is I am using only small bits of stash on each page! 1000 or even 10,000 days might not help me use it up.


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Day 66 – and OUCH!

So the jab was fine, kinda, but oh man is my arm sore! Might be because the jabber LEFT THE NEEDLE IN MY ARM as she casually flipped thru some papers. I mean really – is that a thing?

Anyway, that is the topic for the page I will make today, assuming I still feel ok, and today’s page is all about the vaccine. I was a little taken aback to find one of my knitting group ladies turns out to be an anti-vaxxer (at least in the sense that she refuses to have the vaccine) and she has left the group because everyone else has had (or is in the process of getting) the jab and said she couldn’t attend a meet-up unless she had had it. Among us there are two who are severely immune-compromised, one who has a sister with terminal cancer, two of us who have special needs kids who are at greater risk, a few who could be called elderly … she was quite incensed that she would not be allowed to come meet up with the rest of use as a non-vaccinated person, who also is not keen on masks. It was kinda a shock but the whole group pretty much unified behind the vaccine, wearing masks, getting test kits and staying safer to keep us all safe.

On to the page:

I am making a conscious effort to bring washi tape into the collages. I just have so MUCH. I did it once or twice before but I am now trying to keep it right there in the front of my mind!

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Musings about Art Journal types and about dividing by style

I have a fair few art journals. I’ve never bought one. I tend to make them. My oldest one is made from brown paper, soaked and left to dry, with a sewn binding. The paper really isn’t heavy enough but it has worked for me for six years – and it is not full. It has about 12 sides till it is full. That’s it in the middle:

To the right is a little one I made from watercolour paper from an Amazon mailer that is empty except fo leftover paint when working on other pages:

and to the left my little Roben-Marie scrap paper, tape bound one, from a free workshop. It has a few pages done it it, but as the pages are colourful papers (or at least full of SOMETHING) it generally isn’t the one I reach for first. I actually kinda LIKE a blank page.

I have a bigger one, also from an Amazon mailer and also with watercolour paper for the pages on the right below. This one has maybe two or so pages in it so far, mostly from prompts to do with LifeBook 2021 (taster classes all, I think.) That is the cover of the Roben-Marie journal from above on the left

I like the idea of having multiple journals, different sizes, with different substrates to work on, but I find it hard to grab anything other than the thing I am currently working on. So my junk journal was on my desk and I just turned over when I wanted to do another page. I am trying to get away from that. I really wanted to think about the style or techniques that I felt I wanted to explore/learn/improve.

I am kinda crap at mark-making. So I added a title to my small watercolour paper journal and will use it to explore mark-making and doodling. There is a lot of random colour on almost all of the pages so far, so this seems like a good plan.

My large watercolour paper journal will end up being a normal anything-goes journal. also sensible, as it is the biggest one I have and the paper is really nice. The brown-paper journal is also anything-goes, but I will be mindful of the lighter paper weight when working in it. I may focus on this one for now, as there are three single pages and five double-page spreads left in it. It has some of my favourite pages in it.

The other thing I am super keen on exploring is watercolours. I have been very inspired by WOYWW-mate Lunch Lady Jan and her watercolour pieces. I splotch them about on pages here or there but never really do a piece IYKWIM. I was also interested in disc-bound journals. Which is funny cause I got one in a Club Scrap kit maybe 20 years ago and hated them – I was sure the page would just fall out. But the more I looked in to it the more appealing they became. So I bought a few things.

I had this pack of cartridge paper and thought it might work for watercolours but it really doesn’t – it says good for “light wash” and that is not quite right. I am pretty much out of watercolour paper at the moment so while I punched some of the sheets to test out the sturdiness and the easy of inserting and removing, this paper pad I was keen to use up really isn’t right. I’ll re-visit this idea once I get some more watercolour paper – or some smaller discs! I have one massive sheet of 140lb. cold-press paper that could allow me to make a 12 sheet, 24 page journal, but the large discs I have are really too big for that. They are about 25mm and the box says they will hold 150 sheets! If the page are bulky, with lots of texture etc. we are still talking about a good 50 pages, I would think. This is 10 sheets – barely makes a dent!

I will ponder on this a little longer, maybe see if I can unearth the old Club Scrap discs (which were quite small, if I recall correctly) and then reassess.

OK, next 100 days page and then I am done! WOYWW tomorrow. Last week was crazy with other things so I was very late getting around. I’ll do better this week.

Funny how seeing something in a photo makes you look at it in a different way! I really feel like this needs another circle at the top – Adding one digitally to see…maybe two, for a visual triangle? Maybe too stark – Can’t decide!

