WOYWW 178 – a quick one

Well Hello WOYWWers!

Just a quickie from me today – spent the day with DD doing fun stuff, and keeping one eye on the progress of Sandy along the east Coast. My parents and brother live in Virginia, my sister in North Carolina, my in-laws in Pennsylvania and we have family houses on Long Beach Island, one of the barrier islands off New Jersey.  That’s the biggest worry – my Grandfather bought land there in the 1930s and it was where I spend every summer for my entire childhood.  Here’s a layout of me, my brother and two of my cousins sitting on the porch – that house was torn down many years ago and replaced with one my parents moved from across the way.

The island was hit pretty hard, but we won’t know the damage till my parents can drive up later in the week.

Update: found this photo of 18th street (our houses are on 21st st, bayside and this looks bayside not oceanside to me) so not looking good.

As to my desk, well I will be working on a few more calendar cards (and you can read back a few to find out more about them) if I get the time, while awaiting the new dryer being delivered.

Looks pretty pristine, as that is the satellite table.  My real desk?  not so neat…

Oh dear.

I hate the fact it is so DARK here so early, this time of year.  Note to self:  take the photos earlier in the day!

Have a great day!

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Couple more layouts

Looking ahead to the WOYWW crop tomorrow, so it is likely that I am splitting my time between preparing for that (what shall I work on? ) and the CC planning.  Today I am just popping up the other two layouts from last weeks crop.

another recent photos one.  Why does it seem all my layouts of recent photos are ones of how bad the photos are?? DD, being difficult.  Used many of the printables from a GoGo kit here and quite like them.  Julia had the great idea to do the journaling in the lines around the frame.  Genius.  Will def. do that but I think I need a better white pen first as I think that will be the best colour choice.  The black quotes are carefully placed.  There was a bit of a tree root poking up from the ground in both the photos, but to the casual viewer they look like big piles of .. well, dog poo, if I’m honest.  So I hid them.  Funny how stuff like that sometimes informs your scrapping LOL!

Next, back to an old photo – not 100% sure I’m done with it.  DD hiding in the hedge.  She never really got hide-and-seek and could never resist the urge to peek out and see where the seeker was. Silly goose. I feel like the photo might be better set off by a mat.  May have a go at that and see – it really rather depends on how well it is all stuck down!

I am not getting anywhere with the one that was on my desk a week or so ago (a banner one) and I have I think two more kitted and ready n my crop bag still, so that may form the basis of my WOYWC (What’s on Your Workdesk Crop) bag but I may have a brainstorm between now and leaving, who knows?  I want to pack light so a single, but intensive project will suit me perfectly – just not sure what that could be as I already sorted my advent calendar!  And speaking of calendars, I should really look at creating my 2013 set – luckily I have the 2012 one to use as a starting point, but also have a different program to PSE that I KNOW is going to be 100x easier to use for making the months and changing them all in one go.  Watch this space!


Crop layout – where the wild thing are

When on holiday we stayed at the same B&B while DS did Insomnia in Telford. When we asked them for a recommendation for lunch on our day out, while DS gamed, they suggested the WI-run cafe at a local stately home.  Imagine our surprise when this sight greeted us!  Such…interesting lunching companions LOL!

You can maybe just see the cafe part at the bottom of the one photo.  We were seated right next to a large, freestanding stuffed bear (to be fair, DD was taller than it was, but still…)

I had a little snafu with my GoGo kits, but thankfully sorted now, so I made use of a few kits items at this crop.  Nice, too, to use a photo from this decade, as I have been doing more historical scrapping recently!

I am still working hard behind the scenes with the CyberCrop stuff, so simple blogging more than not this week…and the next…and the next… and…


Sunday-right-here – crop layouts and mini-cover

Not had much time to go trawling the web for a someplace-else, but I did want to add a coupe of layouts and the mini-book cover that I finished at the crop last weekend.  I am also working on a couple of projects that I think are going to be nifty, but not quite ready to share them.

Still trying to catch up on old photos – gosh, I have a LOT of them unscrapped.

