WOYWW 638 – a new card game and a mess, then a tidy

Happy WOYWW y’all! Another knitting day but I will hit all the desks on show before that begins! Oh my desk was in a right state after the masterboard/ATC card backs play of yesterday. I did a rubbish job of taking process photos, but really I am beginning to think it doesn’t really matter that much. I don’t do videos, people don’t come to my blog for step-by-step instructions (not usually, anyway) and I know from experience that you can’t follow someone else’s process and get the results they do. You are always going to bring yourself into the mix. You can probably pick out the stuff I used (I listed it yesterday if you can’t)

And here is the final masterboard again, and the final ATC card bases.

Now, what to top them with?! Always tricky, but I have an idea (look back to yesterday for a hint!) that I think will be just the ticket.

But first, a tidy. So much easier to work without the chaos.

I have been feeling a little guilty that Kyla started the MBD card thing and I copied her. I have always loved them and when I found a full set for like £2 at the local SCOPE shop I snatched them up. But they are her thing and I think they should stay her thing. Finding a different card-drawing game that looked fun at the same SCOPE shop reinforced that! Here it is:

It actually smelled totally new when I opened it, and maybe it was. I think it’s a hoot. So I will share the 2-card draws and you can pick between them. As the box says, If you HAD to… choose between:

what would you pick? Technically this isn’t how you play the game – you are meant to justify why YOUR card flip is the worst one. To be honest both of these are pretty bad, but one seems way worse than the other….right? RIGHT? Happy WOYWW!

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ATC backgrounds from a masterboard

I always love making masterboards. The problem always is that I take a lot of time making them but when I am in mid-flow, I am rubbish at taking photos of the steps. I have seen 100s of stunning masterboards (many on WOYWW desks) and even when I see the steps I can NEVER re-create them.

So here is mine mid-process:

I can talk you thru it, but I feel like most people would be able to guess.

  • I started with a layer of collage, using a ton of really, really old collage elements, some printed on slick paper.
  • I covered that with a layer of gesso
  • I covered THAT with a layer of sewing pattern tissue
  • and covered that with a mix of transparent and warm yellow paint, brayered over the top.

I am at the point where I will be adding the stamping and stenciling to give it some depth, add a bunch of spatters, maybe adding a pop of some colour, purple or red, maybe, and then I think I will cut them and edge them with a thick edging of gold – maybe pain, maybe embossing, not sure yet.

I have stumbled across a fun site that has LOADS of interesting images. Just the kind I like – lots of arty, quirky things, sometimes fully assembled and sometimes in bits that you can assemble yourself. It’s called Mischief Circus and it is disappearing soon. That is why I was doing a back up over the weekend. Having found a bunch of stuff (all discounted over the original price) that I simply adore, I have binge-downloaded a ton. There is quite a range – I got both the Hotel Hell characters AND the Soul Sisters. Diametrically opposed in tone, but both speak to me!

Without a doubt, the Crowabout Studio stuff is my favourite, and the WOOT series is 100% going to appear in a project very soon. Isn’t it glorious?

That kit is UNDER $3. I mean c’mon! No idea where these things will be available once it closes, but the prices are pretty close to 1/2 the original. There is A LOT there and it will take you a while just to browse thru it all but if this looks like your kind of thing, hop on over and see what you can find. I am thinking those images, so bright and colourful, with be a perfect foil for the vintage tones of my masterboard. I need to print and cut and test them out! Watch this space…

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The last page in my Junk Journal

Well. I finished my Junk Journal, and I had a whole lot of fun doing it. It really did provide me with a huge amount of freedom to try things, without the pressure of making fabulous pages – although some of the ones in there ARE fabulous, at least to me. I plan on doing a post that is a full flip-thru, once I photograph all the pages.

Once again, I did a terrible job of capturing the process. I have no idea why I am struggling with this – taking photos as I work was second nature for a long time. Now there is more often than not NOTHING between the beginning and the final page. I can share only where it begins:

and where it ends:

It might be hard to tell but I used my deli-paper masterboard leftovers for this. I still have SO MANY sheets left!

the beginnings….

While working on this page, I got into storytelling quotes. I love the Dina stamp that says We all have a story to tell. I would probably use it a lot, but I don’t want every 3rd page in my journal to have the same quote on it. Which got me thinking – could I re-create the style of the font and get it close enough that any quote I would make worked the stamped one? This was my first attempt. It’s not bad. But I am in the process of experimenting with an idea I have that might work. I think I identified the base font (Helvetica) and with a little manipulation I think I can make it match well enough, and more importantly have a guide for how I can use it in the future! If I can make it work, I will share.

And now another 100 days page. Still mindful of the middle bulk so staying to the edges, mostly. It is limiting. I can’t wait to begin again with the second 50 days book:

You can see the stamps punched with the circle punch I mentioned yesterday. My word was meant to be CHARITY, cause I was knitting charity squares and feeling productive, but it was just visually a bit too long.

Off to play with fonts…


Painted Papers Done!

OK, so not QUITE done. I made one sheet thru all three phases but I want to experiment with the other deli paper sheets before I rush to make five or six (or more!) the same.

The final phase is surface decoration and for that I use inks, stamps and stencils.

The inks are mostly archival but I just love the Distress Oxide inks for the rich colours so I use them sparingly. And I am loving my fluid gold acrylic ink so I have to get some of that in there too.

As for the stamps, I usually choose a couple of categories:

  • some graphic shapes
  • some text
  • some mark-making stamps
  • something floral and/or organic

I also like at least one really BIG stamp. I just find that this selection works best for me. I may not end up using all of them but I like to have a limited selection to choose from. Once I have that all set out I just start stamping, usually moving from the largest to the smallest and using one colour per stamp – so if I do the big spiral in purple, I don’t also do a big spiral in pink. I generally try to add white or black as the final colour, except for the spatters of gold ink.

And I have a little trick for the white – I like to use the acrylic ink for that and I use one of the small flat makeup sponges as a temporary ink pad. Just lay it out, drip a few drops of the ink onto the pad and use it up. You can swipe it into your journal to use up any excess and wash out the sponge to use again.

The final paper is yummy – well, I think it is!

I loved it a lot and had an idea for using it – something I saw on WOYWW this week, on Angela’s blog. It was a simple fold then cut to assemble a little booklet. And a comment about a very old calendar I made provided the rest of the idea. I’ll get the photos sorted and share that tomorrow! Here is a teaser – it actually uses a scanned and printed version of my painted paper (in two sizes) rather than the whole A3 sheet.

In the meantime, I might stick down a bit more deli-paper and start building my next sheet.

On another note, super happy about the Georgia results but shocked, if not surprised, by the events on the Hill. Watching it all unfold was gut-wrenching. I think the true damage done over the last four years may take a while to realize. The election results don’t mean things will immediately be better from noon, 21 January, when Biden is sworn in. They may BEGIN to get better, but it will take some time. So I wonder if I will ever feel Good As Hell or will that art journal page remain forever in limbo?