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A hard fought art journal page…

I had a page on my desk and things were NOT going well. I got there in the end, but because it was such a struggle (at one point I literally wiped away a whole bunch of paint to start again from the last drying point) I took virtually no photos. Ah well. Here is the page:

I wish I had maybe left the middle of my guy’s face a little more bare, but the fronds were the dried layer, and the point where I was happy. What I wiped away was a large stenciled face:

that just did not work at all. I played around with a couple of other stamps as well, none of which worked either.

I tried to wedge in some collage collective bits, and didn’t like them either. While the leafy frond stencil might look a bit like the (discontinued) Dina stencil that is similar, this is my own version, cut YEARS ago from heavy card and still very usable.

So it’s a weird thing. I joined a FB group for Dina Wakely products. I posted my page from yesterday and apparently I ran afoul of the single rule of the group: If you use a Dina product (and you must or they delete your post) you have to SAY what the thing you used was, if it isn’t obvious. On that page what I used was the asemic writing stamp, within the blue circles. As I was feeling a little playful, I mentioned in my post that I had used a Dina product, it was subtle, guess what it was…One of the moderators slapped me down on that, referenced the rule and said I had to say, not ask them to guess, or my post would be removed. I was ok with that, cause I know how blinkin’ hard it is to moderate a forum (or a FB community) and added the info as soon as I saw the comment, but it really reminded me of a simple fact – FB pages like that one are not really about the people on there sharing their work. They are about both providing inspiration by sharing work using a specific set of products, and getting people to see the possibilities of those products. Equally (more so?) they are about promoting the designer and ultimately about product sales. Which is fine, I get it. But I think how it all ties together with THIS post is that I tried 3, no 5 different Dina products in an effort to finish my page. WHY? So I could share it not only here, but there as well, and not get slapped down, I guess. Well, that’s stupid. No doubt, I am a fan of Dina’s style. And I like her products. But I cannot fall into the trap of thinking that I have to force something DW into every page I do, just so I can share it someplace other than here. That makes my pages less about me and makes me more a shill than an artist (gosh, even typing that makes me feel like a pretender. Working on that….)

In the end my own stencil worked far better on this page than the original one. And my own leafy frond worked every bit as well as the stencil I have looked for and cannot find. I am now officially stopping my search. I did try something with another Dina product, just cause it was out on my desk from a different try – the tissue paper words.

Some of the little text snippets are good, they often resonate with me pretty strongly. But I am never keen on using them cause they really disappear into the background, and my backgrounds are usually pretty chaotic. But applying the tissue with gel medium over white or cream card turns them into something far more usable for my style (the no-white-space-left-behind style LOL!) and worked well on this page. I will do this again, I am sure.

So in the end, I think it was a valuable lesson to learn. Will I share it “over there?” Probably – I’ve satisfied the terms & conditions so I might as well. But I am going to be a little more critical in my choices in the future. After all this is MY art journal. The stuff I buy to use when making a page should not be the driving force, my own thoughts and words should be. Will be.

Now day 23! Next milestone is day 30, or ONE MONTH of the 100 days:

I am coming down to the end of those crackle letters (SO old) and I needed to trim them to make them fit. I added the little snippets in a few places, just cause I didn’t want to throw them away. Also I am at the end of my trimmed number tickets. I used both of the 21, 22 and 23 tickets at some point in the past and I was NOT going to buy a whole new book so those three were 121, 122 and 123 trimmed down. Now I think I am golden for 24-100! I am also branching out, having found other sorts of journaling spots other than the tiny notebook. It’ll add a bit of variety for a bit.

Phew. That got long. Sorry.


Slip Stitch Sequence Knitting

Sometimes I get an idea and carry on with it, trying to see it to s good resolution, far past the time I think I really should give up on it.  I am not quite ready to say that I am at the end of this exploration yet, but I am close.  Even so I thought it was worth posting about it in case someone with a bigger more mathematical brain than me can make it work!

The book, Sequence Knitting, is one I got last year while in the US for a wedding.  Remember air travel? Weddings? Hugs from family? Yea. Well.

The concept is pretty amazing – knitting a “sequence” of stitches, let’s say (k4, p1) according to a set of rules (each row, in a serpentine way, or as a spiral) produces effortless, but amazing fabric.

I have been reading the book and looking at the samples for a very long time.  My hope was I could turn the patterns into socks.  But that wasn’t really working out for a variety of reasons.  The spiral sequences, which are the only ones that work in the round as true sequence knitting, are interesting but not amazing FOR SOCKS.  And I haven’t yet worked out a way to convert the serpentine versions into simple sequences – sure, you can make them two or more row patterns rather than repeating sequences but that rather defeats the point of it all!