Love Julia’s little paper dolls die, but what tedium to trim the girl’s little skirts (top line) so they become boys (bottom line)! And LOVE that paper tape with grid for journaling.  Fab.

And this one – having die cut the dolls I had to use them LOL! :

And the mini cover – this is the envelope one from a week or so ago.

Still needs a title, but not sure at the moment what I will fill this one with!

Now, 100 things to do, no chance of hanging out laundry (too cold and wet) and time is short. See yo tomorrow for a Big Card!

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An old class – Clearly Displayed

We are on the road, so I had a hunt on my hard disk for something to fill the gap left by my absence from my desk .   This one is quite old, from the first class I taught at a GoGo Getaway in 2008! I always liked the project and never shared it, so now seems as good a time as any.  From what I recall I got sent the clear shape and the embellishment packs as the things to work with.  And as usual, I started thinking of the properties of the supplies, the background in particular,  and what made it different to a normal background.  Well, it’s clear – DUH! When I considered that, the whole double-sided idea kept creeping up in my mind.  And in planning the class, I always struggle with the whole boy/girl/generic dilemma, aiming for something the most people will be happy to  put in their albums.  This is what I ended up with – I did a BOY side and a GIRL side.

The BOY side:

and the GIRL side:

Given the clear background, the critical thing is making sure that everything lined up so you only saw what you wanted to see as you view each side, and that all the adhesive is hidden.

I found the original PDF as well but the darn thing is 39 mb!  Monstrous.  I had a nifty little freebie program called PDF Lab that allowed all sorts of PDF manipulation – under the OLD OS, but it doesn’t work under the new one.  Poo. So of course I had to Google and found this handy post.  Took seconds and worked like a charm! It took the nearly 40 mb PDF and reduced it to just over 2 mb and there is not a huge loss of quality.  Woo Hoo!  …and that means I can share it.


A couple of layouts

I was MIA yesterday for a variety of reasons, which are all too boring to discuss.  Today, I am working on a number of things but they will all have to wait, being scheduled for the time we will be dropping DS back at Uni. So today I thought I would share a couple of layouts with you.  I don’t know why I don’t do that too often.  I still maintain scrapping is my first love and all the art journal stuff, the cards, the techniques…that stuff is all secondary.  But blogging is hard work some days, especially when there is so much else that needs doing – boring but necessary stuff that can’t be ignored.  And smaller projects are easier.  Sometimes, I whip thru a layout.  Sometimes it may sit on my desk for AGES before I feel I have truly finished it.  Often it’s all unstuck and every time I see it there I’ll shuffle stuff around, take something off, replace something, add more…. sometimes I am almost sick of looking at it and it takes a few weeks before I can be objective enough to even say if I like it or not!

I like these two well enough to share.

Both feature DS  – it’s hard to reconcile the big strapping lad I see with the chubby-cheeked sweetie he was at 8 or the teen of 15. I would love to have him at 2 for a day, then let him wake up back to 19.  I would love to crawl on the floor, playing with Thomas trains, and building dirt towns in the garden, and see that look in his eyes that told me I was the single most important person in his life (at least till Dad got home – and then I think Dad and Mom shared that role depending on the hour), that I knew EVERYTHING worth knowing, and a kiss and a cuddle from me could soothe almost any problem. I could read him Dr. Seuss, complete with funny voices, and we could sing the play-group songs, and get messy with paint (funny, I still do that but he has grown out of it LOL!) and blow bubbles and 100 other things that I remember with such nostalgia.  And then, when he was back to NOW, we could watch movies, talk about the books we are reading, he could explain his “spotlight” video editing, and I can teach him how to make his birthday gnocchi and share my latest project.  {sigh} Letting go, letting them grow up and away,  is hard.  Necessary, but still hard.


Interesting but useless, weird stats and a layout

Sometimes, when I  am playing around with supplies, I do something that I think is pretty cool, but ultimately is actually useless.  Let me explain.