I have made a few pair of socks from leftover yarn, using the helix knitting method, where you knit a round with one yarn then WITHOUT TWISTING you knit the next round with the second yarn.  I love the effect, especially with two self-striping yarns (that do NOT share a common colour) and it sparked an idea.

I wondered what might happen if rather than knit 4, purl 1 I instead did knit 4 SLIP 1, on alternating row helix style knitting?

Well, At first it seemed like magic! Check out these mosaic style patterns:


All of these were done in the round, alternating the light and dark blue.  All of them are pretty cool.  The key is doing the sequence on multiple of some number + additional stitches.  The only tricky bit (I thought at first) was to remember where you were in the sequence when rounding the magic loop – so if knitting (K5, S1) and you completed K3 on the back needle in light blue, the front needle had to begin with K2 in DARK blue.  That was easy enough to get into a rhythm with after a few rounds.

At some point, My brain went Well crap.  I am knitting a HELIX! I mean OF COURSE I am, but what are the implications of that?  That the rounds do not line up.  Nope, they sure don’t. In some sequences, it’s pretty rubbish.

In others you are aware something is not quite right but in similar colours or in fine yarn, it might not matter a lot if you place the beginning of round someplace that makes sense (the back of the neck of a cowl, maybe the back of a sock, etc)

And in reality it wasn’t too hard to come up with a way to make it more of a design feature – adding a single extra stitch at the beginning of the round that you slip on the alternate colour rounds and knit with the same colour gives you a sort of braided line of stitches dividing the helix beginning of round and end.

Not perfect, especially in these high contrast colours and in a small sample, but not horrible either.

So then I looked at it in different colours and I REALLY liked that effect a lot

But it just doesn’t seem like it will work for SOCKS, which was my initial goal.  The slipped stitch fabric is thick, even on sock weight yarn.  It draws the fabric in – not as much as stranded knitting does, but it does.  Maybe a hat would work, doing the slipped stitch after the brim and before the decreases for the crown (much like the hat patterns included in the book) as long as the divider stitches are something you can place at the back and be happy with, like the line of black stitches here

It might work on the cuff, say, of fingerless mitts, below the thumb gusset.

But in the end, I am not as wildly enthusiastic as perhaps I was when I did my very first sample.  Like I said, I am not quite done playing, because I still believe the simplicity of the sequence knitting is pretty darn nifty, the colour effect is likewise pretty nifty and the thickness of the fabric could be a benefit in certain situations.  I’d be super curious if anyone has thoughts on this – something blindingly obvious I missed? some method to match the helix better that I have not stumbled on? and ideas this concept sparks that are worth exploring?

Let me know!


A pretty lace calendar for 2017 – English and French!

You may recall that I often make foreign language calendars.  It can be a struggle – especially when an internet source has a mis-spelled word or a wrong translation, which has happened more than once to me – but I try to do at least a couple of them, usually French and Spanish.  The biggest pain is that the foreign language versions more often than not use the Monday to Sunday set up.  I have always used the Sunday to Monday version.  Having said that, when I was working, I tended to use my desk calendar from a Monday as the beginning of the WORK week.  More on that later…

So here is the English version, Sunday to Monday.


And here is the French version, Monday to Saturday


It’s likely I will make a Spanish and English Monday to Sunday version at some point.  Is a Spanish Sunday to Monday version a thing?  if so, better comment or I probably won’t bother to make one 🙂


As I have mentioned, and the reason for my absence here, I have moved house.  I have unearthed some odd artifacts from my working life.  I found a couple of cartoons that a friend in the mailroom (me and the boys had a regular lunchtime date to play Hearts whenever there were enough of us around.  I got used to the 11:50 phone call to let me know if we were on or not) drew for me.  This one was after he spied me reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


and this one I forget what prompted it – probably just the name similarity, despite the mis-spelling:


The other thing was a certificate for my membership in the Visual Lunacy Society (stamp company) from an engineer I used to do research for.


Note the date:


Funny what you find and keep re-finding but don’t pitch in the bin!  I think I’ll hold on to them for a little longer…


Just a bit about the house….

I have been referring to “the house” often and now some progress has been made I thought I would share a bit about it.  The house used to be a pair of side-by-side Victorian semis which were united in 2000 into one house.  When we took it on, we knew there were issues, but were a bit in love with it from the start.  Rose-coloured glasses and all that.

We have done a LOT of work on it so far but there is still a ton of work to do.  The next big thing is the front entryway.  Each house had its own version of Victorian clay tiles, which were lovely, but filthy.



The part that was cleanest was just under the stairs.  On the left you can see the state of them, and on the right what about 2 hours of scrubbing with powerful cleaner and a stiff scrub brush and then scrubber attached to a drill accomplished


Looking down from the upstairs landing, you can get an idea of exactly how much tiling there is.


Further down you will see the other angle as the tiles flow on to the back of the house. We are re-thinking me spending weeks scrubbing when after they are clean, the next step, the sealing of them, is critical.  It might be something to hand over to the professionals!

I am pretty much living in one room, DH’s office (or it will be) at the moment, as there has been painting and carpeting and damp proofing and construction gong on all around.



Sad, isn’t it?  But on the plus side, the lounge is looking lovely, ready for old furniture – and new curtains. New furniture is still a ways off, I’m afraid. It’ll all be a bit mis-matched for a bit.



A casualty was one of a pair of lampshades, dropped by one of the painters.  It took me a week to sort out a good replacement, due to a series of annoying issues with Amazon.  But I quite like the new glass shade


The lounge and the dining room are being professionally done. The dining room is still in progress


I’ve done the snug (a small second sitting room that will probably be a library of sorts


and what would have been wayward son’s bedroom


and what would have been his studio


THAT one was a real challenge!  The walls were bright deep blue above the dado rail and under, two fat stripes of lime green and turquoise!


The walls were badly lined and there is flippin’ wood chip everywhere, but at least I got a fresh coat of paint on it.  Best that could be expected, really,  as it has already take two weeks for the pros to do the lounge and dining room and the ceiling in the snug.  At some point I expect we will have to strip off all of the wood chip and have the whole house re-plastered but RIGHT NOW it is more about making it clean and fresh, fast, for us to live in.

In that previous photo you can see my hubby’s touching expression of love.  Some men buy jewels, some buy flowers, but mine knows what matters.  He slipped a pair of comfy knee-pads in the basket at Homebase, knowing kneeling on the hard laminate flooring was going to hurt.  Love that guy loads.

I have one room that is done (except for an area rug and sorting out the curtains, and that is DDs room, the Purple Palace


As she will never have a fire in the fireplace. I’ve used some re-positionable adhesive and added squares of Basic Grey cardstock over the tiles. You don’t see it in most of the photos but every bedroom has a sink and most have a fireplace too.

I also did the Master Bedroom (see my sad and lonely bed-on-the-floor?)



and the biggest success was fresh white paint and new vinyl to replace the tattered and smelly carpet in the master bath.


What else?  I am in the middle of slapping a quick few coats of magnolia on what will be my office – this is actually just an hour before I started


I am awaiting the repair of the sink to do the last wall and a half – it was falling off the wall, and apparently leaking so the joist underneath is drying out so new floorboards can be installed.

I had to re-paint a bit of hallway that was incredibly grubby, leading up to the loft.  You can see that the door is in need of re-painting too!


The acoustics in the upper landing are fabulous.  By placing a bluetooth speaker just here


and streaming Radio Paradise from my iPad, I can literally fill the house with music.


What’s missing?  Well, the kitchen is a big one.  It is proper disgusting.  I can’t even show it. There is NOTHING good about it,  Rising damp, stained, ornate cabinet doors with extra barley twist insets (all painted duck’s egg blue but chipped and showing the original orangey wood thru in some places) and too shallow to fit our dinner plates, then buckled and lifting dead cheap laminate floors,  grubby backsplash tiles and cheap and ugly work surface.  We had one end unit ripped out and a new radiator installed to make room for the dishwasher but this room is just something we will have to live with while we re-stock the bank account to pay for a new kitchen.  No point in spending money to make it marginally better when it needs ripping out ASAP.  We may spend a pittance on some vinyl to cover the laminate, but other than that, nothing for now.

Off the kitchen is a smelly, damp and mildew-ridden utility room that is in the process of being sorted out, and a smelly downstairs loo, also being sorted.  There is another utility room off the back of the other side, with a small store room off it,  that is bone dry and smells fine.  Go figure.

Upstairs there is another bedroom that we are doing NOTHING to (the ONLY ROOM that seems fine) and a box room that was an office. That needs quite a bit of work too as the walls are full of nail holes and Blu-tak and there is a huge hole around the electrical socket that worries me a bit. There is also a slap-dash bookshelf that need removing before it can be painted.  There are two more family bathrooms, both needing a lot of work, not just cosmetic refreshing, but which are useable, more or less.  We might have to replace the shower mechanism in one, the other has just a tub, toilet and sink. If you are counting, that is 8 sinks upstairs.