I have read about the Rise Aid resist technique, although only used on canvas – I think it was Claudine Hellmuth who might have “discovered” this or at least she was the first person I saw use it.  I’ve always wanted to give it a try, but as usual, since I don’t do canvas work, I put it off.  Today I played.  And I found a couple of interesting AND useful things about it as well.

First, I don’t think the original technique of painting with acrylic paint then dribbling the rise aid over and wiping away works at all well on paper.  Maybe I didn’t let it dry long enough, but it was a bit of a mess.  So I looked at other ideas.  Another technique I wanted to try was very old – wrapping rubber bands around a brayer and using it to print. I probably read about it 20 years ago but never had any use for it.   I took off the roller, wrapped the bands around, and “inked” the brayer with Rinse Aid.  Brayered on to the paper , and misted with Cosmic Shimmer.  Interesting.

I actually kinda like the effect, although the mica gets totally absorbed, or neutralized (?) by the Rinse Aid.  But then I was sitting back and holding the piece up, and I got a look THROUGH the Rinse Aid bits and into the light (what little of it there is here today) and check it out:

How cool is that?  and totally useless.  I can’t think of a way to make use of this translucency that would be practical.  Maybe one – stamp on to the paper with the Rinse aid, mist, and punch circles to make a garland to hand in the window.  But I think the “practical” aspect of it is a bit suspect.

But I think the technique could be interesting as a background in an Art Journal or for an ATC, or even a card.  That gave me the idea to stamp with the Rinse Aid:

And I actually liked that a lot.  The image has the look of the Distress Ink over-stamped with water technique.  The way I did it – stamp with RA, mist a LOT of mica mist, blot with a paper towel, seems to keep the concentration of the mica on the stamped part, so the background is more just the ink colour.  And guess what?  Still cool up against the window – and still useless.

Something to play with a bit more, I think.  And make a few more ATCs using the samples – I’m feeling an I Hate Housework series, being that it’s rinse aid and all……

WordPress has changed how they do blog Stats – hate it (especially on the iPad, where it isn’t the single page of boxes but one long page you have to scroll thru) but I did see something really bizarre that I captured to share:

Estonia?? Does it have a huge crafty segment of the population?  Are they just getting in to scrapbooking or art journaling?  and why MY blog? Is it spammers in a new comment-SPAM centre located there?? All those visits were from YESTERDAY.  I’m dying to know.  I’ll have to watch it and see if it carries on or not.

Now, I wanted to share this layout I did for the June Simple Recipes post on UKS.  I really like this class and it’s keeping me scrapping,  as well as doing all the arty play.   I missed so many crops in the last month or two, for various reasons, so really enjoyed making this.  Hidden elements was the Recipe aspect I focused on.  By adding the envelope to the page I could slip in a trio of photos of DD drawing, not realizing I had my camera at the ready across the room.

I am always saying how much I like flags and banners on layouts but never used them.  So this layout, I did.  I rather like it.  You can read more about it on UKS.  Pretty sure you can read the posts, just not download the PDFs unless you are a member.

So that’s me for the day.  Loads to do and not any of it play.  Poo.


Sunday-right-here – a layout!

Well, finally, finally, I may have solved all the internet issues.  BT sorted the uncovered thingie that was letting water drip in and corrode the equipment, manually closed the fault so Talk Talk could reset the SNR (Signal to Noise ratio) and we are getting the fastest speeds we have had in months.  Doing the total happy dance.  I’ll ignore the fact the power supply for the VOIP system died, and that the mail server crashed (AGAIN) and that took another couple of days to sort, and that I spent more time talking to India in the last 4 days than I spent talking to my hubby, because there is really no point. It just stresses me out. I have a total love/hate relationship with technology.  I LOVE it when it works, but nothing makes me more crazy than when it doesn’t and the fix is elusive and/or time consuming!

Had a lovely crop with the Ludgershall gals yesterday, and realize I neglected to photograph a couple of things that got handed over as gifts at the crop.  Only time will tell if the recipient shares them.  Must do better on that front.

I didn’t get a massive amount done, a card and the bones of a mini-book (which took so long as I had some math stuff and some mechanical stuff to sort out before I could get down to the actual making) but I feel like I have been away for ages – even though I only missed posting for a day or two.  This layout is just one I made at last month’s crop. Pretty simple stuff, but I like the colour combo and the photo a lot.  I need to address the mess on my desk, as I made very little progress since Wednesday’s WOYWW, when my connection all went to hell in a handbasket, and sort out UKS stuff, so I’m just popping it up for your perusal.

I realize I neglected to add the date – must try to track that down.  Still writing on layouts more than computer journaling, but looking at my rubbish handwriting, I often think I should go back to typing.  Must stay strong!

Looking back over recent layouts, surely there is nothing more useful than patterned paper that includes strips of stuff.  I love the barcode-y strip at the top, and almost all my recent layouts have had something similar – some little strip of something that I can’t seem to scrap without including.  They work so well to define areas.  I wonder if it is worth hunting through my stash to pull those out and just cut them up and store them as strips?  They are the one kind of paper I feel it worth getting two of, just to have them on hand.  I wish all the reverse sides were ugly so I wouldn’t be tempted to use it and ruin the strips!

A job for another day.  Today, it’s all UKS, laundry,  stamp re-org, and general tidying!


A layout from me

It’s all happening here today.  Both DS and BIL are due back so it will be a full house.  Apparently BIL’s Super Collider event with the beat-boxer Bellatrix was a hit (and you can see it on the BBC technology blog here) and we look forward to hearing all about it.  DS is currently on a slow train to the airport (as opposed to the fast train he should have caught) and only time will tell if he makes his flight.  Fingers crossed. BIL leaves on Sunday but I get DS for a whole week! Yippee!  I’m sure I’ll want to wring his neck within 24 hours (I may be being generous there – 2 hours or 2 minutes could be more likely) but the anticipation of seeing my boy is great.  I’ll enjoy that.

I thought I would share a layout.  I used the TH rosette die, as I mentioned and I do like it.  Now I am dithering over what to do.  Spellbinders made contact and I can send my GC to the UK offices, where they will try to fix it and send it back to me (and it sounds like they will try to do it free of charge except my shipping it to them, if they can) but I am a little tempted by a machine that is sturdier and cuts Grand Nesties (like the Happy Cut, perhaps) or one that cuts fat dies, but not the biggest Grand Nesties (like the Big Shot) and I am just not sure which way to go.  Maybe the answer is to get the GC fixed and get a Big Shot.  I just don’t know.

Anyway, here is the layout:

Another one that is basically scraps.  The strip at the bottom was leftover, as is, from some other past layout, as was the chunk of newsprint paper.  I simply laid the newsprint paper at the 12 inch mark of my cutting mat and laying the other strip on top then stuck it in place on the zero line, ensuring I had a 12 x 12 base. All the other bits were stuff in my crop bag (a journaling spot torn out of the notebook and not used backed the title, a couple of kraft rounds added some layers, a stray leaf frond sticker, again, other bits all used on another layout, the last bit of sticky ribbon from an embellishment sheet, and I had just enough of a chunk of paper to die cut the rosettes).  The title I cut on my Cricut from scraps.  even the photo, one I have scrapped before, was a print from when I was testing my new drivers! Totally something-from-nothing.

Have a great weekend!

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No BIG CARD, a layout instead!

No BIG CARD today, but I will get to it, maybe tomorrow.  My BIL is in town from San Francisco for a conference (and he may be filmed for the BBC for that, which is great as the show is sold out and we can’t go see it) so we are spending a little quality time with him today.  But I will share a layout that I made at the crop Saturday.  DD LOVES Michelle Phan videos, and watches them endlessly – maybe a little less in the last 6 months or so, as Go Animate has taken over a bit, so all the more reason to capture the moment!

I did a screen grab then printed it to get the photo, then used some very old Bizous Zoo papers to build the background. Since I made it at the crop and I wanted her input before journaling, that is missing at the moment but it will go in the upper right where the lines are.