So, if you were wondering what was keeping me from anything more than occasional blogging, now you know.  Between cleaning, and painting and wrangling workmen and making 1000 hot beverages, it was hard to find time to do much else!

I do believe this is going to be a work in progress for the foreseeable future…



AWOL. Upgrading woes.

Yes, so we more or less took the plunge and hooked up the new Mac, again.  But because there are still issues that will take longer to sort out than a day, I am currently working with one monitor (and its associated keyboard and mouse) on the old machine and one monitor (and ITS associated keyboard and mouse) on the NEW machine. Only one has sound. Lots of stuff on the old machine doesn’t work on the new machine.  Very sadly, one thing is a game.  I play it when I am on hold, or have time to kill waiting for something. I’ve been playing the SAME GAME for a few years.  My score is…impressive.


The score is so high, on the game screen it spills out of the area that holds it.  If this were the MOST irritating result of switching machines I could probably live with it.  But it isn’t.  It’s simple things, like not having a SAVE AS option in preview, instead having to EXPORT a Tiff to turn it to a .jpg.  And it not retaining the destination for a saved file or having a way to set a preference, but having to change it every time. everything takes more steps than it once did.  That is just ONE program.  Combined with the fact that every time the big monitor sleeps due to inactivity, the screen resolution is set to 800×600, without the actual screen resolution I need (1920 x 1080) in the list of options, which renders it unusable till I reboot, I am struggling a bit. And that is why I am SO resistant to upgrading.  I’ve limped along till it was upgrade or give up computers, since virtually no browsers are still being supported on Mac OS versions as old as mine.

Bear with me.  I will be back someday, just maybe not someday SOON.  Probably in time for 2017 calendars LOL!


My DASH diet planner

Fair warning – I am not planning on adding this as a download, as it really is useless unless you buy this book. I did buy it and read it and love it.  In the past, when I have been successful in dieting it has been down to cutting out carbs and most fruit. We have always eaten a ton of veg and lentils, black beans, white bean mash, but far too much meat.  This version of DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) doesn’t cut out any one food group.  It seems like a plan that is sustainable.  But making sure I am getting everything I need while not overdoing things in certain areas was always going to take some planning and attention.  So I created my own personal planner that has the bits in it I need. I have been using it (since yesterday when I began the Phase one diet properly) and so far it IS helping to keep me on track.  I was happy to share it on the FB Support group (kindly linked to me in a comment by follower Bridget) because the folks there have the book and can make use of the very specific info – and won’t be misled by the abbreviated info in the charts.

But if you are following a specific diet, you might consider making one of these for yourself.  Just the making of it helped me a lot! Because I have a Filofax style planner, I first made them to print and slice down the middle like my other planner pages:

This is the serving checklist – basically a prettier version of what is in the book


I also made a sheet that tracks my weight, blood sugar level and activity – this is the first version, the final one includes tick boxes for water consumption.


I also did a sheet that highlights many of the meal suggestions for the Phase One portion.  I figure by Phase Two I’ll have a better grip on it.  Plus it is too hard to squeeze as much info as I would need in a small sheet LOL!  I have the book to refer to.


The tick boxes are so I can keep track of how many times I have a particular meal over the week.  Phase One is only two weeks so this sheet is only useful for a limited time. There is a Phase Two serving checklist too, that will become the bulk of the planner over time.

But it also occurred to me that many people won’t have a planner.  And aren’t going to be keen to buy one just for tracking their diet.  So I re-jigged the layout so the sheets can be printed on an A4 or US letter sheet, sideways, and used in a standard 3-ring (or 4-ring) binder.

I was lazy and cheap and printed these on printer paper, standard quality, hence the colour difference.


What I did notice in that process is that the meant-to-be-cut pages won’t work in a binder like this – the sheets are flip-flopped, so the MON-WED days are on the RIGHT rather than the left.  Of COURSE it wasn’t going to be easy.  But hey ho.

I feel lucky that I have the skill (sort of)  to customize a personalized planner for specifically what I need to plan for.  And it makes me realize why I found it so hard to create a “generic” planner for OTHER people to use.  Everyone has their own ideas of what a planner needs.  I remember back when we used NeXT computers, post-PC, pre-Mac.  There was an object-oriented programming tool that let you group individual bits of code just the way YOU needed to, to build a program without starting from a blank screen.  It fascinated me, and made so much sense.  Wouldn’t it be totally cool if you had little building blocks for a planner that you could drag onto a properly sized blank page, and its reverse,  to create your own customized version? And change the colour or font with a click? Then just send it to your printer and BAM! WHAT? Prefect planner!

Ah, dream on….